COTD: The Hive-mind

Comment of the Day: Amy, on naming the next cool beer: “i vote we cut the hive-mind shit and we each drink whatever beer we personally like.”

We Know You've Already Seen It…

But have you seen it in slo-mo? [Thanks Kevin]

Pabst Blue Ribbon Will Carry America Out of the Reccession

Pabst Blue Ribbon, or PBR as it’s so affectionately called, has seen its sales rise 25% this year despite a crippling recession and price hike that brought a case to “$1.50 more than MillerCoors’ Keystone, $1 more than Anheuser-Busch’s Busch and Natural brands, and 50 cents more than Miller High Life.” Hipsters, it’s long been known, have led the charge in making PBR such a powerhorse in the shitty piss-water beer market. But when did this all start? Years ago, Ad age reports.

Back in 2004, Pabst executed a highly effective word-of-mouth campaign that made the long-declining brand an “ironic downscale chic” choice for bike messengers and other younger drinkers who viewed the beer as a statement of non-mainstream taste. PBR sales surged by nearly 17% that year, and have climbed at single-digit rates since, until this year, when the recession sent its sales soaring as more drinkers were pushed into the subpremium category.

You hear that? PBR is now subpremium, which by my scale is way too close to that “mainstream beer” that you all refuse to imbibe in. So what’s next, PBR drinkers? Expect Monday Night Football commercials featuring dudes getting laaaaaid while holding footballs and throwing high fives.
It’s time to let our Ribbon’d friend go, bike messengers and angry youths, and start the hunt for a new icon of the underground to slurp up with your rebellious lips.
My vote? Genny Cream Ale and/or Modelo. Or what if we all just drank Hugs, those little juice drinks that look like grenades. That’ll get ’em. What’s your vote?

It's Official: There Will Be Pavement

From Matador:

After years of speculation, the most important American band of the Nineties is returning to the stage with the lineup of Mark Ibold, Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kannberg, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich and Steve West reuniting for dates around the world in 2010. Please be advised this tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion.
Described in their own Wikipedia entry as having experienced “moderate commercial success,” Pavement’s catalog for the Matador, Domino, Drag City and Treble Kicker imprints has come to define in the eyes of many the blueprint for independent rock over the past generation. An evidentiary compilation release is planned to coincide with the touring sometime in 2010.
The first show announced is a New York performance on September 21, 2010 at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. A pre-sale begins at 10:00 AM EDT on Friday, September 18, 2009 (tomorrow). The password for the pre-sale is ZOWEE and the ticketing link is The general on-sale is slated for 10:00 AM EDT on Friday, September 25, 2009. Please note that tickets will be available without surcharges from the Nokia Theatre box office in Times Square and from Earwax at 218 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg.
Please visit for details on this on-sale as well as all Pavement news as it develops.

An Interview with Tao Lin, Author of Shoplifting From American Apparel


I was already sitting at my computer on Monday when I “sat down” with Tao Lin (blog, twitter), author of the recently released Shoplifting From American Apparel, to have a little gchat about being fucked, Dan Brown’s new book, and his new life as an internet t-shirt model.

I volunteered that we’d keep this interview embargoed until next week sometime, but am posting it now so the New York Times will see they’re not the only ones breaking those things these days.

Here, have a look at what we talked about!

An Interview with Tao Lin, author of Shoplifting From American Apparel

me: hello

tao: hi

me: shall we chat?

tao: yes

(No, that’s not it! There’s more! After the jump…)

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Grizzly Bear Fan Video Of 'Two Weeks'

We make like this even more than the official video:


Todd P Goes To Austin Streaming On The Internets

The lovely folks over at Pitchfork TV are streaming Todd P Goes To Austin in it’s (16 part) entirety, so in the words of director Jay Buim… Please feel free to watch it from the comfort of your home or on your company’s dime at work. Here’s a clip from the awesome SXSW documentary adventure (after the jump).
Foaming at the mouth for more info on Jay and the Todd P project? Just check out the FREEwilly interview!
Now, head over to Pitchfork and watch the whole thing from the begining…

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Hipster Foldables: Mr. Skinny Jeans

skinnyjeansfreepic.jpgThough the Wall Street Journal just broke the trend a few months ago, Williamsburg has been the skinny jeans capital of the world for nearly a decade now. So without further ado, here’s installment #04 of our Hipster-of-the-Month series, “Hipster With the Skinny Jeans”! This hipster is designed to sit on the edge of your desk or computer or whatever… his long legs dangling over.
And in case you’ve been wondering why skinny jeans are so popular in the first place, those arbitrators of cool over at WSJ have the scoop:

Explanations abound for why men would want to wear jeans that look so uncomfortable and impractical. Some fashion observers say skinny jeans’ hold on certain men stems in part from the wearers’ desire to show off their gym-sculpted bodies. […]
The brands also hope the changes will make their skinny jeans appeal beyond the urban hipsters, skater-types, rockers and hip-hop fans who already wear them to men with meatier legs. “I’m an avid cyclist and need to have more room in my jeans because my quads are getting worked on so much,” says Michael Ball, co-founder of premium denim brand Rock & Republic, which late last year added stretch to its men’s skinny jeans […]
Though the jeans may be getting easier to wear, the look isn’t easy to pull off. The trick is to wear skinny jeans with slim-fitting shirts and pointy-toed dress shoes or dressy boots. Any squarish, loose or, worse still, boxy-fit sweater or shirt can make a man’s proportions look out of whack and his legs way too skinny.

1. Download the Mr. Skinny Jeans foldable here (.pdf)
2. Print
3. Cut along black solid lines
4. Fold along dotted lines and tape, as instructed
Thanks again to Bryan. And remember, send us photos/suggestions for future foldables!
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