RIP Les Paul

Christ…. who else is going to die this summer?

From Wikipedia:

Lester William Polfuss, known as Les Paul (June 9, 1915 — August 13, 2009) was an American jazz guitarist and inventor. He was a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which “made the sound of rock and roll possible.” His many recording innovations included overdubbing, delay effects such as “sound on sound” and tape delay, phasing effects, and multitrack recording. He is often credited as being the ‘father of modern music’.


Subway Flasher's a Jerk-Off

So the media is in full sha-wing over this subway flasher story, with headlines ranging from the Village Voice’s Have You Seen… Stroker on the #3, the Post’s Lazy Cop Is A Jerk, and 1010 Win’s Woman Jerked Around By Cop?. Who comes up with these things, and why isn’t there a reality show competition yet? Luckily for us, HuffPo threw them into a poll gauntlet so we all can happily vote for the best ourselves…no need for Survivor: New York Post Headline Dept. yet.

Store Front New York

As we lament the ongoing transformation of New York into a giant collection of Chipotles, Pinkberrys, and board-run mini-chains, we were delighted to discover that the husband and wife duo of James & Karla Murray are doing their part to record its vanishing history. They recently published a great book called “Store Front — The Disappearing Face of New York” featuring hundreds of photos of New York’s vanishing storefront facades.

Store Front ‚Äì The Disappearing Face of New York is a visual guide to New York City’s timeworn storefronts, a collection of powerful images that capture the neighborhood spirit, familiarity, comfort and warmth that these shops once embodied. Almost all of these businesses are a reflection of New York’s early immigrant population, a wild mix of Irish, Germans, Jews, Italians, Poles, Eastern Europeans and later Hispanics and Chinese.
The variety is immense from Manhattan’s Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery and Katz’s Delicatessen to the Jackson Heights Florist in Queens, Court Street Pastry in Brooklyn, D. D’Auria and Sons Pork Store in the Bronx and the De Luca General Store on Staten Island. And as the Murray’s stunning, large format photographs make patently clear, the face of New York is etched in their facades.

You can pick up the book here. And to get a taste of their amazing project, check out this great documentary below. Thanks James & Karla. We appreciate your work. [hat tip Rumproast]

Coming Soon To A TV Near You: The Hipster Grifter Law & Order Episode

Oh how we’ve missed her. From Gawker:

The show is said to be seeking Asian females, 25-29, to play a character who mirrors Ferrell’s penchant for using sex and faked medical conditions to elicit sympathy and cash from gullible guys. [Note: we took out the specifics from the description because our tipster is afraid that revealing details might cost them their job] ….
there’s “no word yet on whether or not she will be giving Jack McCoy a hand job with her mouth.”

image: The Hipster Grifter paper foldable

The Daily Footprint 08/13/09

Bedford ave

Ticket Giveaway: Cale Parks @ Santos Party House

cale parks.jpg
Cale Parks, the genius drummer boy behind indie faves Aloha and White Williams, has been doing the solo thing and we just can’t get enough. The newest EP, To Swift Mars, has been playing soundtrack to our dreamy (read: make believe) summertime love affairs with bike messengers. I got a chance to catch up with Greenpoint’s own Parks about his love for synth sound, Broadcast, and Brooklyn– so keep your eye out for the interview in the next few days.
Recently coming off tour with Passion Pit, Cale kicks off his next tour with Lemonade at Santos Party House on August 18th, and we’ve got a pair of tickets for one lucky reader!
You know the drill, follow @freedubya on Twitter, and RT the contest tweet or hit us up with a #freedubyaCP hashtag.

La Superior, One Year

Check out this interview with La Superior where they talk an outdoor area (next summer), their favorite New Yorkers, and NYPD chill pills.

A Cure for the Condos

So the only way to sell condos these days and beat back that impending feeling of Condo Shame (noun; “a toxic combination of desire and repulsion toward reasonably priced postwar creature comforts.”) might be to put sweaty handprints all over the bathroom mirrors, so when the new buyers steam it up for the first time they’ll see what might have been one lesbian couple’s Valentine’s Day bang sesh. Or, throw some Amniotic Fluid around.
From the Observer article about “condo shame,” a quote on the state of what a buyer might want:

‚”I have a deeply rooted dislike of expedient, cookie-cutter, pseudo-luxury condo developments and would almost rather blow money renting something ‘real’ with history, a story, the possibility that some woman once gave birth in my bedroom with or without a midwife or a lesbian couple had V-Day sex in the bathroom.”

Hell, if that’ll sell these monstrosities it’s just a matter of time before the open houses come with a free seven minutes in heaven with the middle-aged real estate agent in the master bedroom, just to stain things up a bit and give it that lived-in feeling. And you thought free iPods might get these yupsters through the doors? Try harder.