"It was a massacre"

This is just horrible:

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They tried to beat everyone on Saadi bridge and throwing them off of the bridge…. And everyone also on the sidewalks. They beat a woman so savagely that she was drenched in blood and her husband, who was watching the scene, he just fainted. I also saw people shooting, I mean the security forces shooting on people, on Lalezar. Of course were afraid….
They were beating people like hell. It was a massacre. They were trying to beat people so they would die. They were cursing — saying very bad words to everyone. They were beating old men. And this was exactly a massacre.

The Artists Formally Known as The Kiss Off

Arpline, who you may remember as The Kiss Off, made their ‚”debut” at The Mercury Lounge this past Saturday. Rarely have I had the opportunity to see a band evolve over time, as I have Arpline over the past couple of years. Although their sound has always been inventive, they have stepped it up, bringing in some brass and a new atmosphere to push them to the next level. With songs like ‚”Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper” and ‚”Weekend at the Colonies” you can’t deny there is an intelligence and craft to each song. And it will definitely make you move your feet.
If you have heard Arpline, but haven’t been to a show, I would definitely urge you to go– their live performance brings an entirely new energy that you won’t be able to experience otherwise (say, via myspace). Though part of me misses The Kiss Off, I am looking forward to Arpline’s next step. Whichever direction they chose to move in, I doubt it will disappoint.
Also, opening for Arpline and bringing the heat, was Big Bang TV, appealling to those who like bands similar to The Postal Service, but are striving for vocal range and an eclectic arrangement. Varying between dance happy pop rock and somber melodic ballads.
And, no worries to The Kiss Off fans– though you’ve got to call them Arpline now, the band consists of all the same boys you know and love.
— Torey Schantz

Get Your 'Zine On

From Brooklyn Based:

The former Public Bath #7 becomes NYC Zine Fest #1 this weekend when the independent publishers, distributors and supporters of zines come together at the Brooklyn Lyceum to celebrate their self-published, homemade DIY publications. The Zine Fest opens both Saturday and Sunday at noon and continues until 7pm both nights. Free!

Make sure you stop by and check out our homies Free Danger, you kind of owe it to them since their DJ skills have been helping you shake your thang at Legion, Savalas, and our Northside showcase these last few weeks.

The Daily Footprint 6/23/09

Cymbals Eat Guitars Release "Tunguska"

Via Pitchfork:

Best New Music honorees Cymbals Eat Guitars will have a new 7″ out via Transparent in the UK on July 20, and only Pure Groove will be selling it. The single even comes with a free prize for the first 300 buyers: a slap bracelet! (Hey, remember 1990, when we were all accidentally slitting our wrists? Fun times!).

To hold you over until their June 28th show at Cake Shop (w/ Bedtime & Teletextile), CEG is giving out their new non-album single “Tunguska” on their myspace page.

Vampire Weekend + Ra Ra Riot = Discovery

Discovery, the collabo project of Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot’s Wes Miles, hits the old school electro-pop soft spot in my brain. With special appearances by fellow Weekender, Ezra Koenig, and Angel Deradoorian from Dirty Projectors–who we are glad to hear are doing ok— how can you resist bopping around to the debut while basking in some rooftop sunshine.
Auto-tune + a Jackson 5 cover = yes, please!?
Ok, so maybe I’m desperate for the summer to actually start, but I’m feeling this!
Download “Orange Shirt”, the first single off of the July 7th release of LP (yep, another ironically titled album y’all), and tell me you aren’t mistaking it for a lo-fi Passion Pit jam– and that’s not a bad thing. Although, I have to admit, this might be the album I’ll want to never hear again after a few wild summer nights. Just saying…

Metric: Neither The Beatles Nor The Stones

Metric at Terminal 5
Recently, Metric wrote on their Twitter feed, ‚”Got 99 problems but… this tour ain’t one.” Presumably, the band have been enjoying themselves on their latest supporting tour, and this stop was no exception.
Metric kicked it off in Brooklyn, and as singer Emily Haines professed between songs, ‚”I love coming back to New York and playing at home … I remember when we took the train to play with the Rolling Stones. …Yeah! The fuckin’ subway.” Haines knew we could all relate, with most people having traveled from afar to get to Terminal 5’s remote (read: Midtown) location. The crowd cheered with approving applause.
These two factors may not have caused it, but the group seemed positively electrified on stage. As each member’s hair grew progressively matted from their own perspiration, their energy only increased, with their instruments seeming to grow louder with every song.
As with their newest album, Fantasies, Metric was precise in their presentation and musicianship. For the most part, they seemed closely tethered to their respective spots on stage, surrounded by their vast array of synthesizers and guitars (James Shaw, the guitarist, grabbed a different guitar for nearly every song, his stagehand frantically retuning each before use). Every measure of every song seemed to be played with the utmost importance for absolute perfection, and unlike most live acts, they pulled it off with surprising accuracy and dedication.
Haines was the only one who spoke at all to the audience, and didn’t speak much. When she did though, she expressed adoration and camaraderie for the receptive crowd, and even unleashed a little weird philosophy on everyone. It was, at times, incoherent, but her message got through: ‚”Just remember, that, you know, you gotta do what you wanna do. That’s what this next song’s about,” she said, before launching into ‚”Gimme Sympathy”.
Did I enjoy the show? Usually when my attention from a performance wavers, I start to notice what kind of equipment the artist is using– for the first time in a long time, I left the large venue without a clue about any of it.
— Erik Erikson
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The Dirty Projectors in Car Accident

Oh No! Pitchfork is reporting The Dirty Projectors were in a “pretty bad” car accident and, according to a promoter with the now-canceled Toronto show, “One of them is in very serious condition.” :(. We hope this sounds worse than it actually is.
The Dirty Projectors are currently slated to play a much-anticipated free show on the waterfront on July 19th.
Updated statement from the band:
“Dirty Projectors’ van flipped outside of Detroit, MI on their way up to Toronto. Although the crash was serious, we’re happy to report that all members of the band have been safely discharged from the hospital. The band will be flying home to New York in the morning to regroup and rest. Unfortunately, the band will have to cancel Toronto and Montreal. Thank you for understanding and sending your well wishes.”