Williamsburg More Diverse Than We Realized

From our mailbag:
Hey guys, my rottie met a pig yesterday at mccarren park. I talked to the owner of the pig. Apparently he lives in an apartment.

Chili Takedown Results & Aftermath

photos by angela cranford
We got beefed up at the insanely packed Chili Takedown at Union Pool yesterday, and seriously folks, there was some good eatin’ in that sardine can. Matt did a pretty good job of managing the herd, which saw over 35 chili chefs serve up their best medleys. My personal favorite was full of gamey meats like Quail, Boar and the like, but the surging crowd, and the judges, chose otherwise. Here are the official results:

The Judges’ Choice:
1. Katie Feola and Anne Garrett’s – #11 Pam Brown White Chili (It was stage left. And delicious.)
2. Nick Suarez – #7 ‚”If You Like it Then You Shoulda’ Put a Ring on it” Chili
3. Theo Peck – #18 ‚”Whoremel”
The People’s Choice:
1. Theo Peck – won $100 bucks, was set up stage right and had homemade sausage in it. Also won last month’s s’MACdown with this mac n’ cheese recipe.
2. Steve Cash
3. Nick Suarez

Next month, chef’s turn their focus to bacon for the Bacon Takedown. We’ll add the info when we get it.
More coverage here and here.
More pics after the jump….

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Hey America: This is why you're fat!

There’s a new tumblr, “where dreams become heart attacks,” to show just why you’re so fat, America.
Visit THISISWHYYOU’REFAT and submit your own!

Spotted: Frooz

Meet your neighborhood beer maiden serving your favorite German beers while working on her film career.

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The Random Beauty of "25 Random Things"

FREEwilliamsburg founder Robert Lanham has a cover story on the “25 Random Things” trend. Consider it a backlash against the backlash:

I was in the middle of typing up my “25 Random Things About Me” list on Facebook when a funny thing happened. I hit clear and decided to abandon the whole time-wasting endeavor. I’d made it through what I intended to be my sole entry before coming to my senses:
1. I like certain books and films and things that taste good. Also, kittens. Thanks for including me in this important social experiment. Now, please stop tagging me. KEEP READING

Blank Dogs, Woods, Wavves, Nodzzz Tonight and Sunday

Last night a great bill played Market Hotel. You’re in luck because almost the exact same lineup will be playing tonight at Less Artists More Condos and Sunday with Barnard’s WBAR.
My personal faves Woods are worth the trek to any of these shows. But if you care about the hype factor, word on the street is Wavves is about to blow up big time.
:: Blank Dogs
:::: Woods
:::::: Wavves ———- http://myspace.com/wavves
:::::::: Nodzzz ——— http://myspace.com/nodzzz
:::::::::: Gary War
132 West 3rd St @ 6th Ave | Greenwich Village, Manhattan
BDFVACE-West 4th St, 1-Christopher St | 8pm | all ages | $10
| MYSPACE |– http://myspace.com/lessartistsmorecondos
====| SUNDAY 2/8 –| 2PM |– @ UNDERGROUND LOUNGE |====
|| Blank Dogs
|||| Woods
|||||| Wavves ———- http://myspace.com/wavves
|||||||| Nodzzz ——— http://myspace.com/nodzzz
955 West End Ave @ 107th St | Morningside Heights, Manhattan
1-110th St, B/C-110th St | –| 2PM |– | $donation | all ages

Chili Takedown at U. Pool Sunday

Above picture by Flickr user brooklyn.native, taken at last August’s Chili Takedown at Union Pool.
The most important chili tasting event in the history of the past few months is going down this Sunday at Union Pool, where 30 competitors will gather to have their chili judged by Williamsburg is Dead‘s Keith Wagstaff and TONY‘s Gabriella Gershenson for Matt Timms’ Chili Takedown. Prepare to marvel at the variety of special ingredients – from buffalo to beer to chocolate to sewer rats (if yer lucky!) – as the judges name the top chili and the audience names it. Top chili makers win $100 and prizes “in the form of cookware and cookbooks.”
More info at The Feedbag.
Minor, minor disclosure: My chili will be there, fists swingin’.

Casting Young Creative Types and Professionals

And they’re paying $200. Info after the jump

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