The Daily Footprint 03/09/09

Bearded Sheep
Bearded Sheep Cakes – Fortunato Brothers, Devoe and Manhattan


Consider this a spring style preview. Guys, I want to see jorts, and lots of them. Bonus points if you and your friends wear matching shirts and parade down the street on stilts. Super bonus points for anyone who gets their hair cut like the guy in the white.

WWJD — If He Was a Hipster?

Holy Jesus fuck! I recently came across something that has me baffled to the core: The Christian Hipster phenomenon. Apparently, Brett McCracken, a self-identified Christian hipster, is writing a book about a utopian world where Christians sit around and smoke cloves, drink 40s and pray together.

“This is a serious exploration. It’s not a joke, and though it is humorous at times and occasionally ironic, it is by no means an exercise in sarcasm (as in, say, Robert Lanham’s Hipster Handbook)… Whatever criticism I end up putting forward in the book, I hope that readers recognize that it is all for the ultimate refinement of the church and its mission in the world.”

I see. Well then leave the sarcasm to me, because I’m going to go ahead and call this one a HIPSTER FAIL.

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Handsome Furs, Raw Energy

I am not at all afraid to say that Handsome Furs at Mercury Lounge last night blew my mind. And it’s only slightly because I spotted Eugene Mirman the second I walked in the room. (Yes I have an obsession with nerdy comedians – but I’ll spare you the full insanity of it at this point in time.)
Husband and wife Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry make musical hope over a dark and intense backdrop of political turmoil. They find inspiration in changing landscapes and search for flesh and truth in a world full of robotic feelings and expertly crafted lies. In other words — they do for rock n roll what most people wish they could do. And ultimately – and possibly most importantly — they make us stare and dance.
I haven’t been able to stop listening to their new album FACE CONTROL for a week — and I was lucky enough to interview Perry about the meeting of the two souls, musical journeys and the craziest thing that’s happened on tour.

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The Daily Footprint 02/06/09

The end is Near
North 7th

The March 2009 Movie Preview

by Dave Thomas
The month begins and ends with unconventional superheroes. Slightly different demos, though.
Think The Incredibles, but like, really, really, really, really dark. Really.
With 300, Zack Snyder took the technology pioneered in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and The Phantom Menace and manipulated it to recreate the look and feel of a comic. While he’s using more actual sets this time out, it seems clear (especially from the trailers) that he gets the importance of the aesthetic and how to achieve it. As far as the actual depth of the comic, which is what separates it from the pack, on a story level at least it appears he’s stayed true to the darkness. David Hayter, who co-penned the better X-films, had a hand in the adaptation. The casting is also promising, employing talented lesser-knowns like Matthew Goode and Jackie Earle Haley. The 20 minutes shown at Butt-Numb-a-thon apparently killed.
Anticipation is huge, but highest among a fairly select group of fans. I mean, had you heard of Watchmen before this movie was announced? I only know about it because I once made a concerted effort to learn more about graphic novels and this was one of the first (and most often) recommended. I wonder if this is a few people anticipating loudly instead of the masses being truly psyched. Still if 300, an even more obscure comic, could get by on kick-ass visuals, there’s no reason this can’t. $236mil.
Sandra Bullock stalks Bradley Cooper. But, you know, in a cute way.

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The Antlers @ Union Hall [Review & Photos]

Review by Kyle Spencer; Photos by Vanessa Fleming
Within the cozy confines of Union Hall, The Antlers debuted their new album Hospice; an album composed of a rewarding blend of atmospheric soundscapes and shoe gazing rock. Hearing the album played live in its entirety offered the patient listener a full range of sonic peaks and valleys.
Songs like “Sylvia” and “Bear”, in which the drumming was more prevalent or pronounced, felt climatic (at times thunderous) when accentuated by the proximity of songs like “Atrophy” which featured the more delicate attributes of The Antler’s guitar and keyboard combo.
I’ve seen countless concerts at union hall and it’s rare to hear a band actually overcome the restricting space and poor acoustics of the basement venue. The Antlers sound came through loud and clear. The occasional feedback could be excused or pasted off as intentional. Peter Silberman’s vocals sounded outstanding live and presented an operatic layer to the music.
While I can’t say The Antler’s present anything that’s genuinely original in their music, they have taken from some of the best and forged a very promising conglomeration of sounds and influences. The bio on their website describes them as a fusion of ‚”Neutral Milk Hotel or Okkervil River with the grandiosity of Sigur Ros, Cursive, or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, finished by the shimmery haze of My Bloody Valentine and heightened by Silberman’s Jeff-Buckley-like vocals.” That’s quite a wish list, but the album’s definitely worth checking out. You can stream it in its entirety, here.
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Lil Wayne Dumber Than Beethoven, Alleges Caltech Grad Student

After reading Lola’s post concerning the statistical reasons for my involuntary celibacy, I did a little research on the guy behind the stats, a Caltech Ph.D. student named Virgil Griffith. Turns out he’s something of a pop culture Nate Silver, using his borderline-autistic love of numbers to enlighten erstwhile web surfers about all things shallow and amusing.
Just last week, it seems, he put the finishing touches on a little chart that classifies musicians based on the relative SAT scores of their fans. To do this, he compiled different colleges’ favorite bands via Facebook and matched these acts up to the respective schools’ SAT scores. The results, while pretty far from scientifically significant, are at least amusing. According to the numbers, Lil Wayne fans score the lowest (856-896) and Beethoven’s admirers are by far the smartest (1346-1396). Other revelations: fans of the Used and gospel music are idiots compared to the genius admirers of Sufjan, Radiohead, and Counting Crows (?), while people into Something Corporate and Yellowcard are, as expected, totally average.
The complete chart after the jump (hat tip to The Grip).

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