Is It Summer Yet!?

I’ve been teased a number of times already with the familiar ring of ice cream trucks in my ‘hood. And looking at the weather app on my phone gives me hope that the winter just might be over… Let’s keep our fingers crossed, kids. And until the fire hydrants start their annual transformation into sprinklers, we can all thank The L Magazine for something to look forward to until the sunshine, sweat, and Turkey’s Nest margaritas are a thing of the now:

This has been a long time coming, but we at The L Magazine are pleased to finally and officially announce the first annual Northside Festival. Taking place from June 11-14 in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it is, as we’ve grown accustomed to saying, a four-day celebration of the independent music and art scene that thrives here in New York City, with live music being held at nearly every venue in the area (including some that haven’t even opened yet), and art events at some of the most relevant galleries in the neighborhood.

So close, and yet, so far away…

The Daily Footprint 02/15/09

South 1st and Berry

Can I Get a Witness?


A livery car hit a biker last Friday and lots of people saw it, but the dude can’t find any witnesses. Were you there? Are you the mustached man?

Today, Friday March 13, 2009 at approx. 1:20pm I was riding with traffic on Bedford Ave, approaching the intersection of Lorimer St. I was hit by a silver Chrysler sedan (who was a car service car) turning right on to Lorimer. I was wearing a silver windbreaker, riding a black + red track bike with white rims (yes, with a front brake and yes, I was wearing a helmet).
I counted at 5 to 10 people in the area who I believe saw the accident take place. However, no one would come forward as a witness. One mustached fellow (Thank you, whoever you may be) took pictures, but I didn’t get a chance to get his name before leaving in the ambulance. Sadly, he did not arrive until moments after the accident happened.

Here’s the Craigslist ad: Hit by Car in Williamsburg. If you were there, help this guy out!

OORUTAICHI, Drawlings and Lights @ Cake Shop

c/o Yoko Sawai
A week or so ago I popped into the Cake Shop to hear the musical meanderings of Japanese experimental musician OORUTAICHI as well as Rings side project Drawlings and Lights. While musically the bands seemed pretty disparate, it was a surprisingly entertaining set. I wish more of you had been there.

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Tonight, Tonight…


Flocabulary: Life Imitating The Onion

Remember on The Wire when Officer Pryzbylewski was teaching at the school in Baltimore and all the kids were growing up to be corner boys and fighting each other and he was just trying to make a difference (I think it was kind of like Dangerous Minds)? That season could never happen today, because of FLOCABULARY. It’ll teach you social studies, language arts, math, and science all with awesome jams.

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Alaska In Winter Inter(re)view


Photos by Clarissa Roudabush

Now that it’s Friday, I feel like I can talk about my wanna-be weekend Wednesday at Glasslands. We’ve all been there before– when its past your bedtime, but all you really wanna do is dance. Although warmed up by the musical stylings of Neon Coyote and DJ Mike Dextro (and a few vodka sodas), all I wanted in my life was some Alaska in Winter. Before I could catch my fix, a pleasant surprise named Charlie! took the stage. In the fashion of more recognizable man duos such as Chromeo, these boys summoned their inner if-Kanye-was-a-Power-Ranger-that-had-to-sit-still. Listen, if you add a 2-step to NIN’s ‘Closer’, no matter how much I think I’m going to hate it, you’ve pretty much got me sold. It just really makes me miss the days when I lived with three dorky sound engineering boys.

Finally the one man band Alaska In Winter (aka Brandon Bethancourt) appeared, and the presence of the ladies in the male dominated room became apparent. But past the fact that Alaska’s frontman looks good in fur, his artful performances are exactly that– performance art. Details such as the removal of a tie in his video orchestra to Brandon’s real time clothing removal on stage showcase some crossdisciplinary skills. Put him in a glass box and this boy could make it at P.S. 1 any day.

We caught up with Bethancourt about tex mex, deep space, and crashing at Zach Condon’s place before the show. Check out the interview, as well as some AIW wardrobe changes, after the jump…

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Senior Citizens On Animal Collective: "It's As Bad As 'Rocket Man'"

They review Young Jeezy first, then move on to “My Girls” about two minutes in.

Hat tip to Stereogum.