McSweeney's, SMITHMAG, and The Rumpus Present: YOU'RE NOT ALONE

Amanda Palmer (formerly of the Dresden Dolls), comedians Todd Barry and Eugene Mirman, Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, the Six Word Memoirists, authors Amy Tan and Anthony Swofford, and first time McSweeney’s novelists James Hannaham and Jessica Anthony all throw themselves at the collective intellectual fan this Saturday night at the Highline Ballroom for YOU’RE NOT ALONE, an evening presented by McSweeney’s, SMITHMAG, and The Rumpus. We recommend you check this out, tickets are only $12 for all this awesomeness!
The details:

Comedy by Todd Barry and Eugene Mirman
Music by Matthew Caws of Nada Surf
Readings by Anthony Swofford, Jessica Anthony, James Hannaham, The Six-Word Memoirists, and Amy Tan
Hosted by author and Rumpus editor Stephen Elliott
Happy Hour from 6-7: $4 PBR; $5 All other beers; $6 Well Drinks

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Bushwick the Board Game?

The young, tired, broke, identity-craving, huddled masses continue their surge eastward along the L line… and the inherent humor of Brooklyn’s gentrification has been nearly extinguished by a neverending slew of lousy hipster commentary. Case in point: This “Bushwick the Board Game” video, which is kinda marginally funny. Maybe it’s just that the voice-over is super annoying, but we’re left to wonder WTF is coming next.

‚”NullSet Films has evolved into a full-blown empire, with the creation of NullSet Games and its inaugural release of Bushwick the Board Game. The game has evolved along with our ever changing neighborhood and is now ready for you…
‚”Visit an art show, attend your bands gig, take a ride on the L and take home a handsome stranger. Roll the dice for the trip around the board to gather cards and coins. Physical challenges include tasks such as calling a former lover, spinning the bottle, and additional feats of strength. The first to end up at their new pad in the wick (and is able to pay rent) wins. Simple. Hipster tested, unanimously approved.”

Moog + Schaefer + 70s = Awesome

It’s not even noon, but yes, I do want a Schaefer now.

A (Sort of) Review of Dan Deacon

Several years ago, I was walking to a party at college, holding a cup of grain alcohol punch. (Purchase Punch as it was called at my school.) When I walked into the door, everyone was crouched down on the floor and huddled, so that campus police couldn’t see the illegal party happening. I crouched with my fellow brethren. The cops swept passed the “G Block” of the Old Apartments in their car. The moment the coast was clear my friend Dan jeered, and everyone jumped up and started slamming into each other. I would like to imagine that is the genesis for Dan Deacon’s infamous countdowns–although I’m not sure he would ever agree.

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Behold, the Beauty Bar!

photos by Adam Au, c/o the L
With their big weekend just around the corner, The L went and got a sneak peak of the new Bushwick Beauty Bar and sends home some very “Jetsons-chic” photos. They also learn us on the chairs – “purchased from a shuttered beauty parlor in Lancaster, PA,” the sign – “taken from the real Powder Puff in Kutztown, PA,” and the lights over the bar – “vintage home hairdryers.”

G Train to Connect Williamsburg and Park Slope

Despite The Brooklyn Paper’s headline which made us slightly queasy: “MTA finally finds your G-spot with extended service,” we’re delighted this is finally happening. I guess we should expect more headlines like this, now that Murdoch is running the show. As our friend Kevin pointed out, it could have been worse: ‚”Marty Markowitz finds your G-spot with extended service.”
From Brooklyn Paper:

The G train will be extended to Church Avenue in July, creating the first direct link between trendy Williamsburg and posh Park Slope.
The service boost, scheduled to go into effect on July 5, became necessary because of planned track work along the elevated section of the F and G lines in Carroll Gardens and Park Slope.

This is of course very exciting news and worthy of a much better headline. So, SUBMIT YOUR OWN IN COMMENTS.

Calexico does Hope Lounge

Though it’s technically a rain-or-shine event, this evening’s inclement weather may keep some of the crowds away from Hope Lounge and this year’s kick-off of the Finger On the Pulse barbecues [via Eater]. Head on over at 7pm for $2 dollar PBRs and, infinitely more enticingly, $5 plates of Mexicali deliciousness from 2008 Vendy Award-winning Calexico. (In the slight chance you missed their recent appearance on “The Martha Stewart Show,” check it out here. The FOTP folks are also giving away iPod covers from sponsor Incase to those that get there at the crack of cocktail hour, but admit it, you’d trample your own mother’s iPhone for access to cheap Calexico with, possibly, shorter than usual lines.

Chicago's Ferris Beuller House For Sale

For $2.3 Million, you can be the Cameron you’ve always wanted to be. Now you just need to find a daddy with a vintage Porsche.
Check out the listing here.