The Spirit of Apollo – Out Tomorrow

It’s taken five years to complete, but the collaboration between Squeak E. Clean ad DJ Zegon, and their friends, friends of friends and musical heroes has arrived. Dozens of musicians have collaborated for N.A.S.A.‘s The Spirit of Apollo which hits record stores tomorrow, and features guests like David Byrne, Seu Jorge, Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santogold, and Nick Zinner, Tom Waits, and Lykke Li (and A LOT, LOT more).
Here’s the trailer, which should give you an excellent idea of what to expect:

Cheap Whiskey & A Broken Heart

Deer Tick at the Bowery
I’ve got to say this was the perfect prelude to another New York Valentine’s day. By that I mean, happiness is a boy who sings about heartbreak and sweet sweet love in the middle of an urban jungle of delights that is this city. That said, I will try my hardest not to be a cynic on this wonderful/depressing day- but I’m not making any promises.
Brooklyn’s The Wait opened the night with a Creedence Clearwater meets The Ramones ditty. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- I’m loving the whole long haired 70s thing going on with the boys these days. Pure yummy. I got a chance to talk to singer/guitarist Joseph after the show. Turns out he’s my regular bartender at Clem’s who I couldn’t recognize while holding a guitar. So stop in and have a cocktail, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a serenade.
Next was a band from Boston. I, well, I was busy taking whiskey shots which I swore off a few weeks ago- so yeah, they were from Boston.
And the whiskey, just the better to hear you with Mr. Tick. Setting the mood for the lonely with favorites like ‘Little White Lies’, the spirit was lifted when John J. McCauley exclaimed to the crowd that if you came with someone special it was time to sneak your hand in their back pocket for ‘Spend the Night’. Highlight of the night was definitely the crowd sing-a-long of ‘Ashamed’, with a somber closing encore of ‘Christ Jesus’ coming in a close second. You said it Chris Pollack, ‘it was all a dream’.
Now, I’m off to enjoy my Ballantines…
by Nicole Wasilewicz

The Daily Footprint 02/13/09

Love Saves the Day

Treasure Hunting for Valentines

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Steph Goralnick, a freelance graphic designer, cleverly hid 22 Valentine’s Day packets around Williamsburg and it’s up to you to get out there and find them!

i designed a set of valentines, woohoo! i was going to put them up for sale online, but then decided that since the economy is in a state of such deep suckage i would spread the love and give them all away for free in order to ensure that people have a little something to give to their friends, enemies, lovers, moms, coworkers, neighbors, secret crushes or total strangers on the subway.
i have scattered 22 packets of cards around town, all hidden within plain sight. if you’d like to go hunting for some, you can use this handy map to guide you. let me know if you find one!

Alright love pirates. Use this heart-shaped Google treasure map, and hurry, they’re being picked up by the hour!
(via Gothamist)

WAGMAG Benefit Saturday

If you’ve ever been gallery hopping around Brooklyn, I’m sure you found that WAGMAG was your easy handy guide. To ensure this Williamsburg staple continues to provide you the most up-to-date information and reviews of the Brooklyn art scene, Front Room Gallery will be hosting a benefit on Saturday. While the event is free, tickets for the raffle will run about 200 a piece. Fortunately, everyone is guaranteed a piece of art.
Lists of participating artists and galleries are below. Front Room Gallery is located at 147 Roebling Street.
Works by:
Amanda Alic, Glen Baldridge, Rachel Beach, Carla Berger, Shawn Bishop Leo, John Bjerklie, Cynthia Blum, Tyra Bombetto, John Breiner, Ken Butler,Victoria Calabro, Sarah Ching-Yu Sun, Vincent Como, Ethan Crenson, Gregory Curry, Rosie Cutler, Peggy Cyphers, Chris Dam, Lisa Dilillo, Robert Egert, Mark Esper, Ben Evans, Peter Fox, Jason Glasser, Howard Gross, Eric Guzman, Meghan Hayes, Sean Hemmerle, Ingrid Hertfelder, Amy Hill, Mary Hrbacek, Sarah Hubbs, Jude Hughes, Peter Krebs, Yuliya Lanina, Brian Leo, Stephen Maine, Karen Marston, Mark Masyga, Nesta Mayo, Shane McAdams, Jackie Meier, Mark Millroy, Jeanne Mischo, Loren Munk, Aaron Namenwirth, Jacob Ouilette, Don Pablo Pedro, William Powhida, Ellen Rand, Ross Racine, Ron Ritcher, Dorothy Robinson, Todd Rosenbaum, Tom Rosenthal, Emily Roz, Sante Scardillo, Ray Sell, Skewville, Jeremy Slater, Patricia Smith, Deborah V. Spiroff, Rodger Stevens, STO, Mary Anne Strandell, Gwenn Thomas, James Turek, Chris Twomey, Joanne Ungar, Kathleen Vance, Don Voisine, David Welles, Alun Williams, Oliver Zabel, Daniel Zeller and more…
From the Galleries:
440 Gallery, A.M. Richard, AdHoc, Art 101, ArtMoving, Leo Kesting, Ch’i, Cinders, Dam Stuhltrager, English Kills, Figureworks, Front Room, Fuse Works, Janet Kurnatowski, Galerie OPEN, Grace, Hogar Collection, HQ, Jack the Pelican, Klaus Von Nichtssagend , Like the Spice, Lumenhouse, McCaig-Welles, Momenta, Nurture Art, Open Source, Parker’s Box, Pierogi, Pocket Utopia, Slate, Stripeman, Vertexlist, and more

Marnie Stern Has A Potty Mouth

Which makes us love her even more. Here she is doing her version of The Aristocrats:

FOTC sings "Friends" at The Gutter

Flight of the Conchords shot their video for “Friends” at W’burg’s special little bowling alley, The Gutter. A source there says, “They were drinking Fisherman’s Brew, and they were great.” Neat.
Williamsburg is Dead totes spotted it. Watch the little ditty here:

This May Be The Cutest Thing We've Ever Seen