Savoir Adore Blows The Roof Off Of Death By Audio

Photo courtesy of Indie Passion.
If you’ve never heard of Savoir Adore, you will. As long as the Almighty God of Indie Rock is a just and righteous god, the pop rock quartet headed by co-songwriters Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro is fixin’ to explode. Their set at Death by Audio on Tuesday drove this home with a wild, pop-inflected vengeance. A few months ago, I stumbled across them opening for Bishop Allen at MHoW, and they were really damn good. But this week they brought out the heavy artillery–an arsenal of new songs from their upcoming full-length debut, In the Wooded Forest–and they proved themselves serious contenders for the title of Most Underrated Band in Brooklyn.
Savoir’s brand of fairy tale pop has always been strong in the hooks department, but their new songs had a new level of sophistication and their older songs sounded more fleshed out. The encore, a barn-burning fist-in-the-air anthem with the unlikely title of “Transylvanian Candy Patrol,” took advantage of Hammer’s ample riffing skills and Muro’s spectacularly emotive voice and left the crowd floored (especially a pack of drunken Deidre-admirers behind me, who, once they found out her name, proceeded to chant it at every opportunity). The track (available for free online listening here), is great recorded, but you need to see them live to hear it in all its distorted, Pixies-evoking glory.
P.S. Darwin Deez opened, danced choreographed dances, and sounded great. Plus, their frontman’s appearance somehow inhabits the gray area between Hasid and hipster, and, for that alone, they deserve a mention.

For Realsies??

Seems ridiculous, right? Only in Brooklyn, right? Well, apparently these championships have been happening all around the world in the last few years. Here are some gems from one of the contestants:

Leonardo Gomez, 25, of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, will be in the Recession Beard category because he started growing his fuzz in September, just as the economy began to fizzle.
“If there’s anyone who can change what’s going on right now it’s a beardsman,” he said, evoking Abraham Lincoln.
“I really think if President Obama would grow a beard, we’ll really start to see some huge progress in America.”

Can I also say that I came across this in the physical version of the Daily News, as in, this event made it to print– loves it. Here’s the web version.
So, go be a part of history this Saturday at Public Assembly. What do you have better to do?
PS- If you RSVP on, you get $6 off admission & Open Bar from 7-8pm.

Tao Lin and Muumuu House Have Books 4 U!

image c/o nylon, via flickr
Tao Lin is what Nylon calls an “embattled Brooklyn author,” and has been called a “gimmick-crazed ‘writer'” by Gawker and, most recently, Carles of Hipster Runoff fame, a claim he sorta but not really affirmed to NYU Local. A simple search on Tumblr will show you what the bliggleblogosphere thinks.
But we’re not here today to speculate. Oh no, we’re giving away some free books from muumuu house! Read a bit about what you can win below, and to enter the contest, just simply email Tao a picture of you holding a fish filet and any GT’s brand kombucha (the drink, seen here), with your face in the photo. So that’s face, fish filet, kombucha.
Tao’s writings, at least the ones in his book you are a little bit happier than i am, border on insanity, randomness, the beauty of loneliness and surviving in our digital world. If you’ve ever thought about committing suicide via instant message before, reading one of Tao’s poems might make you seriously consider it. But in a good way, if that makes any sense.
Equally as awesome is Ellen Kennedy‘s poetry in sometimes my heart pushes my ribs. I particularly enjoyed the first poem in the book, called Eoody Mobby, which more or less follows a young, tender Woody Allen and his lover Ned Vizzini. The whole book made me want to type in lower-case letters and chase around aging icons of Hollywood, trying to fuck them. Here’s the first paragraph from the poem, which was meticulously typed out by Notes From Normalcy:

Woody Allen lies down on the bed. Ned Vizzini lies down next to Woody Allen. Woody Allen’s room has white walls. There aren’t any posters or pictures hung on the wall. Woody Allen kisses Ned Vizzini’s mouth. Ned Vizzini pushes his tongue into Woody Allen’s mouth and licks Woody Allen’s tongue. Ned Vizzini licks Woody Allen’s teeth. Woody Allen pushes his hand against Ned Vizzini’s crotch. Ned Vizzini does the same. Ned Vizzini unbuttons Woody Allen’s dress while Woody Allen touches Ned Vizzini’s face and looks at his eyes and his nose. Ned Vizzini takes off Woody Allen’s underwear with his foot and then takes off his pants. Woody Allen unbuttons Ned Vizzini’s shirt and touches his chest. Ned Vizzini has sex with Woody Allen. They make noises but are quieter than most couples Woody Allen thinks. Woody Allen is sometimes louder than Ned Vizzini.

