Bedford to Shutdown for Northside Fest

Partnering with Williamsburg Walks, the Northside Music and Arts Festival is shuttin’ down Bedford from North 4th to North 9th Streets, from noon to 9pm on Saturday June 13th. Scott Stedman, Publisher of The L Magazine says, “With the street closed to cars, we will have diverse community-minded programming to coincide with the Northside Festival ‚Äî from acoustic music to fun contests to public art.”
So, that’ll be fun.
As you know, our show is Friday night at Death by Audio, with These Are Powers, Javelin, Real Estate, Air Waves and Organs. For the rest of the showcases, the full festival schedule is now live!

Some Oakland Love with Audrye Sessions

I always say NYC is the smallest city in the world. As a fairly well-traveled native, I somehow manage to bump into people I’ve met 3000 miles away in some dive bar on the South Side on a regular basis. Case and point– Audrye Sessions.
Once upon a time, back when I was living in good ol’ Oakland CA, I got the chance to see these kids play in an abandoned airplane hanger filled with kegs of Fat Tire, and a few other local talents that have since disbanded. It’s good seeing Audrye’s Muse-esque sound evolving, not to mention the serious play they’re getting. Here are some band members making a meal as they host last week’s MTV Subterranean:

Check them out doing their live thing after the jump. As well as some photos from last month’s show with Manchester Orchestra who they’re currently touring with…

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Raymond Salvatore Harmon's "Dweller on the Threshold" @ Secret Project Robot

If you happen to make it to Secret Project Robot from now until June 6th, you will see a great show by a new multimedia artist Raymond Salvatore. While his work may appear to be abstract, they are informed by philosophy and anthropological studies as much as contemporary psychedelic abstraction:

As an experimental filmmaker his work is abstract, are accompanied by his own electronic compositions as well as those of his various collaborators. His recent works include full scale immersive video and sound environments, large format digital prints that are then hand manipulated and painted on, and live video performances.
Many of Harmon’s films contain layered subliminal content, the source of this content is often derived from occult and mystical texts. Utilizing texts such as the Gates of Light (an early work of Hebraic mysticism, kabbalah) and Aleister Crowley’s Book of Lies, Harmon’s occult based films work as advanced meditative tools for use in occult rituals and the expansion of the conscious mind.

c/o Pendu

Auto-Tune the News #3

These just keep getting better:

Free Tacos and Children @ Union Pool

Rock out with your taco out
Who doesn’t like free food AND music?
Say no more.
OK wait I have one more thing to say – check out Children and let your mouth water for tacos!

She's Crafty

BUST Magazine, the cutting-edge pop-culture magazine for ‚”women with something to get off their chests” is hosting their second annual Spring Fling Craftacular this Sunday, May 17 from 12 to 7pm at the Warsaw!
It’s only $2!!!! And there will be a juried selection of 50 of the best indie crafters from around the country! Plus there will also be tasty food, drinks and a chance to win fabulous raffle prizes and snag a goodie bag all while enjoying great music courtesy of some of the city’s most innovative DJs.
And for this year’s ‚”Garden Party” theme, BUST is giving the over 2,000 expected attendees a chance to really get their hands dirty, with eco-conscious demos on guerilla gardening, growing your own food, and DIY screen-printing, presented by Trees Not Trash, The Farm Sanctuary, Provocraft, the makers of Yudu and many others.
Founded by Debbie Stoller, BUST’s Co-Publisher/Editor-in-Chief and author of the New York Times bestselling knitting book series ‚”Stitch ‘n Bitch,” and Laurie Henzel, BUST’s Co-Publisher and Creative Director, the BUST Craftacular was created as a way to support the handmade and burgeoning DIY movement.
The addition of a green theme to the BUST Spring Fling Craftacular was a natural choice, according to Stoller. ‚”There is so much overlap between people who are interested in crafting and those who are interested in the environment, sustainable living, and gardening. After all, what’s more DIY than growing your own food?”
Click through for a video of BUST MAGAZINE’S HOLIDAY CRAFTACULAR to get an idea of how awesome Sunday will be!

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106 Green Inaugural Exhibition: After the Goldrush
This sounds like the perfect event for these recessionary times. 106 Green is an artist run project space in Greenpoint Brooklyn that will provide space for artists and curators to exhibit their work. They are opening thier doors to the public on Saturday. From their website:

Originally inspired by an apocalyptic screenplay by artist and actor Dean Stockwell, After the Gold Rush, Neil Young’s third solo effort, is an epic record encompassing love, loss, social critique, and a tragic American landscape. Most of the album was recorded in Young’s make-shift basement studio during the spring of 1970, in the late days of the Vietnam war and the dawn of a decade of economic tumult. The songs shift in theme and musical genre, and depict visions from the medieval to the extraterrestrial in service of what appears to be an apocalyptic end, but with a hint of redemptive optimism. The album was met with lukewarm reviews. Rolling Stone then dismissed as ‘dull’ what it now calls a ‘masterpiece’.
While none of the work in this exhibition is based on Mr. Young’s music, perhaps it reflects something of its spirit. With varying strategies and media, the artists offer meditations ranging from the interpersonal to the epic; most capturing a north American angst that is both interwoven with the past and undeniably contemporary. Much of the work depicts a sort of cosmic spirituality where urban, rural, interior, and technological landscapes merge; and at its core offers a challenge and possible alternatives (however small) to the excesses of the Bush era boom.

Don’t miss the after party at Coco66 with a performance by the great Parlor Grand.

Jon Stewart Mocks Obama's Cowardly Inaction On 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'

Here’s the back story, in case you missed it.

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