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Our government doesn’t exist to protect voters from interests, it exists to protect interests from voters.

As always, Taibbi nails it

Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with Max Baucus, Bill Nelson, or anyone else. If the Obama administration wanted to pass a real health care bill, they would do what George Bush and Tom DeLay did in the first six-odd years of this decade whenever they wanted to pass some nightmare piece of legislation (ie the Prescription Drug Bill or CAFTA): they would take the recalcitrant legislators blocking their path into a back room at the Capitol, and beat them with rubber hoses until they changed their minds.
The reason a real health-care bill is not going to get passed is simple: because nobody in Washington really wants it. There is insufficient political will to get it done. It doesn’t matter that it’s an urgent national calamity, that it is plainly obvious to anyone with an IQ over 8 that our system could not possibly be worse and needs to be fixed very soon, and that, moreover, the only people opposing a real reform bill are a pitifully small number of executives in the insurance industry who stand to lose the chance for a fifth summer house if this thing passes.
It won’t get done, because that’s not the way our government works. Our government doesn’t exist to protect voters from interests, it exists to protect interests from voters.

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Lawrence LaDouceur: The Bedford Ranter

God bless Russel Fong. We’ve been wanting to interview this dude for months but were frankly a little terrified. If you’ve ever visited Williamsburg, you’ve undoubtedly seen/heard him. His name is Lawrence LaDouceur, aka The Bedford Ranter.

Study For “A Moral Society” from russel fong on Vimeo.

Hipster Foldables: The Gutter Punk

gutterpunk_illus.jpgOur third Hipster Foldable, has arrived and now we have to fumigate. It’s the Gutter Punk. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, they’ve invaded the ‘burg and now we can expect a surge in lyme disease from the ticks festering in their nasty-ass beards.
In case you missed the story in the Daily News, here it is:

Heroin-addict hobos from around the country are overrunning hipster haven Williamsburg – living in stalled luxury condo projects in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood. The squatters, from middle-class families, hop freight trains to the city, where they can earn up to $150 a day panhandling in Manhattan. At night, like plenty of other borough commuters, they return to their homes: grubby hideaways inside boarded-up lots that pock the once-booming neighborhood.
“I’ve got to sleep somewhere, and I might as well do it in Williamsburg,” said Stuart, 22, a Florida college dropout.
The admitted alcoholic and heroin user makes $15 an hour panhandling in Union Square, holding a sign that reads “Traveling Broke and Sexy.”
“The girls here like it that I’m dirty and I ride trains,” he added.
The vagrants – who also call themselves “crusty punks” – swarmed into Williamsburg this spring, drawn by open-minded young people and vacant lots.
Packs of punks and their mangy dogs clog Bedford Ave. in the evenings. They sprawl drunkenly on the sidewalk and heckle hipsters for money and cigarettes.
“There’s a big crowd of us here,” said Sethry, 20, of Portland, Ore., lounging near North Ninth St. one recent night. “Every night it’s a party with all our friends.”

As we suggested before, don’t give them money. Instead, use this much more sanitary, stench-free bank and save for your own future.
1. Download the Gutter Punk foldable here (.pdf)
2. Print
3. Cut along black solid lines
4. Fold along dotted lines and tape, as instructed
Thanks again to Bryan. And remember, send us photos for future foldables! We want to feature local celebrities—who doesn’t want a Todd P foldable? Or perhaps the creepy pastor on Bedford, if we ever muster the courage to approach him.
The Hipster Grifter
Hip Kyp Malone

Waterfront Party Pics, 7/26/2009

The Black Lips


More Pics after the Jump!

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The Daily Footprint 07/26/09

HEALTH Interview; Play Waterfront TODAY

Los Angeles based noise rockers, HEALTH, love New York crowds, so let’s show them what we’re made of at the Waterfront today. With their battle cry drums and synth charged vocals, this darker and more polished version of Brooklyn’s comparitive Aa just simply rocks. And in good faith, I’m going to suggest that the probable thunder and rain we might experience today will play as the perfect backdrop to their rumbling sound.
And although these guys love to rock, the slew of danceable remixes out there transform their technologically advanced thrash into a male enhancement answer to the likes of Chromatics and Glass Candy. In this sense, the band acts a bit like an interesting contradiction to itself– metal inspired riffs you can dance to? Sounds like the things I actually like about LA, not to mention the band’s Deep V merch shirts. Yummy.
Our very own Lisa Baldini caught up with frontman John Famiglietti about larger venues, playing songs from their September 8th release Get Color, and how Brooklyn crowds are the best. Check out the interview, along with a zoothorn heavy video of HEALTH, after the jump.
And remember, gates open on the Waterfront at 2pm. So get there early to catch the guys with Grupo Fantasma, The Black Lips, and Trail of Dead. I expect lots of dudes there.

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Polish Neighbors

Metropolitan Ave between Bedford and Berry