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After Simon & Garfunkle broke up, Paul became the breakout star, while Art faded into obscurity. Obscurity does have it’s benefits though, like tons of free time. Enough time to read a library’s worth of books while cataloging each one and when it was read finally answering the question that plagues every person throughout life, “What was Art Garfunkle reading when I was born?” I got Proust. Here:

Listen: Wilco (The Album)

The guys are streaming the new album in its entirety on their website. I’m not sure if I’m annoyed or entertained by the first track’s chorus just yet, which (blindly) proclaims “Wilco. Wilco. Wilco will love you, baby”.
Ughh, whatever– it’ll make it on most of my summertime playlists, I’m sure.
Wilco (The Album) will be released in hard copy June 30th on Nonesuch.
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There Are Trees In Them Thar Fields!

Our local athletes suddenly find themselves running into trees – a problem! – whilst playing kickball in McCarren Park. So, to get to the bottom of this scoop, the Brooklyn Paper sent out the grizzled Ben Muessig to investigate the unfortunate planting of these “trees”….

The 20-odd baby trees, which were planted as a part of Mayor Bloomberg’s ‚”Million Trees” program, affect all three Brooklyn Kickball fields, which are used simultaneously on Sunday nights.
‚”You have to watch out, or else you’ll get hit in the back of the head,” said Bushwick resident B.J. Steiner of the ‚”Divine Sisterhood of the Sacred Bleeding Heart” squad.

The city responded:

‚”This area was originally conceived as a passive-use area,” Parks Department spokesman Phil Abramson wrote in an e-mail. ‚”With many venues in McCarren Park already dedicated to active recreation such as its ballfields, turf field, running track and basketball courts, we also strive to ensure that space is available for more passive pursuits such as picnics, sunbathing, and book reading.”

Let me know how sunbathing under these new trees works out for you. In regards to your “passive-use” quote, Parks Department spokesman Phil Abramson, I would like to say, “That’s what she said.” Thank you and good night.
[photo by Katie Chao, c/o Brooklyn Paper]

Brooklyn Bowl Sneak Peak

Brooklyn Based got an early sneak peak & tour of the new bowling alley/venue opening at 61 Wythe Avenue sometime…soon. They say it’s “the most ambitious, striking, high-tech bowling alley/music venue we’ve ever laid eyes on.”

The walls are decked with custom, Coney-inspired art (and more vintage posters are in the process of being restored).
Ferra Designs — whose intricate ironwork is on display at Dressler — has taken salvaged Brooklyn Navy Yard windows to decorate the banquettes in the Blue Ribbon restaurant, whose tables are fashioned from the former Woodhaven Lanes in Queens.
The stage is made from recycled truck tires, all the wood is either salvaged or sustainably harvested, and many other green details will make this the first LEED-certified bowling alley in the country.

Read the rest at Brooklyn Based, and subscribe to them so I don’t have to tell you these things and can just focus on my hipsters in socks beat.

"I Love Delis"

We’d all agreed over here to never mention white boy rapper Asher Roth on this site. We’d prefer to just sort of let him fade away into cultural obscurity on his own. His retarded ode to pizza, frat boys and jelly shooters, “I Love College,” was just too much to bear.
Thankfully, this hilarious and, um, high concept remix by Landline somehow seems highbow in comparison. And yes, fuck the Quizno’s, fuck the Subway!!


Check out Landline’s “Obamtourage” after the jump

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Boo Obama

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Obama administration is weighing plans to detain some terror suspects on U.S. soil — indefinitely and without trial.

Simply reprehensible. And while we’re talking politics, when are you going to stand up for gay marriage? We understand your pragmatism, but come on, take a stand on equal rights for all people. Given the recent victories in New England–not to mention the disappointments in California–now is the time to be a leader.
And what’s up with this?

In a reversal, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday he would fight the release of dozens of photographs showing the abuse of terrorism suspects.

What happened to change, Obama? Boo…. we voted for you, now stop disappointing us.

Gator Lounge on Sunday -Good times to be had

Micheal Cavadias

Williamsburg "Sock Off" Photo Winners

Williamsboard members have spent the last few days jerking off to this epic thread, in which Dov Charney-sucking vixens post self-pics of themselves wearing hipster socks in various states of undress. Here are your FW-recommended winners to the Williamsboard Williamsburg Sock Off, after the (NSFW) jump…

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