The image above is a tiny-sized feature about Tao Lin’s literary collective muumuu house, as seen in the March issue of Nylon magazine. Unless you have super-eyes, its likely that you cannot read anything there, but you can see the original size on Flickr, by clicking here.
So go! Get those books. Well first get a fish filet and a kombucha and take a picture and then get those books.

The Daily Footprint 03/11/09

You Look Really Nice Today
Bedford Ave

Lawyers Can Help With That Warrant, You Know

Sometime last winter someone I know very well got a pink slip summons here in Brooklyn, New York for urinating between two parked vans somewhere in industrial Bushwick or Bed-Stuy…can’t remember which. The odds that anyone drove by at the exact instant of his urinary relief are astounding, let alone two of New York’s finest. Approximately 8 minutes after he got that ticket, he threw it out, or lost it, one or the other it doesn’t matter now. He then basically forgot about the ticket for months, until sometime yesterday when he realized that summer is coming up, and with it kickball, and with that joy of drinking beers apple juice outdoors in McCarren park at night.
Oh no!
He probably has some kind of (hopefully loosely enforced) warrant out for his arrest for not showing up for that measly little pink slip! He did some research around the bliggosphere, had Sheila at Gawker do an advice column for him, and eventually, balled up and called a lawyer. He is now a proud American citizen with retained legal counsel ($500) who has advised him to “keep his head down” while he sorts things out. This is great! He told me he really feels truly American and can say things like, “I dunno guys. I shouldn’t drink that beer on the subway. My lawyer’s advised me not to.”
He has promised to send me updates with how everything nets out. Today his lawyer is checking with the courts to verify the existence of that warrant.
update: yes indeedilysquat, his lawyer has advised him that there is a warrant and to keep things on the down-low ’till early next week when they will go to court.

Procrastination Central

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Help a fellow Williamsburger out, y’all:

adamdiy posted this on March 10th, 2009 @ 3:18:28 am
hello, i am driving across the country soon in a 1994 minivan with only a cassette player. i thought it would be fun to listen to old mixtapes the whole way. it seems many people keep around old mixtapes even when they have no way to listen to them.
do you have an unloved/ unlistened to mixtape from back in the day? want to donate it to a cross country road trip? message me!
postcards available from the grand adventure from anywhere in the US or Mexico we go through!


Interview: Amadou & Mariam

At times, Amadou & Mariam seem a bit uncomfortable with questions about Mali. I suspect it is because they do not want to end up pidgeon-holed by an American audience used to associating African music with “world music,” a label that can scare potential listeners away from an act they fear they will never have the language or cultural background to enjoy. But Amadou & Mariam do make world music, and always have. From their early recordings that passed the sounds of traditional Malian music through a lens of Western jazz and blues, to their latest album, Welcome to Mali, which sounds profoundly influenced by decades of global touring, Amadou & Mariam’s world music sheds regional codes and dialects leaving pretty much pure pop in the most enjoyable (if Francophone) sense. We had the enviable opportunity to have a translator-assisted chat with the duo recently.

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Kentucky Boys Invade Brooklyn


The soulful sounding Ben Sollee can make some serious cello funk unlike any I’ve heard before…I very much dig it. He’s playing this Saturday night at the new spot behind Loving Cup Cafe (old Anytime) with his fellow Kentuckian Philip March Jones who is showing his most recent work in the gallery there.
The info:

Kentucky Boys Invade Brooklyn
March 14th
Cameo (Behind Lovin’ Cup Cafe)
93 N 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
8p Gallery Opening of Philip March Jones
10p Ben Sollee Performance

Here’s Ben Sollee playing live for 91.9 WFPK: