Pearl and the Beard

My friends at Goddamn Cobras just released a video for Brooklyn-based band Pearl and the Beard. I posted about their search for some shoot locations, and it looks like they succeeded.

Anyone have Will Smith’s e-mail?

American Gothic

A little peek at a famous painting’s inspiration to start your week off creatively.
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Anthony Delia, AKA Subaru Dude, Speaks (And Sings)

If you’ve spent any time in Williamsburg, you’ve undoubtedly seen—uh,heard—Anthony Delia, aka Subaru Dude. One of the neighborhood’s many iconic characters, he can be spotted almost daily driving along in his red Subaru and singing classics by Sinatra and countless others, generally to the delight of everyone who happens to be in earshot. As a FREEwilliamsburg exclusive, filmmaker Russel Fong tracked Anthony down and conducted a great interview with this local icon. Enjoy:

redsubaruguy.jpgAnthony will be hosting his own Caraoke night starting tomorrow at Woods bar:
Co-hosted by Miss Lola Belle and W/ DJ Flim Flam of the Kings of
Karaoke. Thousands of songs.
The Woods features a stage, backyard and Taco truck.
The Woods
48 South 4th St between Wythe + Kent
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Check out the flyer after the jump.
PREVIOUSLY: Lawrence LaDouceur: The Bedford Ranter

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SATURj: Neon Indian, Cale Parks


Neon Indian – Roots Studio


Cale Parks – Roots Studio

More Photos After the CMJump!

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Leonard Cohen Played at MSG on Friday Night

And it was spectacular. Songs like “Bird on a Wire,” “Suzanne” and “Everybody Knows” percolated throughout Madison Square Garden for several hours, as Cohen demonstrated that you can still rock out with hat head and sing about naked ladies at age 75. The crowd was composed of about 3/4 people over the age of 50, and to be honest, hanging out with the bubbies was a welcomed alternative to the madness of CMJ that was going on downtown.
Far too many aging performers make their later tours all about huge commercial production standards and vivid on-stage distractions (see: The Rolling Stones, U2), but Cohen’s set is still tacked to the essence of his music and poetry. The biggest diversions on Friday were manifested by his appreciative interactions with his backup singers and musicians, and the occasional wild outburst by one of the AARP members in the crowd.
Smiling at his audience, Cohen commented that “I don’t know when it is our intention to pass this way again.” It was foreboding, kind of sad and made me eternally grateful that I had the chance to see him perform. Read on to the extended entry to see my (somewhat shoddy) iPhone video of “Chelsea Hotel No. 2,” for a fuller impression of this classy affair.
(image via

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FRIj: The Dutchess and The Duke @ Public Assembly

The Dutchess and The Duke

MyOpenBar party Featuring Screaming Females And More….

Don’t miss this. Looks like a great show and we’re big fans of Screaming Females
|| Jeff The Brotherhood
|||| Surfer Blood
|||||| Screaming Females
|||||||| Sisters
|| dj Nicholas Gazin
600 Bushwick Ave @ Jefferson St | Bushwick, Brooklyn
JMZ-Myrtle/Broadway, L-Jefferson | 10pm | $10 | all ages
More information at

Drive Car, See Girl Talk, Avoid New Jersey Teens

The Kia Soul Collective circus is in town this weekend and ready to rock your dirty socks off at a secret Girl Talk show going down at an “undisclosed location” (read: Pier 94 at 55th Street & The West Side Highway) It’s free, open to the public, and “includes an opportunity to test-drive the all-new Kia Soul,” that isn’t necessarily an included opportunity but more like a pay-to-play requirement.
Yea, you have to test-drive Kia’s hip new wheels machine in order to enter the premises. But between you and me, we both know that’s not the worst thing you’ve had to do for tickets to a hot show.
And what for the drunks, unlicensed, and disabled Girl Talk fans out there who’d enjoy a beat or two on a Sunday afternoon? I’m told they’ll be quietly ushered into the passenger seat and whipped around for a “check this car out bro” ride anyways, which does indeed count for entry.
So, we recommend you check this out. From noon to 7 tomorrow (Saturday), just swing by 151 Orchard Street and whip around in a Kia, and get the critical info to enter Girl Talk on Sunday from 2-7. This might be a rare shot at seeing the guy without a hoard of underage New Jersey mall rats wearing headbands climbing over the fences.