Spotted: Rob Bryn

Spotted is another new feature we’re adding to Free Williamsburg this year. It will be a neighborhood snapshot of familiar, interesting, inspiring, head turning peeps that you live amongst but may not know enough about.
You may recognize our first Spotted feature as your neighborhood shoe dealer. He’s the one with the friendly smile who’s always complimenting the shoes you walked in with and doesn’t forget a face.

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One More Week!

Well, give or take a day.

Meanwhile, Bush says this was his most stressful moment as president:

Asked by People magazine what moments from the last eight years he revisited most often, W. talked passionately about the pitch he threw out at the World Series in 2001: ‚”I never felt that anxious any other time during my presidency, curiously enough.”

The Daily Footprint 01/11/09

Bedford Ave and North 8th

Guten Nacht!!!!!

John Roberts is my second favorite DJ, my first being the Pantha Du Prince. They both coincidentally happen to be on the best microhouse label Dial records–although John is a transplant New Yorker living in Berlin. Tonight you get to experience him with another fellow Berliner and Berghain (this place rules) resident DJ Marcel Dettman at Public Assembly.
I know it’s cold but you won’t regret it.

Growing Up Star Wars

Though we’ve given up hope that people will ever stop obsessing over this glorified kid’s movie, we have to admit this Flickr pool is pretty damn cute.

The Real World Brooklyn

If you can stomach it, here’s a clip from MTV’s The Real World Brooklyn, which is being filmed in Redhook.

From Gothamist:

So what did locals think of the cast invading their neighborhoods? Perhaps transgender Katelynn (who despite hating us is one of the more interesting “characters” on the show) sums it up best on her LiveJournal, nostalgically recalling: “all those disgusting hipsters in Williamsburg who would run up to the camera and tell us how much we suck.” She continues, pitting MTV versus Hipsters (who to side with?!): “Riiight, because we’re the reason the borough is experiencing wide-spread gentrification. Or maybe after the show airs all those shallow hipsters will move in, because, y’know, they haven’t been doing that for the past decade.”

The Daily Footprint 01/08/09

Saturday's Finest

We’re back to the grind, and many of us have been drooling since Monday for the weekend to get here already. Dammit. My plan is to wallow in a soused state of TGIF-dom tomorrow, and then hit some live music on Saturday night. Here are three recommendations for shows on the 10th of January, 2009.
Daniel Martin Moore @ The Mercury Lounge
NPR describes him as ‚”optimistic folk,” and Metromix garners him with language like ‚”Austerity. Understatement. Obscurity. Honesty.” ‚Äì so expect a fine, charming night on Saturday at the Mercury Lounge with Daniel Martin Moore. Other acts playing Saturday include Great Lake Swimmers and Haley Bonar who also have that same sort of gentle twang. Meanwhile A Hawk and A Hacksaw will throw a more nomadic gypsy effect into the mix.
8 pm
$13 advance/$15 day of show
***This lineup (minus A Hawk and a Hacksaw) will also be playing tomorrow night at the Bell House, if that fits your schedule better!
Hot Lava @ Death By Audio
Hot Lava, Mixel Pixel, Hologram, Math the Band, and Hey Willpower will all be jammed into Death By Audio starting at 8 pm. It will be a sweet indie-popper fiesta, so sneak your best flask of whiskey into your girlfriend’s purse and come along.
8 pm
Jacob Jiles - Jacob Jiles, National Underground NYC.jpg
Jacob Jiles @ The Delancey
Brooklyn-based Jacob Jiles plays ‚”indie soul,” which a new genre to me, but it’s still nice and mellow and grownup-sounding music. Also playing are ENDI, The Royal Wylds, and The Ravages – who are definitely NOT indie soul.
7 pm