Hipster Grifter's Next Career Move: Porn?

bucky_to_ja.png ja_to_bucky.pngIf a series of tweets between Animal’s Bucky Turco and Burning Angel’s Joanna Angel are any indication, the Hipster Grifter is allegedly looking to make a little career move after serving her nine-month sentence in a Utah jail and do some porn, er, pose nude.
Now, she’s been published nude before after some photos were leaked on a blog during Hipster Grifter-Gate earlier this year, but this is different. This would be THG posing for Burning Angel, a site that is self-described as, “Alt, Emo, Tattoo, Goth, and Punk Rock hardcore porn at it’s best with video, pics and blogs.”
For Kari, this is a fantastic development. THG the brand is only getting edgier, and if she keeps sending these letters from a Utah jail that Animal’s been publishing, her tattooed star will only shine brighter. And as Bucky tells us, “It can’t hurt her resume and she is going to need a job when she gets out.”
The correspondence:

Bucky Turco: @JoannaAngel Hey Joanna. The Hipster Grifter once again asked about a photo shoot when she gets out. Do you have an answer for her?
Joanna Angel: @buckyturco yes i would love to have her on the website.
Bucky Turco: @JoannaAngel Cool. I’m gonna print out your tweet and mail it to her. Thanks!

Fly, little USPS delivery man, and send along the printed tweet of news! The media world awaits the impending stream of hotdogs and hallways.
UPDATE!!!1!!: Bucky noticed I missed a rather important tweet in this whole shi-bang, from one Joanna Angel: “@buckyturco tell her I would love to fuck her on camera… I think we’d have a lot of fun =)”. Joanna Angel. Wants to fuck. The Hipster Grifter. On camera. Good night, and good luck.

New Chris Taylor (Of Grizzly Bear) 7"

chris-taylr.jpgSince we love all things Grizzly Bear, we’d feel negligent if we failed to share the 411 about Chris Taylor’s new project. From Stereogum:

We were recently introduced to Chris Taylor’s new label with Ethan Silverman, Terrible Records, via its first release Acrylics earlier this month. CT takes a production credit on that band’s debut EP, as he has for Dirty Projectors (Rise Above), Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (self-titled), and Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House and Veckatmest. No surprise then that Taylor handles all facets of the release, recording, and production for the solo track “Ghosts,” his first issue under the name Cant.

You can sample a new track here. Prepare yourself for some reverb-drenched bliss with the haunting harmonies you’ve come to expect from Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles. You can buy the 7″ here.

Free Tom Waits Preview

We’re huge Tom Waits fans, so we’re of course excited to hear this free, 8-song sample from his upcoming live record Glitter and Doom Live. You have to enter a vaild email, but its well worth it:

from the website

Check out the first 8 songs for free, including a roaring version of ‚”Get Behind the Mule” and a slinky reinvention of ‚”Singapore,” and if you love the album as much as we think you will, you can pre-order it HERE. CD and LP include as a bonus the 35 minute disc/track ‚”Tom Tales,” compiling between‚Äêsong banter from throughout the tour into a continuous monologue, and chronicling for the first time one of fans’ favorite parts of a Waits’ performance.

[Thanks Kevin]

Ticket Giveaway: Langhorne Slim at the Bell House 10/15

Wanna celebrate last week’s release of Be Set Free, the newest from lovely crooner Langhorne Slim, this Thursday at the Bell House? Well, we’ve got some more FREEwilly love for you– a pair of tickets to come join the party. You know the drill, RT the contest info over on Twitter OR leave a comment on the Facebook thread.
Here’s a little Langhorne love to keep your ears happy while you do so:

Thursday’s show is a kick off to Slim’s tour, and you won’t have the chance to see him again in our neck of the woods until November 21st at Le Poisson Rouge, so get your tickets my pretties! Or check out the tour dates after the jump if you find yourslef outside of wonderful NY in the next few weeks…

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Hipsters May Now Be Referred To As Marshmallows

Hipsters have a reputation for basically being pussies, what with their tight black jeans, ironic haircuts and ability to run from the cops while recording the footage with their iPhones and yelling, “I’m gonna put this on the internets you pigs!” So, naturally, the cops probably don’t like that!
Gothamist spotted a twaddler who wrote, “Just found out cops in williamsburg call hipsters marshmallows because we are white and soft,” and therefore recommends that this observation becomes reality. So, squishy ones, will you embrace it? Or, are you “offended”?
After the jump, please find a related video of someone microwaving a Peep.

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Help Roberta's Fight For NYC's Food Future

Roberta’s, our favorite pizza restaurant/tiki bar/sexy staff in all the land, is hosting a benefit party this Tuesday, October 13th, for their newest endeavor– a one acre commercially-viable rooftop farm in North Brooklyn, the first of it’s kind in the world!
Here’s what they had to say:

Next spring we’re breaking ground on a one-acre rooftop farm in North Brooklyn. Ben Flanner of Greenpoint’s Rooftop Farm and the resourceful and creative entrepreneurs that brought us Roberta’s have committed to build the first ever commercially-viable rooftop farm in the world. Based on low-input, bare bones efficiency and high-yield organic methods, the farm will offer fresh produce to the community downstairs, bringing food and people closer together in order to address the growing environmental, economic and health problems that face our city and our world.[…]
In 2010 we will build one farm, but our vision is for others to replicate our model and thousands of acres of rooftop throughout the city to be put into agricultural use. This is a call to arms: invest in our farm now, and help us plant the seed for New York’s food future.

Seating is limited, so get your tickets now!
And what does $150 get you, you ask? Let’s bullet point, shall we!?

  • A locally grown multi-course meal from the Roberta’s crew, including pork from Heritage Farms
  • ENDLESS Wine provided by Regal Imports
  • 5 different kinds of UNLIMITED Beer from Six Point Brewery
  • Food, Beverage, and Dinner Prizes auctioned of by Wild Yaks‘ Rob Bryn
  • A presentation by Ben Flanner and Annie Novak of Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint
  • And a bunch of special guests including wine and food gurus Joe Bastianich and Mark Ladner of Del Posto, and Tom Mylan and Brent Young of Marlow & Daughters
  • Not to mention, you’ll be supporting a really awesome cause, NYC’s Food Future!
  • Interview: Steel Phantoms, Keeping Myspace Alive


    Steel Phantoms; (from left to right) Adam Fisher, Yos Munro, Aaron Harris

    There’s a new band in Brooklyn, which comes to no surprise to any of us… At this point music and Brooklyn are pretty much synonymous, not mention, dare I say, redundant. With an overabundance of talent on the scene, one (read: me) could make oneself dizzy– so what ingredients scream “we’re awesome, pay attention to us”?

    Ladies & gents, I bring you Steel Phantoms (known for about 5 minutes as the Brass Cups)– two parts Islands, namely drummer Aaron Harris and the sound engineer from their last tour Adam Fisher (this time on bass), and vocalist Yos Munro channeling a young Jonathan Richman. If you made your way out to Art & Rock 2, you were probably one of the many super impressed peeps in the crowd, not only for the energy these guys evoke, but for a musical trick I’ve never seen (pulled off well at least, if at all)– Aaron, on drums, and on lead vocals for about half of the performance… while drumming!

    Steel Phantoms is a band to keep an eye on. Since they’ve only played a handful of what we hope will be tons of shows, we were sure to catch up with the guys earlier this week to see what they’re all about. So, befriend the boys on their brand new Myspace page (just about the only thing the almost dead social networking website is good for nowadays)! They’ll be playing at Ace of Clubs on October 21st as part of CMJ– our list of must see shows will be out later this week 😉

    Now, click on through after the jump to get to know you’re new favorite band in their first FREEwilly exclusive interview…

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    90's Sing-along is Back 2night

    Tonight at Legion, the free 90’s sing-along party is back with “Greasy haired alt rockers, pre-solo career boy bands & girl groups, white rappers, people who are too sexy for anything that comes into contact with their skin.” There will be a 90’s costume contest and a Hammer dance-off too! Check it out. 10pm.