The Daily Footprint 10/23/09

North 1st and River street

Our Favorite Dance Party

You, too, can get your groove back…
Flyer by Behold The Destroyer

The Bloodsugars

cdreleaseflyer.jpgTonight, indie-pop rockers The Bloodsugars will celebrate their album, ‚”I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On” release at The Studio at Webster Hall with Savoir Adore and Project Jenny Project Jan.
Melding inspiration from garage, new wave and pop rock, The Bloodsugars shine above their contemporaries by keeping their inspiration just that: inspiration and don’t attempt to revive (or knock off) the iconic sound of any one genre. The Bloodsugars are an elating gem that stand out in both their recordings and their earnest live performances. On record and live, The Bloodsugars confidently and comfortably hold their own in the indie scene as a tight ensemble fantastically arranged and self aware.
Lead singer Jason Rabinowitz discusses with Free Williamsburg The Bloodsugars’ album, the sentimentality he hopes his listeners will take away from his music, and how his personal connection to the album exceeds more than just its musical content.
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Beach Party Tonight at Khao Sarn

beach4 copy.jpg
If the advent of cold weather has you depressed, then good news: BangOn! is hosting a wild beach party tonight at Khao Sarn Thai. This means people in bathing suits, DJs playing the best 50s/60s/70s surf/yacht/garage rock and apparently a ‚”tiny crowd surfer.” among other sweaty spectacles.
There will also be drink specials, and as lovers of Khao Sarn (a.k.a. the best Thai joint in the neighborhood) know, this place has killer cocktails with ridiculous names like the ‚”Sex in Willyburg” and the ‚”South 2nd.” We plan on being there and sipping them in our bikinis all night. That’s right class ‚Äì if you show up in costume the entry fee is only $3.
11 pm, Bedford at South 2nd Street.

Yo, Go To This!


It's Gonna Be A Dull Weekend

via Gothamist

Narcotics investigators seized more than $800,000 and 61 pounds of cocaine worth nearly $1 million in a Williamsburg apartment yesterday. The drugs were hidden under the seat of a portable sauna, and officials say — wait, portable sauna?! Is that really a thing? Turns out yes, it is! It’s also one of the last places anyone would want to “chill” while ripping rails, so the suspects probably figured nobody would ever think to look in there for cocaine. Oh well. The big stash was found in an apartment above defunct Laila Lounge on North Seventh Street.

More information at Brooklyn Paper. [image via Brooklyn Paper]

The Miss G Train Winner! (Video)

Without further ado:

Congrats to Elizabeth Kuchta, who is our new Queen, and Shane ‚”Thorgy” Thor and Marleah Martin, who were runners-up! We hope you rule firm but fair.
Recaps: Flavorwire; NYTimes

Mc Carren Pool Factory

Evidently, Spain has discovered Williamsburg:

MC CARREN POOL FACTORY is an new alternative pop-rock band formed in Herv√°s, C√°ceres (SPAIN) in 2008. The band is formed by J.Montero (guitar&vocals) from ‚”Experimento Prism√°tico” and C.Del Arco(amateur songwriter). It..s group”s nickname comes from the New York summertime concert space and playground Mc Carren park pool in Brooklyn (N.Y). In november 2008,They recorded their first single ‚”Sunday afternoon at Mc Carren Pool” at Estudios Metropolis (Vigo,Spain) where members of staff are supporting part of this project. In march 2009, they finished its first EP that includes new songs like ‚”Crane Day” which inspired the group”s logo or “Jack the Ripper Song”.

Here’s Mc Carren Pool Factory‘s debut single: