Atlas Rings The Dinner Bell

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At Atlas, you’ve been able to nosh on savory pastries, salads, and sandwiches–and down wine or beer with your brunch–for some time now. But starting this Friday, you and your MacBook have reason to linger after dark when the Italian-owned cafe completes its transformation to full-fledged restaurant. Chef Andrea Milazzo, who did indeed work under Ducasse in Monte Carlo, and later opened the slightly less glamorous PT on Bedford, will be serving up a small selection of roughly four appetizers, four pastas, and a handful of desserts. (Menu details coming soon.) Owner Enrico Lorenzetti also confirms that prior to dinner, you will be able to deaden your coffee buzz with aperitivo service, starting around 6pm, and that he will be offering a few incentives–free beer and coffee, say–to lure diners away from Lodge and all the newcomers on Grand Street’s restaurant row. If it works, dinner service will stick around, despite the advertised end-of-summer cutoff. Watch your back, Fiore: you dethroned Baci & Abbracci but now someone is gunning for you. assaults Perez Hilton (and not with terrible music)

Not sure why he didn’t call the police himself…via his sidekick.
I guess this is what it feels like to be entertained by
Some laugh-out-louds after the jump:

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Bleszt, aka Mr. Brick Bandit, is a 21 year old out of Newark, and while we like to maintain a fairly anti-Jersey platform here, I’m gonna risk a demerit on my NYC-card today. This is Bleszt’s new mixtape, and it’ll only cost you bandwith to get (totally worth it). Plus, when was the last time a rapper came out of New Jersey? Federline? The whole thing’s pretty cool, R&B and hip hop, lots of auto-tune and over-are-tik-yoo-lay-ting and other Lil Wayne-isms but there’s more than enough personality of its own. It’s called Nine 7 Three.
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Listen to it here
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Autotune the News #5

The Rude Dudes Rock Me

This monthly party started last month – and last month (I kid you not) I danced for about three hours straight, walked outside, then went back in and danced some more! And I was moving earrrly the next morning…so basically what I’m trying to say is if you like to dance or like to watch people dance or like to drink while people are dancing or like to be out on a patio while dancing people ask you for cigarettes you HAVE to come to this. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


The Salvation War is a trilogy that premiered online in the beginning of 2008, asking a simple question- what if God announced that everyone’s time was up, and that Lucifer was coming to claim the bodies and souls of everyone on earth?
The answer the author gives- the governments of the world declare war on Heaven and Hell.

The Salvation War is also a weirdo, brilliantly (if unintentionally) funny, ‘sperging-out fantasy full of Michael Bay Air Force dogfights (against demons), Ron Paul-level libertarian craziness, a bunch of sub-Leno jokes about subjects like Hillary Clinton’s bitchiness, and a hilarious amount of complete disdain for religion. EIGHTY-FIVE chapters long! I also have word that the sequel is about the military going to heaven to fight God himself. After the jump are some amazing passages:

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Yakitori Takedown At Sui Ren

Sui Ren.jpgJoining Zenkichi and Bozu, you can add Sui Ren to the pantheon on neighborhood izakaya hotspots. The menu, put together by owner Morgan Chang, formerly of Kai and chef Jun Hiroshima, from Bond St. Sushi focuses mostly on yakitori (the grilled skewers) and kushi katsu (fried skewers) though the concoctions‚Äîlight on the tongue, hearts, and offal in general‚Äîaren’t likely to be found on a traditional Osaka menu. Of the cold skewers‚Äîperfect for summer‚Äîthe bachi maguro to udama (marinated big eye tuna, soft yolk quail egg, and Korean seaweed; $8) and the tomobara (24-hour slow poached shortrib and baby turnip; $7) have already proven themselves popular, as have the nasu dengaku (Japanese eggplant with mascarpone sweet miso; $7) and the yaki gaki (grilled Malpeque oyster with spiced beurre blanc; $8). With dishes ranging from $3 to $12, Sui Ren can skew either towards cheap snack joint or–thanks a nicely-lit room and rather romantic wooded exterior, a la Bozu–a splurge on date night. If you go for the latter, be sure to order the panko-fried mackerel or grilled Japanese smelt. Nothing says ‚”I love you” more eloquently than supporting sustainable fisheries.
Sui Ren
302 Metropolitan Avenue (Roebling)
Sun-Thur 5pm-1am
Fri-Sat 5pm-2am

Maebe you've seen this (probly not)

Ellen Page, Maebe F√ºnke, and perhaps the last time I’ll see Har Mar Superstar before he leaves my conscious memories entirely, becoming only a fleeting signifier of the early 2000’s.