The Ballad of Agent Pubit

An Anonymous Scientology h8r stormed the Church of Scientology’s NYC headquarters covered in Vaseline, his friends’ toe clippings and a handful of their pubic hair. Seriously. Watch the video, and use the lyrics below to sing along:

The Ballad of Agent Pubit:
Brave agent pubit, agent pubit was very brave
Watch ye friends and ye shall see that he will win the day
Deep underground with stone and trains, vasoline was applied
We handed him pubes, so many pubes so, he may complete his guise
The path to victory and win, paved with pubes accumulated
from the anonymous horde they came to him, fail he could not afford
the various pubes they stuck to him from the vasoline he put on before
Brave agent pubit came up from underground
Covered in vasoline and pubes, he emerged proud
40 degrees in the streets, the streets
heres where we got the call,
agent pubit the brave, was on his way, free of delays and stalls
verily he traveled on his way, the brave the brave the quick
to the church of scientology to tell them to suck his dick
the many they stared afraid they were for a thing they have not seen
slippery and covered in pubic hair was the way it had to be
Meanwhile back at our the base the attack had already begun
Prank calls and our various faxes would ensure the battle was won
A dozen proud preceded him serving to distract
Incessant and vicious our calls they were, offensive and horrible our fax
BRAVE agent pubit, he was about to arrive
At the church of scientology, his target could not hide
Touch everyone and everything once he runs inside
Pubes on their hands as they go to grab the gross slippery pube covered guy
Brave agent pubit, agent pubit ran away
He knocked over shit and he got our pubes all over the place
He touched three guys and they found out, how slippery one man could be
He spread confusion and our dickhair, with his touch of vasoline
His mission complete it may seem, but there was more
Three blocks away awaited another scientology org
The buildings two he strikes at thee, as he has once before
The CLO headquarters did not know what they had in store
Radioed in we attacked our target number two
Let the enemies know that with them, anonymous was not through
Off the hook their phones rang as we directed our second push
Agent pubit will soon come their way and deliver upon them some bush
Brave agent pubit, safely got away
Scientology we strike at thee because youre fucking gay
Your buildings both we hath spread, our agent covered in pubes
Remember this day we have delivered operation slickpubes

Found via Gothamist, more links on BuzzFeed.

New Video: Juiceboxxx – Thunder Jam #5

I’m really digging Juiceboxxx this morning…he’s an awesome 21-year old rapper out of Milwaukee who’s really loved by the Germans, for somewhat obvious reasons that become clearer once you listen to a few of his tracks.
Check out Thunder Jam #5:

I’ll have more on him later on this month, but in case I don’t, just know he’s playing at Vanishing Point with Ninjasonik on February 28th.
via IHeartComix; Juiceboxxx on Myspace

Fill In The Blank…(A Poem in the Form of a Multiple Choice Question)

When I think of Vice’s Blank Issue, I …
A. Want to make a comment on their blog and tell them what I think 😉
B. Use it to plot revenge on my ex on the internerd
C. Rush write away, make a profile, forget about it until February 14th. Then, I finish it and collect the glory and the money!
D. All of the above in order of emotion

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Interview with JPN Founder Byron Kalet

Last Month, the Journal of Popular Noise released its Winter/Fall edition for 2008, featuring Pwrfl Power, Linda & Ron’s Dad and Climax Golden Twins. Equal parts periodical, record and art d’objet, the Journal of Popular Noise is an intelligent take on music as a historical document–especially as music’s physicality and aesthetic appears to be fading.
Byron Kalet, JPN’s founder and editor, was kind enough to answer a few questions about the history of the publication, and its plans for expansion in the future.
What’s the mission of popular noise?
First and foremost, I wanted to challenge the conventions of how recorded sound is produced and consumed. When I started the JPN in 2007 things were really starting to come to a head with big labels freaking out about digital distribution. I thought that in light of those changes we needed to take a step back and really think about why someone would still want to buy a physical version of a record. I drew a lot of inspiration from magazines, because at that point they were looking a lot stronger than CD sales, but of course now things are a bit different. So we might make some changes to accommodate that, I think its important not to get stuck in the conventions of ‘how things are done.’

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Crash Survivor Jeff Colajay

Here he is describing the crash as being “scary as shit

From YouTube:

This is the man / golfer who saved people on the downed plane (Flight 1549) He is the local hero from Ct who was on his way to his annual golf outing. his name is Jeff Colajay we believe. He put others lives before his own!

Hudson River Plane Crash

and this is why i fly jetblue out of jfk:
(ed: and before you get all whiney on me…ahem, bonnie, yes, i realize it was birds that did it. i’m just sayin’. jetblue rocks it. they totally have contracts with the birds to avoid these sorts of mishaps.)
for more pictures of the hudson river plane crash, check flickr, and eventually, gothamist.
credit: grego!
update: check out this picture, taken by janis krums’ mobile phone from a ferry. it looks like really poor us airways product placement on some old new york city postcard:
ok now for real, read the rest on gothamist, we’re not really here for nyc disaster coverage…unless of course MGMT bombs their next Music Hall show….as in plays bad music…as in…ok you get it.

3rd Ward Call for Entries

picture by brandonzwa
From the old tin mailbox:

3rd Ward Wants You! Our 2009 Spring Solo Show will award one amazing artist with fame, fortune and an incredible Solo Show! This nationwide open call is a hunt for one artist with a groundbreaking voice and a hunger for exposure. Gawker Artists joins us again as a sponsor and this Spring’s Judging Panel includes: Janet Ozzard, Editor at New York Magazine, Liz Dimmitt, Curator at Gawker Artists and Jarrett Gregory, Assistant Curator at the New Museum.
Artists working in all mediums are eligible – sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, illustration, installation, graphic design, video, and more!
Submit your best work now, here.

Deadline is February 11, 2009, so get crackin’. We’ll feature you if you win. Promise.
update: oh yea, also tonight, hand made music night! rsvp to [email protected] and drink free PBR while you create and listen to music with fellow geeks.

The Bedford Obama Celebrations in 3D

Carlton Bright, a “videographer with a sideline in stereoptical photography”, created the following 3D video, shot during the Bedford Avenue Obama celebrations at around 11:00pm on November 4th of last year. The trick is to look through it, like the way you would a Magic Eye book. If you do it right, you should basically see some 3D hipsters getting crazy for Obama.
If that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to you, click here for a more thorough explanation on viewing stereo-pair photographs.
Nice work, Carlton! You’ve successfully given some of these kids their only true sense of “depth”:

Via Voltage; and of course you remember this, and then sadly, this.