UES Harvard-educated Writer Discovers Williamsburg, Naked People

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Oh, young Kate Ahlborn. Urban adventurer extraordinnaire, fan of Feist’s ‚”1234″ and Vanity Fair writer who in all her post-graduate life has yet to venture beyond the pearly gates of the Upper East Side. Well, she made it over here recently wearing her “tweed J. Crew jacket and Tory Burch ballet flats,” and after “narrowly escaping death by skateboard on the Bedford subway platform” she caught up with choreographer No√©mie Lafrance’s new show (Times review, show information) where she had her face touched by a naked crazy person. She then took off running, never stopping once to breathe or look back at all the evil people in “hipsterville” chasing her back home. Imagine her surprise. She’d heard from her ” more global friends” (WTF!) “that Brooklyn is a charming borough,” but instead found her trip to exotic Brooklyn traumatizing. She’ll never come back.

I left the rickety building slightly shaken up and eager to get back to Manhattan. After this experience, I’m fairly certain that’s exactly where I belong.

Below the jump, we’ve got video of the terrible experience she witnessed. Warning: art. You’ve got a few more days to check it out too. The show runs through the 12th, although “there may be an extension on April 15-19.”

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Loney, Dear on Daytrotter

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Kudos to Emil Svanangen of Loney, Dear for mentally transporting us to country roads in springtime with a basket full of wild flowers, as our hair flows wonderfully untamed in the wind this morning. If you need a break from the cold concrete & subway screech today, do yourself the favor and check out Daytrotter’s For The Clouds, From The Mouth:

His music is perfectly acceptable to the clouds and the skies they inhabit, here and yonder, whispering back their approval by moving the bangs on a forehead or the feathers on songbirds. It’s a touching showing that Svanangen gives on _Dear John_, where songs of seemingly regrettable circumstances and endings lays out a battered body of a man looking to rescind a little bit, if not a lot bit.

This Swedish gem is currently back overseas, but be sure to check out Loney, Dear at Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 5th with fellow Daytrotter favorite Headlights and the Brooklyn goes Americana tunes of The Silent League. Sounds like a show that will make you smile.

The Daily Footprint 4/7/09

North 6th and Berry

Get Jazzed Up

Come be festive at Duck Duck to a mix of blues, jazz, and booze this Thursday. Your company would be a pleasure! Especially if you dance! Miss Vivien Renee said so herself 😉

New Online Series: 'Pilot Season'

From MyDamnChannel:

Sneak peek of the new series coming Monday, 4/20 to MyDamnChannel.com: PILOT SEASON. 30 episodes every Monday. Jam packed with comic geniuses like Sam Seder and Sarah Silverman. And, David Cross, Andy Dick and Isla Fisher.

More sneak previews here.

Oh, Him? Yeah, He Came With The Van.

Dollar Van Demos provides cheap-o rides (operated by West Indian drivers, no less) around Brooklyn, focusing on neighborhoods under-served by mass transit. There’s just one catch – you have to listen to guy with the microphone in the back seat.
From their YouTube page:

Dollar vans provide a much-needed transportation for neighborhoods under-served by mass transit. Typically operated by West Indian drivers, the ride is cheap, adventurous and now immensely entertaining with the addition of performers singing their hearts out.

Here’s Crosby rapping “No Bodegas (Shut ‘Em Down)” while a van full of bargain-hunting, middle-aged patrons stare blindly into the ether, waiting for their next stop. After the jump, take in Sally Connors’ glowing rendition of “Up On The Roof”…

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The Lost Tribes of New York City

The latest short film from London Squared Productions.

Collective Artist's Yard Sale

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We got word of a garage sale at 95 Eagle St today with all sorts of stuff, including sound equipment, “a photography printing projector, vintage clothes, one of kind jewelry, clothing from artists and so much more.” It’s at Lean Love’s Pop-Up Shop Collective, in the basement and backyard of 95 Eagle St. #1, found between Franklin St. and Manhattan Avenue. And y’know, why not post it? Everybody loves a good garage sale, right?
photo via Danakochan