'Flow' DVD Giveaway

In case you missed that screening of Flow Monday night, the kind folks at Oscilloscope Pictures sent over two copies for us to giveaway. So, here we go. The first two emails I get saying “i want flow” wins! Ready, Set…….Flow!
update: that’s it! no mas! thanks for playing. we’ll see you next year.
Here’s the trailer of the film, now available on DVD in a store near you:

Christmas with Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards

Since everyone is sharing Christmas tracks on the music blogs, we thought we’d share our favorite naughty find: Kay Martin and the Bodyguards. AM, Then FM has three hilarious and oddly catchy songs from the 60’s diva available for download here. How can you not love a track called “Santa’s Doing the Horizontal Twist?!” As they point out, the tracks are from ‚”I Know What He Wants for Christmas (But I Don’t Know How to Wrap It),” which was released in 1962. It’s sadly out of print. If anyone knows where to find the rest of the record, let us know in comments. Christmas Yule Blog has some background on Kate here. And WFMU posted a few more Xmas tracks from Kay last year.
On another note, we’ve also been enjoying Bobby Roberts & His Orchestra’s – Holiday Music For Happy People. Christmas Yule blog has a clean vinyl rip available if you’re looking for some alternative holiday tunes. It’s guaranteed to please. If you know of any other nontraditional records available for download, let us know.

Damaged! #2


Top 10 Incredible Animal Videos

Wired has the full set posted here, but we especially enjoyed this one: Hamster eating popcorn on a piano.

Urban Rustic Updates Menus

photo c/o urbanrusticnyc.com
Our friends at Urban Rustic over on North 12th Street have recently updated their grocery delivery list, as well as some other menu info (like their delectable selection of sandwiches, smoothies, and breakfast treats!). Check out the details here, or stop in and see for yourself. Or, if you are lazy/terrified of the cold weather, then at least be sure to phone them up and order fresh food ASAP!
Urban Rustic is located at 236 North 12th Street. Delivery area is as follows:

Saved by the L: The New Class

A Message from the Brooklyn Tourism Board from jeff on Vimeo.
The Observer explains:

Jeff Rosenthal, co-founder of hip-hop comedy sketch site itsthereal.com, sent us an email this morning about the group’s new web video titled “Saved by the L: The New Class.” Reminds us of the Williamsburg: A Campus Guide we did this summer. It’s a “Message From the Brooklyn Tourism Board” featuring Williamsburg “hipsters” opining on how they “go hard” in Brooklyn, with the new Santogold/Jay-Z track “Brooklyn (Go Hard)” playing in the background.

(via ItsTheReal.com)

Where Williamsburgers Buy Their Shoes

via flickr user Tony Hanna
Shoe Mania, the just-off-the-L Union Square mega-store where everybody and their mother buys their shoes, might be shutting down due to fire code problems. A tipster wrote to Racked:

I was in Shoe Mania yesterday as I couldn’t miss their massive 50% off sale. I teased an employee about being overstocked and he admitted that the fire dept was shutting them down which lead to the huge sale. He didn’t say why but I’m assuming it was because of numerous violations. Just thought I would share.

(via Gothamist)

Tonight: Flow, presented by Jay Bakker

We’ve been meaning to see this:

Flow – A Film Screening: 8pm at the Lazy Catfish, 583 Lorimer St
door prizes, drink specials
$10 suggested donation