Insound's Warehouse Sale

Tomorrow, from 5-8pm, the online music store Insound is opening their Brooklyn-based warehouse doors and selling everything from new and classic vinyl to silk-screened posters and t-shirts at a serious discount.
Refreshments come in kegs, compact discs will be on hand to touch and possibly buy and free promotional giveaways will somehow end up on your kitchen counter all week. Like keychains, maybe. Here’s the flyer, and the warehouse is located at 61 Greenpoint Ave. 5-8pm. 61. Avenue. Keychains.

The Daily Footprint 06/16/09

Spotted from Bedford and South 5th

Keyboard Cat Plays With Hall & Oates!

They Like It Raw: Rockin' Raw Opens

rockinraw pics.jpgMy introduction to Rockin’ Raw, the neighborhood’s first raw vegan restaurant, was a mocktail called the “Maca Apple-Icous,” something like a milkshake with apple, ginger, honey, and maca. This Andrean plant has been shown to increase male libidos and is apparently Peru’s natural answer to Viagra. Soon after, flushed and a tad lightheaded, I found myself wishing I could sit with my date in the lush outdoor area where, rain or no rain, some very private tables sat partially obscured by trees. It seems raw food can provide some heat after all.
The husband and wife owners, Luis Salgado, of Peru, and Tere Fox, from New Orleans, serve raw interpretations of their native cuisines that walk a very fine line. Such dishes can be pleasant experiences, politely challenging you to think about tastes and what you like so much about them to begin with, or they can just remind you what you’re missing. Thankfully, and despite the silly moniker, the food here tips towards the former.

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"Weird Al" Yankovic – Craigslist

Weird Al’s homage to The Doors, featuring Ray Manzarek himself on keyboards. Video directed by Liam Lynch.

Northside Festival Showcase Recap

Air Waves
Hopefully, you were able to check out our showcase in Northside Festival just like John Norris did , if not, here are a few shots of the good time you missed (at least until I had to leave and miss the dance party and the crowd surfing during These Are Powers’ last number). Thanks to Free Danger, Stay Gold, Organs, Air Waves, Real Estate, Javelin, These are Powers, and of course Death by Audio. Here’s what John Norris had to say:

No place I would rather be on Friday night of the Northside Fest than the venerable (Can we call it venerable yet? Why yes, I think we can) Death By Audio. Not because it was a chance to see bands that rarely play Brooklyn – as a matter of fact every few weeks it seems you can catch at least one of them around town. But because it was a showcase of some of the most exciting, modern left-field pop our fine locale has to offer…. And people ask me ‘what’s so great about Brooklyn’? Um, this is.

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The Daily Footprint 06/15/09

This Pretty Much Sums Up How I Feel About Our Overly Cautious Prez

It’s time to grow a pair Obama…

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