Who Is Poster Boy?

In his first interview since his arrest, Poster Boy talks to New York Press about what Poster Boy means as a movement.
Choice Q&A:

NYP: You said you liked comic books as a kid. If Poster Boy were a superhero, what would he look like?
PB: Oh man, I think automatically, V for Vendetta stuff or like Batman.

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The Daily Footprint 02/17/09

Metropolitan Ave

The Hipster Move

This could come in handy. [via Divine Caroline]

Brooklyn, New Zealand

Brooklyn, NZ sounds familiar…
From Wikipedia: ‚”a friendly and vibrant village atmosphere [citation needed] which has attracted many young families whilst retaining its identity as older suburb with timber villas and varied architecture.”
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Free White Castle Burgers

Well, it is a recession: 60 Free White Castle Burgers! (Bed Stuy)
Choice quote:

“Because of the nasty-ass grease they cook the burgers in, the bottoms of the cases are soggy with onion griddle juice. Aside from that, they are in mint condition.”

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Takeshi Murata Talk at EAI Tonight

Takeshi Murata has been heralded as a video innovator by allowing for errors and glitches to transform the aesthetics of his work. Tonight, Murata will be speaking and screening his new work at EAI, another innovative art and technology organization dedicated to the preservation of media arts.
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We're Looking for Bloggers

We’re looking for bloggers who *ideally* live in the neighborhood to cover local events, pop culture, and all other things not related to Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan. Experience with MovableType and Photoshop are definitely a plus. Clips are helpful. Write us at mail[at]freewilliamsburg[dot]com.

Obama Dislocates Shoulder Reaching Across the Aisle

Robert Lanham has a new article posted over on The Huffington Post:

“With all due respect to the president, he shouldn’t have his arms and feet blocking the aisle,” said Boehner, who sustained minor injuries. “Everyone knows he’s lanky.”
“If you ask me,” Boehner continued, “this liberal concept of reaching across the aisle is dangerous. We need to keep those aisles clear. What if there was a fire and people needed a clear passage to the exits? We need to refocus our energies on tax cuts, not liberal spending and aisle-reaching.” […]
This wasn’t Obama’s first aisle-related mishap. Last week, his administration faced a major setback when New Hampshire Republican, Sen. Judd Gregg, announced that he would be withdrawing his nomination as Commerce secretary. Citing “irresolvable conflicts,” Gregg insisted that Obama needs to reach out further if post-partisanship is to be achieved.
There are simply no aisles in the Oval Office” explained Gregg on Meet the Press. “And, unfortunately, that’s where the president and I conducted most of our business. He did reach across his desk once or twice to shake my hand, but we were essentially standing right next to each other,” said Gregg. Like a growing number of GOP lawmakers, Gregg has criticized the president’s efforts at post-partisanship as inflated rhetoric.
“When he reached over to me across the desk, his arm was bent at the elbow,” said Gregg with obvious irritation. “If Obama really respected my point of view, his arm would have been fully extended, preferably across some type of passageway separating opposing rows of chairs.”

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