Matt & Kim Tour Dates

Matt & Kim are bundlin’ up for a chilly tour this winter, kicking off at the Music Hall o’ W’Burg on January 22nd. Then, they head up through Canada, Washington and Oregon, before trekking south through California, onwards through Texas, cross the mid-west, hit Terminal 5 in March, and wrap things up March 27th in Orlando, Fl.

Sparks Is Dead To All Of Us

While the sun has set over the hipster-gasoline beverage of choice, Sparks, there are a a number of ways around this minor little inconvenience. For starters, there’s cocaine. No, I’m joking. What I’m not joking about, however, is DIY Sparks! Waaaay cheaper than both cocaine and real Sparks.
See what you gotta do is grab a pack of Red Bulls. Then scurry out and get an armful of some cheap-ass 40 oz’s and do it yourself!
The basics are:
Step one: Buy the ingredients
Step two: Drink the 40 to the label, mix in the Red Bull.
Step three: Imbibe
Back in college we always preferred Country Club forties as the malt liquor of choice for this mixology, but I challenge you to try your own local flavors and let us know how they work out.
If you need more help on this very scientific experimentation, Let BuzzFeed show you the ways, and then watch their helpful and informational blind taste test below.

From The Attraction Forums: Wingman Needed

Some poor chap took to The Attraction Forums in his hunt for a Williamsburg-based wingman. For realz, y’all, he’s got a nice condo my McCarren Park with the sickest view! Do you know how awesome that condo is?! It’s a “great, non-threatening way to get girls from the bar, to my rooftop, to my apartment in a more comfortable setting.” However, his game is only “intermediate”, so if you’re a professional, or anything higher than an average lady-picker-upper, do not apply. Click through for the full personal, seen here:

Looking for Wingman in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Hey I’m 23 and have a nice condo by McCarren park with the sickest view of the Manhattan cityscape. It’s a great, non-threatening way to get girls from the bar, to my rooftop, to my apartment in a more comfortable setting. Email me at [retracted] if you live in the neighborhood and are down to start hitting up bars.
My game is intermediate. I’m 6’1, athletic and do well with girls but just broke up with my girlfriend and need to start meeting new hot girls soon.

Ladies, is this your ex-boyfriend?
via The Attraction Forums

Peter Gabriel & Hot Chip play "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa"

This is great. Also, cute that Peter Gabriel himself sings, “It Feels so unnatural, Peter Gabriel too / And it feels so unnatural, so sing your own name.” Lol!

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Hot Chip & Peter Gabriel
Via Music.olgy

Biker Clown

Taken by Clarissa Roudabush

Inside Peaches' Palace

The Selby met up with Williamsburg’s own little microcelebrity, Peaches Geldolf (her dad is Bob Geldolf), and took some photos of her and her roommates inside their apartment. Also, they did a cute little magic marker interview! That’s after the jump. But first, take in a few photos of their apartment, and play the “I think I know where that is!” game. Hint: I don’t think it’s the offices of PETA.
All pictures c/o The Selby; found via Gawker, which notes her favorite part of Brooklyn is “the Spanish gangsters at the bagel shop who hit on me.” Hey, me too!

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Christmas Comes Early! The Flight of the Conchords Season 2 Premiere:

Watch the larger, better quality version here.

D Day: Clowns To Take On Hasids

Picture via Flickr
The Williamsburg Bike Wars are coming to a head tomorrow morning when The Bicycle Clowns take to the streets at 8:30 for a defensive ride down Kent Avenue. I don’t think they’re headed that way to tell jokes. Here’s the release, via Gowanus Lounge:

Cyclists dressed as clowns will theatrically clear vehicles illegally parked in the bike lanes and educate residents about the benefits of city-wide bike lanes
When: Wednesday, December 17th, 8:30 to 10:00 AM; Where: 8:30 AM, starting at the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge; Route: South on the new Kent Ave bike lane, followed by a loop through
Williamsburg. **Exact location available by calling 917-494-8164
Brooklyn, NY (December 14, 2008) ‚Äî On Wednesday, December 17th, the Time’s Up! Bicycle Clowns will ride to defend the new bike lane and future greenway connector in Williamsburg. The Bicycle Clowns will also be kicking off their year-long ‚”Love Your Lanes” campaign to keep the focus on protecting and celebrating bike lanes.
A small but vocal group is spreading anti-bike sentiment in Brooklyn at a time when non-polluting transportation is on the rise in NYC and is recognized as essential to a sustainable future. Bike lane opponents, including some members of the Hasidic community who protest cyclists’ ‚”immodesty,” along with Council Members Diana Reyna and David Yassky and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, are trying to remove the newly installed Kent Street bike lane. Some opponents have even publicly
threatened to illegally block the bike lanes with their private-school buses, which will force cyclists into traffic to avoid crashing into the obstructing vehicle and risk being struck and even killed.
‚”An injury to one bike lane, is an injury to all bike lanes,” declares bike lane clown Benjamin Shepard. ‚”Enforced, protected bike lanes save cyclists lives, improve the landscape and make better use of public space for most of the community.”

Are you gonna be there? Please, send pictures!
Update: The Village Voice was there! Hooray! Here’s a picture, or visit indegrow on Flickr for a whole bunch more: