Our Tiniest Victim

photo via nicholasian
Our popular little waterfront spot, East River State Park, is closing up shop for the winter “as part of Gov. Paterson’s sweeping budget cuts”, reports the Post. You’ve still got a few months to enjoy, but once the gates close in January there will be no fishing for oysters until springtime. More at NBCnewyork.

No Age at The Market Hotel

No Age
No Age ♥’s Bklyn, and the feeling is mutual. It was demonstrably clear at The Market Hotel on Monday night, as they rollicked through favorite material and held up their reputation as a fantastic live act. The duo seem to fit something much larger and abstract into the rubric of punk music, and their dissonance and feedback suited the venue and rowdy fans well. Exuberant people crowd surfed, moshed (haven’t used that term in a while!) and even snatched the band’s beers off the stage – ultimately ending their night quite sweaty and satisfied.
The opening bands included Soft Circle and Titus Andronicus, who contrasted each other a great deal. Soft Circle’s Hisham Bharooch (ex- Black Dice) is a one man psych/math rock/multi-instrumentist band. Utilizing looped beats, guttural vocals, and maniacal percussion skills, it’s safe to say that he left the audience thoroughly impressed.
A bit less brilliant were Titus Andronicus, whose desultory appeal and constant crowd interaction (‚”Let’s have fun! We’re having fun! It’s a good time to be alive! Rock ‘n’ roll!”) didn’t have the proper effect on the crowd ‚Äì and there was plenty of heckling to go around as a result. The group schizophrenically oscillated from influence to influence, with each song sounding fundamentally different from the next. One minute they recalled an indie garage outfit, then the band would alternate to a classic punk feel, and yet the next moment the group would churn out a penchant for roots rock ‘n’ roll. Not the most intuitive or captivating performance of the night, especially when they closed with a maladroit cover of “Where Eagles Dare.”
Soft Circle
Titus Andronicus
Photos c/o Mark Iantosca

The Gotcha Effect of Civil Unions

FREEwilliamsburg founder Robert Lanham is sounding off on Proposition 8 over at Huffington Post. Here’s a taste:

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Californians voted to overturn same-sex marriage. But it is disheartening that they’re getting all the blame. After all, by collectively rubber-stamping the Obama campaign’s “politically safe” pro-civil unions stance, democrats were inadvertent enablers.
Consider, for example how unfriendly the Obama camp was to same-sex couples during the Biden/Palin debate:
GWEN IFILL: Let’s try to avoid nuance, Senator. Do you support gay marriage?
BIDEN: No. Barack Obama nor I support redefining from a civil side what constitutes marriage…..
PALIN: Your question to him was whether he supported gay marriage and my answer is the same as his and it is that I do not.
IFILL: Wonderful. You agree. On that note, let’s move to foreign policy.
I don’t remember if Palin winked for effect, but I’m assuming she didn’t. She’d already knocked it out of the park. This could have been the “gotcha moment” the drooling, caddish pundits had so eagerly awaited. But since America long ago concluded that no candidate in his/her right mind could ever confess to supporting gay marriage, it failed to deliver. Instead, the “gotcha” intended for Biden came at the expense of same-sex couples striving for what the Constitution promises: equal rights.

Now, go read the whole damn thing.

Forget the G, Take the Saturday Scene Bus Downtown

The Heart of Brooklyn partnership, which includes cultural institutions like the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Brooklyn Museum, and Prospect Park Zoo is offering a “cultural bus route”, aimed at getting people from Williamsburg, Red Hook and Bay Ridge straight to Downtown Brooklyn. It’s one of three free shuttles around NYC that will feature an onboard tour guide throwing around loads of coupons meant to get your lazy ass to downtown Brooklyn, and no excuses!
NYPress has the info:

The Heart of Brooklyn (HOB) Connection includes three programs: Target First Saturdays Shuttle, Saturday Scene, and Museum Mile to Brooklyn Style. The Museum Mile to Brooklyn Style loops between two locations in Manhattan and a number of Brooklyn’s cultural destinations.
The Saturday Scene shuttle is free transportation from Williamsburg, Red Hook and Bay Ridge to Downtown Brooklyn. And the Target First Saturdays Shuttle brings passengers from the Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday event (the museum is free to visitors from 5 to 11 the first Saturday of each month) to local restaurants in the area. Check out the HOB Connection web site for times and routes.

For times and locations, visit the Heart of Brooklyn website.

Up The Empire Drummer Busted During Obama Street Party

photo by ryan muir, c/o brooklyn vegan
As it turns out, one of the arrestees from last Tuesday night’s Bedford & North 7th Obama street party was the drummer for the New York-based band Up The Empire. The Hartford Courant reports that he spent nearly 20 hours in jail, but doesn’t say under what charges. A spokesperson for the band issued the following response:

“An officer came up to Ben, telling him to get on the sidewalk – which he was only a foot from – and pushed him with his shield and then poked him with his billybat. He continued to push, yelling ‘Get on the sidewalk!’ even though, at this point, he was already on the sidewalk. He then pushed him into a giant pile of trash, knocking over my girlfriend in the process, and fell on top of him. Then a bunch of other cops dog-piled and rolled him into the street onto broken glass before handcuffing him and taking him away.”

The timing’s not so bad, really, if you’re a believer of the school of “All publicity is good publicity”, as the band is releasing a new four-song EP, “Loose Ends” next month.
Update: Gothamist got the word from Ben back on Thursday (the drummer) about his charges…sounds craptastic, as expected. I hope they end up dropping the misdemeanor and disorderlys too. Now you guys have to buy Loose Ends….

“Ben Lord (who is shown being arrested in one of the videos), tells us, “they tried pushing through a felony charge but it got dropped to a misdemeanor class A…plus three counts of disorderly conduct. They were going to let me out after about 4 hrs when I was just at the 94th, but then the cop came in complaining about his broken finger and I was put back in the cell.” And allegedly an arresting officer was heard saying: “Everyone’s just pissed because our taxes are going to go up” (one was even wearing a McCain/Palin shirt down in the precinct).”

Frida Hyv√∂nen…. LIVE!

Frida Hyv√∂nen is playing twice this week in NYC ‚Äì and both will be intimate sets, perfect for demonstrating her sound and talent. Hyv√∂nen is a Scandinavian pianist-vocalist sensation, and she’s been getting more and more attention of late with her new album (which hit stores last Tuesday).
Go check her out before she explodes into a nebula of fame and fortune!!!

c/o fridahyvonen.com
The dates are:
11/11 – Googie’s Lounge above the Living Room (154 Ludlow Street)

11/12 – Church of Sweden (5 East 48th Street between 5th and Madison Ave)

The November 2008 Movie Preview

by Dave Thomas
James Bond: Quantum of Solace
With the sudden departure of The Soloist, Fanboys and The Road from the roster, November just got a little less interesting, but I’m confident James Bond and Danny Boyle will help me forget.
Just Opened
Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott do the whole man-child learns values by mentoring actual children thing.
David Wain directs and co-writes with some of his State cohorts. Love The State. Haven’t been as impressed with State alums’ film work since (though I have yet to see Wet Hot American Summer…I know, I know). I will say this, however, the red band trailer is much funnier than the, um, green band trailer.
Oh, and Elizabeth Banks is officially in every movie coming out this year.
2nd frame of the much-higher profile Zack and Miri‘s gonna hurt and this week you’ve got Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson in Soul Men. $18mil.
The Madagascar animals go to the plain-y part of Africa instead of the jungle-y part.

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Moviehouse at 3rd Ward

Take a trip back a few weeks and relive the 18 days preceding our most recent election, Sunday night at 3rd Ward. This looks pretty cool.

We know the results of the election (and they couldn’t be better), but this month, Moviehouse invites you to take an intimate look at the people and communities that make up our Swing States in Red Blue Roadtrip. Moviehouse founder, Chris Henderson and Graham Meriwether travel through 12 swings states in the 18 days preceding the election, capturing portraits of 18 communities large and small, wealthy and impoverished, rural, and urban.
Then, Daniel Ross and Tom Vigliotta examine the decline of NYCs manufacturing industry in Uncertain Industry. Over the last 50 years manufacturing jobs in NYC have shrunk from 1 million to 100,000. The filmmakers explore what losing losing this vital source of jobs meant for New York City’s economy.
This free screening series, brings the very best in local filmmaking to 3rd Ward every 2nd Sunday. The evening begins with drinks, snacks and beats from VJ Clay Franklin and ends in a lively discussion with the filmmakers.

3rd Ward is at 195 Morgan Ave. Doors are at 7, films at 8, and its FREE! Booya for Sunday night movie nights.