Its World Water Day

charity: water’s latest promo video features the well-drilling work they fund in the forgotten Central African Republic. It was directed by Simon Willows, with “Time Bomb” donated by Beck.

The Great Greenpoint Mac Off Today

We’ll be getting our fill of Greenpoint’s bestest Mac n’ Cheese today starting at 4p.m. at Red Star bar. Chefs are giving out free samples at each bar along the route, which starts at Red Star and leads to TBD for the voting and “celebrity judging” around 8.
Red Star > The Habitat > The Mark Bar > t.b.d. Brooklyn


The Daily Footprint 03/21/09

Free Poems, Bedford Ave

Inside The New Facebook Layout

Graffiti: Bringing Cops and Street Artists Together, for One Night at least

Whether you call it street art or vandalism, graffiti has become synonymous with life in New York City and at its root is a form that’s as American as Jazz. For those that do it, words like “love” and “addiction” describe the act, fulfilling any number of needs from being known and expressing personal style to political protest and membership in an exclusive community. Words like “damage” and “destruction” don’t seem to provide the driving motivation, unless of course you’re looking at the world through the eyes of a city cop. Theirs is a lens of black and white, where even if your name happens to be Yoshitomo Nara, if you don’t have permission and you’re caught, you’re going to spend some time down at central booking that night.
This difference of opinion took the spotlight at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn last night as personalities from both sides — artists Ket, Cope2, and Ellis G with former officers Rivera, Mona and Chiuli — came together in a temporary truce to discuss retired officer Joseph Rivera’s new book, “Vandal Squad: Inside the New York City Transit Police Department, 1984-2004.” And while the atmosphere was mostly one of mutual respect, there was still some underlying tension at play, prompting some great one liners and lively exchanges.

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Mean Old Barack Obama Makes Fun Of The Mentally Retarded On Leno

via HuffPo.
Ugh. This is probably why a sitting president has never tried this late night talk show business before. You let rip one unfortunate joke, and it’s all anyone will talk about. Seriously, who thought this appearance was a good idea? In a 40 minute interview on a comedy show, something off-color is bound to slip out, and that’ll be the clip that idiot media outlets like us will replay until the proverbial tape breaks. Retards.

Kool Keith & Tom Waits?

This is the strangest pairing since Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue. From the album Spirit of Apollo.
N.A.S.A. – Spacious Thoughts (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith) .

Dirty Car Art

While the majority of window art consists of hasty doodles of body parts or the played-out request to be washed, Scott Wade reshapes the dirt and grime that accumulates on car windows into works of art. Among his masterpieces include a portrait of Albert Einstein, the Mona Lisa, and kidnapped passengers screaming to be released.
See them all in the Dirty Car Art Gallery.