Brooklyn at the Guggenheim, Part III: Yeasayer and Tanlines

It’s that time of month again– the Guggenheim’s It Came From Brooklyn series is in part three mode, with Yeasayer and CMJ standout Tanlines.
The Yeasayer boys, who built a studio in upstate New York in which to record their second album (with the help of engineer friends, of course), are planning a 3-D light show with cycles of color and animation projected onto the wall of the Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda, for a ‚”synesthetic experience of music and light” (in Kandinsky’s spirit maybe), so it’ll be a blast to see all the Uptown art folk walking around in their special glasses. I don’t know how many more times I can call this event magical, so lets go on a synonym parade– whimsical, entrancing, spellbinding, magnetic. There is a spirit in the air at the Guggenheim shows that echoes along the curved white walls, and allows you to enjoy a performance as you could at no other venue. Coming off of last week’s festivities, this event is a welcomed breath of freshness, with a Brooklyn edge.
Along with the musical performances, readings from Brooklyn author Rachel Sherman and the MC funnies of Max Silvestri are to be expected. Besides, Yeasayer won’t have any tour dates for a while, unless you’re making it out to Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest.
Friday, October 30th @ the Guggenheim– get your tickets here!
Check out a video of Julian Plenti (aka Paul Banks of Interpol) covering “Horse With No Name” at the last installment of Brooklyn here.
Photo by Clarissa Roudabush

Solid Gold: Noisemakers with John Norris, CMJ Edition

Check out the rest of the interview & performances over at Noisevox!

The Ten Most Dubious Films included in the Criterion Collection

I just wrote a snarky little listicle for Vice:

To be released by Criterion is the benchmark of excellence. Their 25-year-old catalog includes indispensable work from masters including Cocteau, Renoir, Maysles, Kubrick, Cronenberg, Godard, Kurosawa, Bergman, Tarkovsky, Hitchcock, Sturges, and, of course, Fellini.
It’s an impressive list of talent, which is why you can imagine my surprise when I arrived at the director responsible for film #40 in their catalog. Michael Bay. That’s right, Michael Bay, the dung beetle of cinematic vapidity, best known for his unparalleled skill at rolling oversized balls of shit into our nation’s cineplexes. If you’re not familiar with his work–is this possible?–Bay is responsible for Bad Boys I & II, Pearl Harbor, and Transformers, not to mention the career of Megan Fox. (She hates him too). Currently, Bay is remaking The Birds, which I’m assuming will be re-imagined to include a bikini-clad Maxim covergirl who blows away blood-sucking zombie pigeons with a grenade launcher.

Check out the list here.

Bowl Free M-Th at Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl continues its mating dance with my heart by slowly turning its steel exterior warm with its great shows and now, free bowling. For the month of November, y’all can bowl for free every weekday but Friday from 6-7pm. Free shoes too!
Das Racist is playing tonight with The Tony Castles, also free, which is awesome but leads me to believe that this place is operating entirely on revenue gained from those $13 shakes.

Random Service Announcement: The Internets are Jammed

Time Warner Cable’s “high speed” internet is maxed to the apple core in my part of Williamsburg. They tell me this is a node problem, meaning too many of you are up in TWC’s grills downloading jams. If you’re having a problem, and have been for some time, email me and lets figure something out.
Update: I’ve heard from a few readers and it appears the problem seems to be centered off the Lorimer stop, running along Metropolitan. If you’re nearby, and have similar problems, please reach out. Power in numbers, my friends.

Party in a Vintage Store

Old Made, our favorite little vintage store on Metropolitan Ave., is hosting two great events tonight and tomorrow.
Details here for TONGIHT
And here for the Dance Party TOMORROW
Coupons and mix tapes!

Best of CMJ: Caught on Tape by Ray Concepcion

The first night of CMJ, enjoying happy hour drinks at Music Hall of Wburg, I wondered why I was there so early. Spending an entire day bouncing around the Lower East Side, namely at The Music Slut & Sneak Attack Media’s Pianos showcase, I needed a break from first day insanity (read: free Hornitos frozen margaritas). So in the quiet cavern below the stage, I waited for my (lack of a better word) date, and fellow music writer. After realizing I had caught Fanfarlo earlier that day, and have seen The Antlers a number of times, we ditched the Brooklyn Vegan party before anybody even got there (with semi-false intentions of returning) and mosied down to MonkeyTown for the unofficial Chocolate Bobka and Underwater Peoples showcase.
It stands to be my favorite show of CMJ– and if you were following our twitter last week, you know we saw a lot of them. Fluffy Lumbers killing a solo set, Julian Lynch via video chat, the NYC premiere of seriously experimental and enchanting Africa Germany Germany…, and lovely ladies of Mountain Man, who filled in for Ducktails, closing out with a serenade of hauntingly raw echoes. Thank goodness Ray Concepcion was there to catch the magic, and major thanks for not including footage of me scarfing down a burger– bc I know he has it:
Check out Surfer Blood at Piano’s through Ray’s lens after the jump…

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Flavorpill Halloween 2009

fp_halloween_2009.jpg We’re pretty excited about this party. A great line-up and all the proceeds will benefit a good cause:

Flavorpill’s Halloween party is this week!
The theme this year is “Gods and Heroes,” and all proceeds benefit charity: water. We’ll have The Very Best headlining and our sponsors, Stoli, Dos Equis, and HobNob Wines, will provide an open bar all night.
The Very Best
The Dry Eye Crew
DJ Stretch Armstrong
It’s at a secret Brooklyn location (accessible by many trains) and we’ll e-mail you the night of to reveal it.
Don’t miss out – tickets are $35 and selling fast.
Check it out at: