KCDC Shoe Sale

Go get some sweet cheap kicks at KCDC this weekend.

Come through! Tons of shoes on sale starting @ $20. Vans, Es, Emerica, Etnies, Lakai, DVS, Vox. Also all womens clothing is 20% off. Tons of new stuff on the shelves as well.

KCDC‘s at 90 n. 11th street at wythe.

Ninjasonik – "Art School Girls"

Ninjasonik is awesome, but their new video is sort of not OK. I’ve found myself watching it on loop all day, wondering whether it’s funny or awful. Is Jah Jah being ironic? Is he finding irony ironic? Does he really like art school girls and their unkemp hair and their canvas stretching? Or is he mocking?
Such an enigma.

Get That F*cking Blog Outta My Face!

Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined you were a video camera being both verbally and physically abused by a police officer in riot gear? And when the cop said to “get out of my face”, you just didn’t want to because everything going on was just so exciting? Me too, so we’re in luck! Videogum posted that exact footage today, taken during the Obama-Bedford insanity of the other night. They humorously note, “If anything, this video proves it’s possible to yell and whine at the same time.”

via Videogum

Last Night of Hoodies, Wheelies & Movies Series

It’s only been a few weeks, but tonight’s your last chance to catch the Hoodies, Wheelies & Movies series, which wraps up with the late-80’s classic Rad. More info on Facebook.
From Gothamist:

Tonight our very own Billy Parker closes the curtains on his Hoodies, Wheelies & Movies series with a screening of Rad. The 1986 BMX movie might not be a must-see for some, but it’s a classic nonetheless (watch the original movie trailer here).

It’s at Cafe Grumpy in Greenpoint (192 Meserole Ave), and its free! Grab your favorite hoodie and check it out.


Lately I’ve become a huge fan of North Carolina’s Bowerbirds. The group plays a finespun blend of rural folk, with hints of gypsy and earthchild influences – and they should be on your radar as well! Here’s the video for ‚”In Our Talons,” which exemplifies their creepy yet gentle quality:

Eyebeam Mixer on Saturday

Nothing like an Eyebeam Mixer. There aren’t many parties where you will get served by a robot.
Image c/o Josh Granger
This time it will feature music from Roxy Cottontail, Judi Chicago, and DJ N-Ron. Art installations will include works by Benton-C Bainridge, Drayton Hiers, Christina Kral, Dan Ribaudo, Jeff Feddersen, Tetsu Kondo, Brian Whiton, JooYoon Paek, Chris Kaczmarek, Rob O’Neill, and Jon Cohrs.
More info. here.

Palin Didn't Know Africa Is A Continent

You Fat, Ugly Bitch (A Tribute to Cathy)

Bodega (1089 Broadway) is opening You Fat, Ugly Bitch: A Tribute to Cathy tonight, and should be a pretty hilarious/fun/depressing look into the heart of the lives of the average American woman.
From Vice:

Those sweat drops forever exploding from her anxious brow, the constant declarations of hysteria and defeat, an addiction to all things that signify desperation…what’s there not to love about Cathy except, oh, everything? Toast that annoying whiner tomorrow at Bodega’s artistic tribute to her awful existence.