No Windows, Just Deer Heads

From the Times:

The Hoveys’ loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has no windows, which means more wall space for deer heads.

Ah, this is just a lovely room of death, isn’t it Ace?

Interesting side note. One of the sisters, Porter Hovey, is currently in what looks like first place for the Mad Men casting call contest. Go vote, we guess. Better a neighbor than that guy from Houston.
Photo by Michael Weschler c/o The New York Times

Time Chronicles Hipsters, Misidentifies Breeding Grounds

Time published “A Brief History of Hipsters” today, because we all need that, and captioned the above Getty photo of people tossing water balloons in McCarren with, “Hipsters participate in a water balloon toss as they try and beat the heat at Tom Stofka Garden park in the Williamsburg neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York City.” Oops! What’s that about?
In fact, Tom Stofka Garden is the beautiful memorial garden at the park’s Driggs Avenue entrance, named for the deceased former Director of Brooklyn Forestry, Tom Stofka. He helped get the city’s first tree census off the ground, among many other wonderful things.
Anyways, they talk about this whole problem everyone’s having with moniez and how it affects everyone in W’burg…

The hip have been hit with a double whammy of economic reality ‚Äî more are struggling to pay the rent as parental support dries up, and their carefully gentrified neighborhood is gradually being infiltrated by squatters inhabiting Williamsburg’s stalled building projects. Hipsterdom’s largest natural habitat, it seems, is under threat.

Update: They fixed it to read, “New York hipsters participate in a water-balloon toss at Tom Stofka Garden in McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,” which is STILL wrong. They aren’t in the freakin’ garden. Sheesh.
Update 2: TimeHipsterGate is over. Everybody go home. It now correctly reads, “New York hipsters participate in a water-balloon toss at McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.”

Kellogg's Beware: Jersey Diner Grub Taking Over

Following announcements that Caroline Fidenza’s Saltie is opening down the block and Stephen Tanner will take over Black Betty across the street, Spuyten Duyvil and Fette Sau owner Joe Carroll has further bolstered his claim to the corner of Havemeyer and Metro, as if it were ever in doubt. He tells that he has been quietly preparing a haute snack food joint in the building adjacent to his legendary bar, 355 Metropolitan. (Not to be confused with the ongoing Knitting Factory transformation at 361.) Though the menu is far from finalized, as a loyal son of Bergen County, Carroll will assuage the needs of Garden State natives with Jersey diner-inspired fare such as hot dogs, homemade sausages, White Manna-style burgers, disco fries, and pork roll, AKA Taylor ham. Major construction has yet to begin, so expect a mid-fall opening, at which point one of the only remaining reasons to jump on NJ Transit or a PATH train will to bribe an underpaid, unqualified elected official. (Too soon?)

Video: Woods Р“Rain On” (Live at the Whitney)

It’s pouring out, so it’s fitting that this wonderful video of Woods’ “Rain On” performance at the Whitney just hit my radar. It was performed there as part of the Dan Graham: Beyond live music series. After the jump, enjoy No Name a new song they played called “Blood Dries Darker,” shot by the same filmmaker.

Filmed in one continuous shot on July 24, 2009 at the Whitney Museum of American Art. All visual effects were done in the camera, as I was shooting. The architecture inspired me to try different things, like turning the camera 45 degrees clockwise to capture a vertical image

[via MBV & P4K]

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Sam Mason BBQ @ Hope Lounge TONIGHT

All you need to know is on the flyer:
Mmmm, yummy!

M.I.A. On Keep Watch Vol. X: Major Lazer; Also Venable

Via Pitchfork

Early reports on Diplo and Switch’s Major Lazer project mentioned that M.I.A. would make a guest appearance on the album. Then the official tracklist came out– and M.I.A. was, well, not on it.
But now, the influential rapper-singer-firebrand has shown up on a new Major Lazer mix, created for Mishka’s Keep Watch series. (Via Gorilla vs Bear.) Her verse easily overshadows everything within a 100-mile radius.
“I say where’s the daddy?” she repeats over the autotuned “Baby” riddim from the Major Lazer album before dismantling male dominated culture and paternal negligence like only she can. “Look at all the babies growin’ up in the muck/ Lookin’ up at the fucked up men like, ‘Yuck’.” If anything, motherhood has only made her more fierce. “I ain’t gonna raise my son like that, ’cause this is a woman’s world and he knows that,” she concludes.

Download the mix here. cat_wth.jpgThe M.I.A. tracks is at 11:20 and it pretty much rules. More info about the mix at
In other FREE music news… check out this aptly-titled release by Venable, “Where’s the Happy.” It’s melancholy, like early Cat Power or Gillian Welch, but in a beautiful way. Highly recommended. [Thanks GD]

Faile Wheel Decay

Animal’s been tracking the sudden rise and fascinating public decay of the Williamsburg Faile Wheels at the hands of humanity over the past few months, as the two unique pieces of street art have gone from freshly cut spinning columns of beauty to missing and/or trafficked pieces of stolen art. After the second wheel mysteriously returned to the street just last week, local graffiti writers wasted no time to mark it up with splatter and tags (Omar, we’re looking at you).
But, in just a matter of days, somebody went and cleaned it all up, and unknowingly removed the original Faile-applied paint in the process. What we’re left with here is a fossilized carcass bolted down at North 6th street; a bruised and battered chunk of its former sculptured glory that nonetheless represents the creativity of some and the greed and disregard of others.
[photos via Zoltan and disconotdisco]

Interview: Todd P Goes to Austin; Premieres Tonight

Tonight at the Delancey Jay Buim, one of our homies over at the awesome ‘zine Free Danger (and one part Rude Dude), will be premiering his documentary Todd P Goes to Austin. This SXSW adventure, following some of the hottest bands on the DIY scene, showcases local legendary promoter Todd Patrick. Come out and celebrate tonight with performances by Team Robespierre, So So Glos, some super secret guests, and a DJ set by the man himself– Todd P.
The film touches on a “generation of artists creating and performing music on their own terms”– otherwise known as anything worth listening to here in our native Brooklyn. And although Todd P tends to be a contraversial topic amongst the local music community, there is no doubt that his shows, at neighborhood staples such as Market Hotel, are amongst the most enjoyably raucous ones we’ve ever been to.
Did we mention FREE Colt 45?? Doors @ 8pm, Movie starts at 9pm; FREE with RSVP!!
We got a chance to catch up with Director Buim about the meaning of DIY, the death of the record label, and the best eats in Austin, TX– check out the rest of the EXCLUSIVE interview, and details about tonight’s event, after the jump…
FREEburg: So Jay, how did you you first get hooked up with Todd Patrick?
Jay Buim: In the summer of 2006 I was leaving to go to LA to work on a documentary and Todd helped me throw a going away party. It was at this lunch spot across from the Death Star waste treatment plant in Greenpoint. The Death Set, Heloise and the Savoir Faire, and Drop the Lime played. At one point someone brought out a large tray of hot dogs. It was magic.

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