The Daily Footprint 1/20/09

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Here’s an unofficial video for Young Jeezy’s “My President is Black.” It’s simultaneously hilarious and yet inspiring considering the magnitude of today’s events:

Later, Chimpy McFlightsuit

From Huffpost

President Bush was given an Iraqi-journalist-style sendoff on his last full day in office Monday, as tourists and demonstrators lobbed shoes, pumps, boots, sandals and Crocs from Pennsylvania Avenue onto the White House lawn.
Before launching the operation live, the shoe-chuckers took target practice in Dupont Circle on a 20-foot-tall blow up doll of the outgoing president, decked out in the flight suit he wore aboard the “Mission Accomplished” aircraft carrier.

The Daily Footprint 01/19/09

Getting Ready for the Day!

Spotted: Maggie Stevenson

This week’s Spotted feature works seven days a week, balancing her work as a young entrepreneur and a shop gal on your neighborhood block.

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The Week in Free Shit (The Swedish Edition)

With the New York economy in absolute shambles, I think it’s time we introduce a new weekly feature here to help you, the reader, get back on your feet. It’s called “The Week in Free Shit!”
Supported by the friendly folks on Craigslist, we’ll give you a round-up of the week’s freebies listed under Williamsburg and Bushwick’s “Free” section. This week, you’ll find a couple of Swedish rejections, a complete DIY beer kit and a curb alert for a very snuggly evening – VHS Westerns and firewood! Happy hunting!
Free wood and VHSs!! (Williamsburg)

Come to 255 Powers st at the corner of Judge and pick up a bunch of free wood. Mostly boards cut into different sized squares.. good for small projects.Also, there are some VHS tapes of old western shows

Are you Swedish and miss Aromat? (South Side Williamsburg)

My husband is Swedish and his mom sent him 2 packets (unopened obviously) of Aromat. We won’t eat it because it has MSG and we have reactions to it. If you miss the spice, you are welcome to have it. We didn’t want to throw them away.

One package of salty Swedish licorice available (Bushwick)

I bought 2 bags this summer because I really wanted to see what it would taste like, but ended up not liking it very much. It’s a brand called Gott & Blandat Salt, and comes in 3 or 4 different licorice-flavored shapes and one that’s meant to taste like a hot pepper. It’s a decent-sized bag, probably about the size that could be sold at a movie theater (an unlikely possibility, I know).

Beer Brew Equiptment (williamsburg)

Ingredients to make an awesome Porter: Malt, Chocolate Roasted Barley, Yeast, bottle caps, bottle capper thingy, other stuff included…Free.

Good luck! If you happen to score one of these treasured items, please take your photo with it and send it in. Because, you know, we care.

The Daily Footprint 01/16/09

Bedford and North 7th

Inflatable Sculpture

3rd Ward tonight…inflatable sculpture & free beer.
From My Open Bar:

Art, balloons, and art balloons are the stars of this one-night, 3000 square-foot exhibition. Like heaven, but in Bushwick.

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