Sarah Silverman Goes On Jimmy Kimmel

Brooklyn Industries Sale

From tomorrow through Sunday, Brooklyn Industries is having a huge sale. According to Racked, it includes “Menswear, womenswear, and bags are up to 75% off‚Äîmeaning the average price is about $25.” Our closest location is 162 Bedford Ave. [Corner of N 8th].
Update: looks like this offer is only at the Broadway “pop up shop“. thanks patrick!

Extreme Right Wingers Begin To Lose Their Shit

Check out these morning zoo douchebags from Tampa. They went on the air yesterday in black face. Christ, change may be coming but it’s going to have to deal with the stupidity that’s already here (and destined to get louder). Thanks Rumproast.

Police Give Details On the Bedford Three

From the Times:

Police officers arrested three people, and issued summonses to five others, early Wednesday after a crowd of hundreds of people surged into the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to celebrate Barack Obama’s election as president of the United States, the police said.

He goes on to say they didn’t break any laws, and that most of the crowd was well behaved, but a few were getting rowdy. As for the abuse?

Mr. Browne said the officers behaved appropriately. He said the crowd included about 450 people and at times some in the crowd were acting raucous. People were drinking beer and some were apparently pouring beer from rooftops, he said. He said that most people complied with the officers’ orders, but a few did not. Five people were issued summonses for disorderly conduct, Mr. Browne said. Three others, who were not immediately identified, were arrested.

Some cops were hurt, too. I think this explains why the kinda snapped…

In addition, a duty captain at the scene suffered injuries to his face and head after being hit by a bottle and a police officer injured his back when he was pushed by crowds and fell down, Mr. Browne said. No arrests were made in connection with those two incidents.

Get the full story at City Room.

More Revelry On Bedford….

This time with boobies….

Crowd At St. Mark's Place Celebrates Victory

[hat tip Gothamist]

Sophocles Iraia Manasiadis Clement


Police Brutality On Bedford?

We didn’t witness any problems, but reports are rolling in about police brutality last night on Bedford. From our comments:

Things I witnessed:
– An officer striking the ground with his steel baton in an attempt to intimidate, breaking several glass bottles which sent shards everywhere.
– A photographer was slammed up against a trashcan, shattering his camera.
– A young girl curled in the fetal position was hit three times by an officer with a baton as her protesting boyfriend was dragged away.
– A man carrying his dog was cross-checked from behind by a cop’s baton, causing him to drop his dog.
That said, I saw exactly one bottle thrown. And was into a garbage truck as it drove by.
When I first saw the violence directed at civilians, I called 911 and filed an internal affairs investigation. The detective on the line asked me for badge numbers and I gave him as many as I could.

Let us know what you saw.
UPDATE: From YouTube: “Unfortunately my camera crapped itself and you can only see the edges but 4 cops are beating up some guy for apparently not clearing the road fast enough… you can HEAR whats happening even if you can’t see it.. and there were at least 11 other people filming so there will be other footage. the inexplicable way “Yes we can!” turns into “Yes we can be assholes”

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