Paul's Boutique Audio Commentary

Forget Nirvana. Paul’s Boutique was the real soundtrack of a generation. And now to commemorate its 20th anniversary, Adrock, MCA, and Mike D have finally released their own audio commentary. Finally, you can check them out waxing poetic on Chuck Woolery, throwing eggs, and chillin’ like Bob Dylan here. [Thanks Kevin]

Bizarre Supergroup Tinted Windows Shoots Bizarre Promo Video

Anyone going to SXSW? If so, PLEASE confirm that this act is for real.
The video below is an odd little promo for Tinted Windows, perhaps the oddest rock & roll supergroup in since… well, maybe ever. The lineup includes James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins, Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick, and–the coup de grace–Taylor Hanson. Of Hanson. Check this out:
Tinted Windows – Promo

And according to Stereogum, they’re playing SXSW on 3/20 at the Billboard Showcase @ Pangea in Austin, and have an album dropping in April. If you make it to Texas for their debut set, be sure to get me pictures. Otherwise, I’m not sure I’ll believe this whole thing isn’t some sort of awesome joke.
Tinted Windows press release after the jump:

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"That Is Me, Uh, On The Twitter Page"

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Banksy Wuz Here

Looks like I just missed Banksy in the bathroom at Life Cafe 983 last night. Damn.

Good Shoes, Good Music. Period.

Noah @ MHoW
Since we’re all praying for warmer weather, Ferraby Lionheart & Noah and the Whale, sans Laura Marling, brought some country fair charm to Music Hall of Williamsburg last night. Makes me wanna put on a summer dress and walk around barefoot in the park– which is sad, as my window says its starting to snow. Seriously though, more of this please. Two bands with fairly equal playing fields and that’s all. It screams show up on time, the opener is just as important, not to mention wonderfully whimsical.
After Ferraby’s melodies drifted up and away, the Noah boys, whose website looks straight off of Zissou’s Belafonte, took the stage. There were lots of new goods to be played, as they are in New York mixing their next record which just might be of the same name as the last song of the set, First Days of Spring. Let’s all thank Charlie Fink for sharing his broken heart charms, bassist “Urby Whale” for wearing those zebra print shoes, and to all the boys, although some may disagree, for not playing into one fan’s urge to be in a Saturn commercial.
I’ve been left with a serious longing for Spring, in more ways than one…
Noah, Whale-ing (tee hee)

The State of DIY: An Interview with Todd Brooks of the Pendu Organization

Record Tables at Eye and Ear
If you look at the life cycle of any ‘scene’–Hippies in San Francisco, Krautrock in Cologne, Punk in D.C.–their rise is always met with a climax. In the aftermath they usually remain vital. The media just chooses to turn their heads to something ‘newer’–to another corner of the country waiting to be excavated. I don’t mean to overly romanticize this phenomena. But, I think over the last decade New York (and Brooklyn in particular) has received its generous helping of attention and praise. At some point you stop and think: Has the the wave of creativity finally crested?
I would actually like to revise this notion that creativity might be turning its gaze away from New York. What has been so interesting in the rise of the blogosphere is the ability to continue the documentation process that in an earlier age would have been less available. The ability to do so provides for multiple areas of the country like Portland, Austin, Baltimore and New York to coexist and continue to inform each other.
This brings me to the Eye and Ear festival that I attended in December. The Eye and Ear Festival is a biannual New York-centric music and record festival that brings together some of New York’s most interesting talent (Zs, Ducktails, Cult of Youth and Symbols) with many of the labels (ESP, Wierd Records) that continue to support them.
Such a festival obviously is a huge undertaking for anyone; however, for Todd Brooks and his Pendu Organization, it is one part of his vision for nurturing young creativity. In the future, he hopes to encompass visual and writing mediums as well as music. The following interview touches upon his vision and is a testament to creativity thriving in Brooklyn.
How did you come up with the idea for the festival?
There are so many great labels in NY right now, and I wanted to help shine a light and make those labels more accessible to the public. Even before the recession hit, there has been a noticeable downturn in record sales with an upturn in music downloads.¬† We live in an age where great record reviews in blogs and magazines send people straight to P2P downloads rather than sending them straight to their local record store or mail-order.¬† I’m not against MP3’s or the internet by any means, I think both are a great way for people to learn about new music, but it separates the music from the entire experience. A lot of hard work goes into packaging of DIY records and tapes which are put together often literally by hand.¬† These unique objects are every bit a part of the music.¬† A record or tape is an object to be looked at as well as listened to, thus fitting the title for the festival: Eye & Ear.¬† The record fair is meant to highlight the physical part of the music in an overly-digitalized world of JPEGs and MP3s.

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Barberry Opens – Replaces Zipi Zape

image c/o Grub Street
We’ve got the menu and more information here. Let us know what you think. From Shecky’s:

Chef Diego Gonzales is no newcomer to 152 Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg: he was the chef at the location’s former Spanish restaurant Zipi Zape and will be taking the helm at its newest reincarnation, Barberry (which, despite the images of tartan its name may conjure, serves Mediterranean food). Signature dishes include grilled sardines, fris√©e salad with honey-roasted walnuts, and chocolate soufl√©e–although the typical burgers, sandwiches, and steaks are also on the menu. Most importantly, the full bar is well-stocked enough to keep customers coming back.

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

I checked out the scene at Glasslands last night for Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. Let me just start by saying that seeing some of the fashion elite bouncing around in their 5 inch heels at this venue was thoroughly entertaining. I showed up late, flats in tow, at the fault of currently going through Brooklyn roommate search hell– which reminds me, if you want to live in a beautiful Bushwick loft, holler at this girl.
Anyway, fabulous host Arthur Arbit kicked off the night introducing the ‘Burg friendly models of Mandate of Heaven. Although an hour late, designer/model Carissa Ackerman’s grandma chic meets scandalous onesies tickled the fancy of the patient crowd. Much to my delight, I guess, I somehow managed to position myself in perfect viewing of lots ‘o sexy buns.
Next up was Nettie Tiso featuring super sleek Racecar! for men and flirty Nettie for women. Her lines seemed to race by (pun unintentional) after Mandate’s never ending hot bod parade. But a short line is what you get when everything is hand sewn. Serious good stuff.
Trisha McBride & Papusza Couture put on an unorthodox show, but isn’t that the point of hosting a fashion party at a warehouse by the East River?
Check out Day 2 of the show tonight at Glasslands– starting at 8:30pm (hopefully). See the likes of Treehouse Brooklyn’s Sirius*, Sodafine’s Erin Wekerle, and Arbit’s own King Gurvy. Oh, and Celebration is gonna be there too! 8 Bucks at the Door, y’all!
More photos after the jump…

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