Chairlift – Evident Utensil

Here, let Chairlift give your computer some video acid.

I tried to explain this over at BuzzFeed, but if you want a full “what the heck is going on here,” read through this thread at Metafilter. But long story short, think pixels, keyframes, and a strong dosage of LSD injected into one’s video compression units.
The band’s in town this weekend, playing at BAM tomorrow (w/ Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) at 8pm and 92Y Tribeca Sunday at 1pm.

Parks Officials Present Plans For McCarren Pool

From NY1:

The goal is to reopen the pool and provide a year-round recreation center, while preserving the existing landmark buildings and their unique archways.
“The brickwork is going to be replaced. It’ll be brick that matches exactly how it is now,” explained Martin Maher of the Parks Department.
The pool will not be as large as the original. Instead, it will be reconfigured to a U-shaped design accommodating 2,500 people. The middle will be a beach area in the summer and turn into an ice staking rink in the winter. Outdoor pavilions will be added on site to serve as changing stations.

Looks like what we already knew is now official. No more shows.

Valentine's Planning

Don’t fret about V-Day if you haven’t figured out what to do. Besides the Broken Hearts Ball, there’s plenty of other neighborhood action going on Friday/Saturday for lovers, singles, et al.
1. Celebrate Your Love at White Castle
Perhaps the most romantic option of all is doing dinner at the Graham Avenue White Castle. I did it last year, and let me tell you there is NOTHING classier than drinking Diet Coke out of a champagne flute and holding hands with your date among the fake flowers and helium balloons.
Make sure to call (718) 899-8404 ext. 311 and make your reservation, because this place does get busy.
2. Prix Fixe V-Day Dins at Nita Nita
If you aim higher than White Castle, this place is where it’s at. Forget burning a huge hole in your wallet and stressing about finding a good restaurant. Nita Nita on North 8th and Wythe is cozy, friendly, delicious, and the perfect choice.
3. Every 2nd Friday
The flyer above spells it out pretty clearly ‚Äì and while this might not be on Valentine’s Day proper, it’ll still be a nice distraction and a good way to get hammered and take advantage of some gallery openings. And perhaps a good old Friday the 13th one night stand?

4. The Habitat’s Singles Night on Valentines
Greenpointers Blog gave us the heads up that one of our fave bars in the neighborhood will be hosting a special evening for singles to commiserate and get tipsy at a discounted price. Sounds like a good plan, readers!
5. And as mentioned below, The Broken Hearts Ball

Using Apple To Sell Your Condo

So I saw this post on Brownstoner today, which mentions how Edge developer Jeff Levine keeps hinting at the possibility of an Apple store shacking up in their street-level retail space.

“There’s no deal,” Levine said, “But we are talking and they are interested.” He also mentioned that there was interest from some grocery stores.

Note to all prospective buyers: This is never going to happen. At least I don’t think so. What will end up happening, as Levine mentions, is some grocery store will sign that lease. And honestly, they’ll do just fine selling all varieties of Thai noodles, organically-grown veggies and craft beers to the newly relocated Richsters living upstairs. But as for this constant Apple talk? Edge is just aligning themselves with a cool, hip-sounding company like Apple to appeal to what’s left of the young, condo-buying bankers who wear Converses on the weekends.
In all honesty, that’s just too far to make people walk off the L train. It’s about half a mile! Have you ever walked half a mile for an iPod? No. You’ve walked half a mile with an iPod, and you would probably walk 500 more just to be the man who walks a thousand miles to fall down at Apple’s door. Please. That Salvation Army talk was more realistic.
Where oh where will Apple end up?

Artists: Last Call for Spring Solo Show Submissions at 3rd Ward

3rd wants you to know that you have until 11:59 pm TONIGHT to submit to their Spring Solo Show Open Call…”YOUR chance for fame, fortune and an amazing Solo Show!”

This nationwide open call is open to artists working in all mediums – sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, illustration, installation, graphic design, video, and more!
The Selected Artist will recieve:
• $1,000 cash grant
• 2-page spread in our quarterly publication
• 1-month residency at 3rd Ward with FULL facility access
‚Ä¢ A solo exhibition in 3rd Ward’s gallery, complete with a massive opening reception
• City-wide exposure – postcards, flyers, press!
Judges: Janet Ozzard, Editor at New York Magazine, Liz Dimmitt, Curator at Gawker Artists and Jarrett Gregory, Curator at the New Museum.

It’s all brought to you by the fine folks at Gawker Artists.

The Broken Hearts Ball

This sounds right up our alley and the guest DJ (we won’t spoil the surprise) is one of our favorites. From MyOpenBar

Join us for the soulful, fuzzy garage pop of Golden Triangle (11pm), Liquor Store‘s out-of-control punk jams (midnight), and a late night soul and rock n’ roll dance party with New York Night Train’s Mr. Jonathan Toubin (1am) and Brenda Brand. It’s old-school; it’s Bed-Stuy; it’s Tip-Top. With an unannounced nighttime menu and surprise guests. RSVP here for $5 entry. Capacity is 100.

Thom Yorke and Paul McCartney Dancing Naked?

Now here’s a mysterious tidbit from Diplo’s twitter feed:

@TheFatJew u still out? Im gonna die.. Thom york and dangermous were danin with paul mccartney naked

Yes, so that would be Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Danger Mouse, aka Brian Joseph Burton, who last night got naked at a Grammy afterparty and found themselves dancing with the former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. Fucking A the Grammys are one crazy night, right Diplo? I hope they didn’t think this was one of those “what happens at the Grammys, stays at the Grammys” kinda things…
Good find, lisa.

This Is Guaranteed To Make You Sick

Somehow, we have a little less sympathy for the Times’ financial burdens after reading this story they crassly decided to print. You Try to Live on 500K in This Town. [Thanks Jeff]