Bushwick Film Festival Kicks Off Tonight

The third annual Bushwick Film Festival will begin tonight at 6 pm at Lumenhouse. Tickets are $8 a day or $20 for the entire weekend – and that includes unlimited free beer. So head to 47 Beaver Street and get your movie-watching drink on.
From the organizers:

“The THIRD ANNUAL BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL features three days of screenings, Q&As with filmmakers, panel discussions, and music. More than two dozen shorts and full-length narrative films and documentaries will be screened as well as an art show titled SUM OF NOTHING curated by recent SVA grad and BFF’s Art Director Sarah O’Donoghue.”

For more information please see www.bushwickfilmfestival.com.

Drew Citron @ Joe's Pub

Drew Citron
sharing a bill with The Ramblers
Joe’s Pub – September 3rd @ 7PM
Drew Citron loves Billy Bragg and is a jazzy, soulful and folky Brooklynite by way of San Francisco. Citron says she plays to crowds of adoring drunks, emotional roustabouts, and anyone else who cares for the heart-worn. If you fit any of the above descriptions you should you come to the show! Drew is such a sweetheart she’ll give you a free copy of her EP just for showing up with your drunk and or emotional face.

Constitutional Hipsters

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The Daily Footprint 6/26/09

L.A. Burrito

Jimmy Tarangelo: Man In Van

Jimmy Tarangelo is an effing badass. He doesn’t like paying rent, but he does like living in Manhattan. So what does he do? He lives in a van down by the river, literally.
I spent a few hours with Jimmy and let him speak his mind.
by Sean Dunne

2009 Gathering Of The Juggalos….. 'This Is The Motherf*cking Year To Go Bitch-Boy'

We didn’t even know anyone still listened to the Insane Clown Posse, aka the worst band on earth. I guess we were wrong. The “most misunderstood people of all time”—they call themselves Juggalos—have been gathering annually for a decade to huff Draino, watch live wrestling, gang-bang ‘Juggalettes’,’ and listen to a lot of shitty music while they get their Insane Clown Posse on.
“The tenth annual promises to be bigger, badder and better than the nine previous years. Is that even possible? Guess what, it is possible. And it will fucking happen…. this is the motherfucking year to go bitch boy.”
This year, the festival will feature Coolio, Jimmy J.J. Walker, a wet t-shirt contest, “dudes on stilts,” “ninjas juggling fire,” and “Hog Daddy’s giant hellfire of death.”
Needless to say…. every minute of this video is essential viewing.

Insound 10th Anniversary Party @ Brooklyn Bowl This Thursday

Cancel your Thursday night plans, Brooklyn Bowl will be the place to be. Celebrating 10 years of giving you the digital goods, Insound is throwing themselves a birthday party that is sure to make you move.
Show starts at 6pm and you’ll be enjoying the likes of our favorite local musical peeps:
First off, The Drums, who’ll be releasing their Summertime! EP on Twenty Seven Records this September 15th (which you can pre-order at Insound) as a nightcap to the sweaty/rainy season. These boys have been running through my mind much like their new video.
Next up, probably the last time you can catch Cymbals Eat Guitars in New York until their Bowery show in October. And lastly, two of our Northside Festival homies, Real Estate and These Are Powers. One last band is yet to be announced… but looking at this lineup, I’m not worried– are you?
Tickets are $10, and expect the place to get packed. But not as packed as the Waterfront this past Sunday!
PS… FREE BEER provided by Brooklyn Brewery from 6-8pm!
Check out the video for The Drums “Let’s Go Surfing”, the song that’s been stuck in my head all summer, after the jump.

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Mix: Weird Summer

Aquarium Drunkard sent out a “faded out late summer mix” called Weird Summer today, and while I can’t comment on it yet b/c it’s still downloading (shakes fist at slow internet), it does have some great bands packed into its 80mb. Track list below the jump and download link posted at GvB.

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