Pitchfork Wants YOU!

Pitchfork.TV is seeking interns for their Greenpoint office.
The deets:

The Pitchfork.tv office in scenic Greenpoint, Brooklyn is in need of interns to assist in post-production and administrative capacities for the fall semester. Our ideal candidates will be available 10-15 hours a week (minimum), based in the New York area, and willing to work for experience or school credit.

For positions and specifics, click through…

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Welcome to The Shit, Michael Ware

CNN war correspondent Michael Ware has been reassigned to Williamsburg! After seven years in Iraq, three kidnappings, and an alleged love triangle, Ware came home and spoke with TVNewser from the war zone, presumably somewhere near Bedford and North 7th, about adjusting to life around all you beautiful people.

“My body still feels like it’s constantly dodging bullets,” says Ware, who lives in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg section.
“Crowds can feel threatening. When I open a window, I’m looking for snipers. If somebody cuts me off in traffic, it could be the beginning of a kidnapping.”

Aw, keep your head up Michael. The only things you’ll need to dodge around here are kickballs and Missed Connections.

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Barney Frank SLAMS Townhall Nutjob

Take note…. this is how it’s done:


David Cross On The Daily Show

We’re pretty excited about his new book, I Drink for a Reason, not to mention his long overdue tour.

NYPD on a Vintage Moped

I love this picture. It’s from a Wired post, Rebels Without a Hog: Inside Brooklyn’s Moped Gang, that looks at the Orphans, a Greenpoint “biker” gang. More on that later.

During an unfortunate ride, Brian McCrocklin was arrested for riding a moped that was reported stolen.
Because the Hells Satans were visiting from Richmond, they didn’t bring their own bikes and Ryan Due let them borrow a few from the shop ‚Äî one of which belonged to Due and was stolen last year. Due recovered the bike on his own and never resolved the matter with the police. McCrocklin spent the afternoon in jail while Due smoothed things out. McCrocklin was released with no fines.

(photo via Bryan Derballa/Wired.com)


The So So Glos, 2009’s Bushwick based version of the Ramones, will be hosting a weekly DJ night at East Village Arrow Bar before kicking off their tour with Titus Andronicus. That’s three nights, starting tonight!
So, if you’re not checking out Mugison at Pete’s Candy Store later on today, go shake your groove thang on the other side of the river. You also have a chance to check out the guys with Titus at Monster Island on September 2nd.
As for tonight, the So So Glos boys have a point…. “Tuesday nights are otherwise useless?”

The Daily Footprint 08/18/09

Screw Rent
Williamsburg Bridge

Tarantino's Top 20 Movies Since 1992

I admit it. I’m a big Tarantino fan. I even loved Grindhouse and Jackie Brown. Still, this list is nothing less than bizarre. Friday? Speed? I’ll give Tarantino credit for his unique aesthetic, but does Team America really deserve to be on this list? And watching him get excited about Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan’s Unbreakable—I can’t bring myself to call him M. Night—is just a little uncomfortable.

What films did he leave out? List away in comments.