NY Observer Editor Quits

Wowsers. Our favorite salmon-colored paper is going though some big changes. Peter W. Kaplan has decided to quit in June. He’s been the editor of the New York Observer since 1994! From The Observer:

Peter W. Kaplan, the fourth and longest-serving editor of The New York Observer, announced to his editorial staff today that he is resigning from the newspaper effective June 1, 2009. […]
‚”It’s as good as it gets,” he said. ‚”I had a little newspaper in New York City! You can’t beat that. No matter who you are. I had a little newspaper in New York City. That’s as good as it gets. It’s better to have a little newspaper in New York City than a big newspaper in New York City. Because then you only have to report and write for the people you care about. And nobody else.”

Williamsburg On Acid

I’m pretty sure this is what it would be like:

I don’t know how I found it. I don’t know where it came from, or why it was made. What I do know is that this four-part series by Ryan Trecartin, appropriately titled “A Family Finds Entertainment,” is the biggest mind fuck I’ve ever experienced on the Internet. I’ve included the rest below the fold. Watch if you dare, but I suggest that you bookmark this link first — you’re going to need it after Part 4.
Unicorn Chaser – keep hitting refresh until your brain regains its equilibrium.

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Ducktails and Javelin Play Inside a Robot Tonight

c/o Pak
If you are not easily deterred by the rain, there is a pretty great show happening inside artist space Secret Project Robot tonight.
The much (deserved) hyped avant garde sunny pop of Ducktails will be complimented by the smooth dance grooves of Javelin. After seeing Javelin play the Graffiti Research Lab’s MoMA after party some months back, Javelin has become a personal favorite. (They have an entire song using Beyonce vocal samples that’s pretty killer.)
Full line up and details below:

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Passion Pit "Little Secrets" Remix Contest

After debuting the video for “The Reeling” two days ago (set to be the first hit single off Manners, which has been highly anticipated by fans and naysayers alike), the Passion Pit camp released this statement:

In other news, the band has launched a remix contest for a still under-wraps track from Manners, offering up stem snippets of ‚”Little Secrets” nearly a full month before the album’s release. The band has asked fans to download the clips, trade with other participating musicians and remixers, and build their own songs around the pieces. Fans will vote for their ten favorites until May 15th. After voting closes, Passion Pit will pick five remixes to be released along with a special vinyl version of ‚”Little Secrets” while the five runners up will receive a copy of the vinyl and a signed CD of Manners.

A serious hat tip to video collective Humble for capturing the dancey glamo-grit these guys represent, in a street meets MoMA installation sort of way, kind of like a Poster Boy dance party. The exact verbal reincarnation of my feelings towards the new PP jams would be ‘smile, jump, flip hair, jump and dance some more’. So take a listen to the snipets here, and take a stab at the remix (just be sure to follow the rules).
Hey Theophilus, I double doggy dare you (a.k.a pretty please!?)
Take a peek at the Summer Tour dates after the jump:

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Korean Abdul-Jamar [sic] in GRIFT

Coming soon to a theater near you…
But one thing. It’s Korean Abdul-JABBAR man. Get your hipster grifter shit straight. And can this be the last we ever mention her? Now that the meme has reached street art status I think we can pack it all up in our fanny packs and call it a day. Spotted in W’burg by Delete Yourself.

Tortured Souls make happy live dance music

House music all night long, say what?!
Brooklyn’s Tortured Soul just released their second album entitled Did You Miss Me? and they were nice enough to answer some questions about Radio 1’s Giles Peterson calling them “the future of house music” and their fave places to hang in the ‘hood.
Listen to the title track “Did You Miss Me” .
Click through for the interview –

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Alex Balk and Choire Sicha: The Awl

Alex Balk and Choire Sicha just started a new blog called The Awl. In the absence of Radar, we’re happy to see the two working together. Plus we like their tagline: “Be Less Stupid.”
Wikipedia: An awl is a tool with a long pointed spike used for marking wood
Here’s what Balk and Sicha have to say about the site:

It was birthed from the following thoughts: What if there were a website that zippily surveyed a wealth of resonant, weird, important, frightening, amusing bits of news and ideas? And what if it weren’t totally clogged with reality show linkbait?
It would be a website which wasn’t so invested in giving you the ‚”counterintuitive take” that it actually stopped making sense. Dream further: What if were run by people who actually didn’t care about the way we all allegedly live now? This is our little dream. And it begins here, in an extremely bare form. It might even grow. (Would you perhaps like to invest?) … Also the dream of feeding our addictions. And/or cats.


I sincerely apologize for the Griftster mention (I’m breaking my own rule of never saying the G-word ever again), but just wanted to point out that there are better ways to express your love for boys with beards– as in, making adorable ukelele songs like unsigned UK songstress Sophie Madeleine.