Hard Nips @ Death By Audio on Tuesday

The Hard Nips are new all-girl Japanese rock band. Tuesday is their first show. Head down to Death by Audio to check out the mayhem.

Animal Collective's Bowery Show Now Online

NYCTaper posted both FLAC and mp3 versions of Animal Collective’s Tuesday night show at the Bowery Ballroom, here. (Their server is currently down “due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems,” so slow your role for a minute there, internet.)

We recorded this set from the ‚”sweet spot” on the floor with our mobile rig. Although the large ceilings created some muddiness in the sound, we feel that the hyper-directional microphones did some excellent work.

via Stereogum, which notes “the set was purposefully constructed, culminating in a raved up “Brother Sport” and a great Sung Tongs reinventing/Panda Bear “covering” encore.”
If You Were Scammed… at the Animal Collective Bowery Show
Animal Collective – My Girls

Saturday Night = Adventures in Music Listening

If you like adventurous music or want to try something a little different, you’re in luck. This Saturday proves to be a great night for experimental music. Conveniently, it’s all taking place in the L.E.S.
Early on at Club Midway will be the Psychic Ills record release party–pretty great if you haven’t checked it out yet. The opener Axolotl is definitely one to watch, having recently completed European tours with Kemialliset Ystavat, Mouthus and Animal Collective.
If you are still up for partying later in the night, check out the warm jams of Ducktails complimented by the more abstract and groove-laden vibes of Men and Women at the Cake Shop.

Barack and Michelle Obama do WHAT together?

[Thanks Jeff]

The Week In Free Shit (The Handjobs Edition)

Picture via idiotjenn
Heyyyy cheapskates. Want some freebies!? This week we found two ceramic kilns, some yummy Vegan cookies, and, while it’s not free, a street lady offered up a $2 “party”. This is a big improvement over last week’s Swede-fest 2009.

Two Ceramic Kilns for FREE (Greenpoint)
Ideal mate: you make a lot of pizza or a heck of a lot of pottery.
I remember you being $2 and I need your services once again. – m4w – 26 (greenpoint)
When someone asks if you want to party for $2, they’re talking about handjobs, aren’t they. What other kind of $2 parties are there? I mean, to get a freaking clown these days it costs upwards of $50 at least. And that’s probably a really shitty clown.
Oh! And this one’s in the Bronx, but who can argue with 200 hats?
Just take a quick subway up there to really work on your alt-fashion attire. And this isn’t just hats we’re talking about here either. Oohhhh no. There are visors too. Look what they wrote in their ad: “I have about 200 hats / sun visors.” That’s hats slash sun visors. It really doesn’t get much better than that, and for the price of nothing!?

Yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies and beer (Williamsburg)
And lastly, local musician Scott Alexander is playing at The Trash Bar (256 Grand St. at Roebling) Saturday night at 8, and to get you to come, he’s giving out free cookies! And seriously, they sound really, really good right now. This may or may not be an uber-pixelated version of Scott and his cookies:


So, happy hunting folks, and if anyone gets those visors, please, send me one. I’ll give you $2 for it.

Lafayette Bakery's "Drunken Negro Face" Cookies

Blatant racism notwithstanding, you’d think this inbred retard would figure out that this probably isn’t good for business. We’ll certainly be boycotting his Greenwich Village bakery. [hat tip Gothamist]

Nothing To Be Sorry About…

It’s motherfucking Friday! This should get you in the mood to celebrate the weekend in our new Bush-free era. The Easybeats’ “Sorry:”

Meanwhile, Bush’s cronies think Obama should be sorry for being so tough on the administration in his inaugural speech.

‚”There were a few sharp elbows that really rankled and I felt were not as magnanimous as the occasion called for,” Karen Hughes, a longtime Bush confidante, said in an interview. ‚”He really missed an opportunity to be as big as the occasion was and, frankly, as gracious as President Bush was as he left office.”
Dan Bartlett, another top adviser, used similar language. ‚”It was a missed opportunity to bring some of the president’s loyal supporters into the fold,” he said. Marc A. Thiessen, the chief White House speechwriter until this week, added: ‚”It was an ungracious inaugural. It was pretty clear he was taking shots.”

As far as we’re concerned, these two bile bags should be thankful Bush hasn’t received a public caning.

Animal Collective, “My Girls”

We’ve definitely been preoccupied with Animal Collective this month, whipping up posts here and there. And while I hate to be redundant, it’s also true that the fervor is well deserved. The group just released their spectacular Merriweather Post Pavilion on Tuesday, and now Domino Records has bestowed upon us the LP’s first music video, for ‚”My Girls.” Animal Collective always shell out inventive – albeit freaky – videos (see “Peacebone” or “Water Curses” if you need reassurance on that). ‚”My Girls” is no exception: