It's Mother Eeffin Friday!!!!!!

And we’re even more excited than this dude. [Via]

Late Nite Latin Jams

A month ago I came home on from a late Friday night at about 3 AM. I turned on my radio and began scanning the channels and found some of the best jams in NYC. La Mega 97.9FM is the big Latin pop station in New York, but at about 11 PM on weekends it turns into a balls-out electro dance party with DJ’s mixing live on the air. It rules. So I set up an interview with DJ Polito Jr. (whose name I only found out by hearing a sample of it blasted over the mix), who, with his partner DJ Bacan, runs La Mega Afterparty, Saturdays and Sundays 2-5AM. I sat down with him at the studio.

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A Night With Camera Obscura

Last night, The Mercury Lounge hosted the second sold out show on Camera Obscura’s new tour. Amongst fans, I could feel the excitement and anticipation throughout the crowd as we waited to hear songs from their new album My Maudlin Career releasing on April 21st.
The night opened with the talented violinist and vocalist Anni Rossi who played many pieces including an Ace of Base cover.
When Camera Obscura took stage more than half the crowd admitted to being present at the previous night’s show at The Bell House. As soon as the music began, the crowd started mouthing every lyric. Between songs, loyal fans demanded the band ‚”move to Brooklyn”, or expressed one’s individual adoration of the group… Encore granted! The love in the air was so evident that gifts were even exchanged between the crowd and the seven-person band. Along with the other females of the front, I received a peacock feather from Tracyanne Campbell herself. In return she received flowers and treats and was very gracious for the fans’ generosity.
The entire show was nothing but positive energy, friendly people, and smiles. I definitely recommend catching the next show on June 24th at Webster Hall.

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Snuggie Pub Crawl Locations Announced


The NYC Snuggie Pub Crawl (yea, we’re obsessed) announced their date and locations today. Hurry up and run over to your “Big, Bad Grandmas” calendar and put a big fat “X” on April 18th from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. It’s a Manhattan-only affair (lame!), so here’s where you Snuggie freaks will be headed:

1. The Village PourHouse – 64 Third Ave at 11th street
2. Side Bar -120 E 15th At Irving Pl
3. Kings Head -222 East 14th Street Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave
4. Bar None – 98 Third Ave Btwn 12th & 13th
5. Belmont – 117th East 15th street Btwn Park Ave and Irving Pl
6. Still – 192 Third Ave at 17th – 3-5pm
7. Plug Uglies – 257 3rd Ave Btwn 20th St & 21st St
8. Van Diemens – 383 Third Avenue at 27th street

For more info, visit Snuggie Pub Crawl New York. Please take pictures. Bonus points for Snuggie boners. Also, I just dibbed that band name.

Simon Evans, Living on "Island Time"

Evans_Symptoms of Loneliness.jpg
In artist Simon Evans‘ world, the stories that we tell ourselves are the most important part and often the only way that we can find meaning in where we’ve been, where we are and where we might wind up eventually. His appropriately named exhibit, ‚”Island Time,” showing at the James Cohan Gallery through April 4th, hints at the loneliness inherent in life when home becomes nothing but a reconstructed memory. We’re left searching for an allusive sense of belonging and purpose in an entirely new place and all we’ve got is a nearly endless succession of days ahead.

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Handsome Furs Spit Undead Zombie Juice, Climb Trees

The zombie trope is pretty well-worn at this point, but as far as I’m concerned, you can’t have too many music videos that put the undead front and center. “Thriller” it ain’t, but the Handsome Furs’ vid for “I’m Confused” is still weirdly fun. And check out Alexei Perry’s earrings!
Be warned though, this is a NSFW deal thanks to one very confused, very naked zombie.

Handsome Furs “I’m Confused” from Sarah Marcus on Vimeo.

Bacon Takedown

Last Sunday was The Great Greenpoint Mac-Off but coming up this Sunday we’re gonna do you one better (or your heart one worse depending on how you look at it).
It might be good enough to swing some of the Hasidim in town so don’t miss it.

New Department of Eagles Video: "No One Does It Like You"

The band premiered this last night at MoMA. It’s directed by directed by Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama. [via]

Speaking of which…. we’re LOVING the new Grizzly Bear. Here’s our favorite track.