Bring Me to the Motel Motel

Motel Motel, the alt-country indie gem that have been circulating on my good morning alarm clock mix for the last year, debut the video for “Coffee” of the New Denver LP. When the Village Voice asked the band about the video, Mickey Theis had this to say:

“Matthew [Murphy, the director] had told us that we were going to shoot it on the property of his childhood home. What he didn’t tell us is that he hadn’t cleared it with the family that is currently residing there.”

I hope this plays out like part of some mystical role play dream Murphy had as a child a la Where The Wild Things Are, except instead of monsters– beautiful ladies.

Download “Coffee” here.
And in case you missed it, check out MM’s Daytrotter Session which includes two unreleased tracks!

Ted Leo & The Pharamacists | NYC @ Pier 54 | 23 Jul 2009

Now we wished we’d braved the weather! via

The Daily Footprint 07/24/09

South 6th and Berry

This Weekend: Pool Party Number Three

The Dirty Projectors headlined a packed show last Sunday
It’s going to be hard to top last week, but this week’s line-up looks pretty good too:
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead | The Black Lips | Health | Grupo Fantasma
Doors open at 2 and the headliners have been playing between 5:30 and 6. Lots more information at
If Flyswatter dude shows up, send us pictures!

The Black Lips – Short Fuse Video

Bonita Is Closing

Meanwhile, the shittiest burrito place in the city, L.A. Burrito, somehow still remains open. We’re going to miss you Bonita!
Says Brooklyn Based, via Gothamist

Bonita I on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg will serve its last taco on August 15. Owners Andrew Tarlow and Mark Firth, of the Marlow and Sons/Diner empire, have long had a contentious relationship with the landlord (“He hates me,” Tarlow tell us. ‚”Always has.”) and the restaurant has never been able to get a full liquor license for the space, so they’re closing up shop. Get your plate of pork nachos and your sidewalk spot while you still can (or head to Bonita II in Fort Greene).

At least we still have Papacitos and La Superior. That said, Gothamist is totally right about La Superior’s tacos being a little too precious.
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Shopping with the Vivian Girls

[photo c/o flavorwire]
Flavorwire’s Stelios Phili went shopping at Beacon’s Closet with the Vivian Girls, and documented his brave transition to Vivian Man.

By the time I went through my different photo shoot ideas – a) make me a Vivian Boy, b) the ideal Vivian Man, c) their backup dancer, d) a Vivian Girl ‚Äî they were already excited. Every 5-year-old girl’s dream is to clothe their male best friend, and every 5-year old male plays along, because high heel shoes seem pretty sweet at the time. Whether or not I was the manifestation of their preschool nostalgia, the Vivian Girls were ready to have fun. Allowing oneself to be the human male mannequin for the Vivian Girls is not a sacrifice, no, it is an honor.

Here’s the photo gallery. When they’ve run dry of their will to play dress-up games with neighborhood bloggers, the Vivian Girls will be playing the Whitney Museum with These Are Powers on July 31st before shipping out to Sweden and Finland in August. They’ll then be back on home turf come August 25th at Death by Audio. Their sophomore album Everything Goes Wrong drops September 8th.

Vice Party @ Rockstar Bar

Just a heads up, Vice is throwing a hoedown with LiveFastDie and Golden Triangle Saturday night at Rockstar Bar. Free Colt 45 with RSVP.

Rockstar Bar
349 Kent Street, Brooklyn, NY
Featuring LiveFastDie w/ guests Golden Triangle and DJ Pizza Party Kev
21+ | 9pm | Free with RSVP

RSVP here.

Creepy, Lap-Bouncey, Pervy Plushies Now Delivering Crack

IMG_3515.JPG IMG_3456.JPG
We don’t know what’s worse, the creepy, lap-bouncey, crack-bearing plushies or the gutter punks. Make them go away.
Now, the plushies are delivering:

Club Animals has been criticized for being pointless, but the pointlessness is the point. In the latest addition, we are personally delivering a 100% sugar crack rock (multi-colored and multi-flavored with snow cone syrup) to your Brooklyn house on demand. Expect a 7-foot tall man in a plush, blue mascot head, white gloves and a tuxedo to come knocking soon after you call or text for delivery. You can purchase a few candy crack rocks for $1 a pop in a 1″ x 1″ crack bag. Can’t say too much here because y’know it’s drugs.
Call or Text 347-742-2293 for delivery at the appropriate times
***Serving Brooklyn L Train Bedford to Montrose stops ONLY***

Creepy plushies on the L Platform
Gutter Punks Invade Williamsburg