Who's Your Daddy?

If you part your hair to the side and frequent Daddy’s, you might be a daddy. Read on…it’s from Craigslist:

So we hooked up about three weeks ago on a weeknight after we met at Daddy’s. I remember we both had work the next day. We talked for a while (about our jobs and the election) before moving along… I think we really had something. It may have been sex, because I’m pregnant. I thought you were very cute–average build and your hair was parted to one side. I remember you were really sweet and I hope you send me an email so we can do it again.

And by “do it again” she means get naked….or deposit your first of a lifetime of child payments. Somebody man up.
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An Open Letter to Hipsters

A possibly drunk blogger named “Brow” wrote an open letter to hipsters after visiting Williamsburg last weekend. He’s onto something that sounds very apocolyptic of hipster culture, and I think he hates you.

Hipsterdom, the very zenith of counterculturalsim was in danger, as all fads are, of trying to outdo itself, tripping itself up in its own quest and unraveling ultimately because of it. Up in Boston they are a stronger force in the population, less easily discernible, but the soul of the movement has a healthy froth here and what I heard of in New York stands to undermine everything.

And he goes on…

Everyone has exclusionary groups until they become imperialist. Think hard america, its time for the great ecumenical movement within art to cast these heathens out, for the sake of everyone else.

Read the whole thing, Brow.

The Song of the Count

If everyone in America has already seen this, we apologize for posting it. But we just discovered it and it made our morning. [Thanks Eric]

Wolf Parade at The Wellmont Theatre

Wolf Parade
I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad Wolf Parade show, since the band is one of those anomaly groups that just always sounds great. So we didn’t mind trekking onto NJ Transit to the newly reopened Wellmont Theatre in Montclair on Friday to see ’em. The venue wasn’t filled to capacity but it was still clogged with college students and other young peeps, giving it more the feel of a Wolf Parade show from 4-5 years ago (which made for a lovely night).
Canadian band Listening Party served as the openers, and their Animal Collective meets Rusted Root vibe was well received, if only by the very small crowd that had arrived to catch their 8 pm set. Their unique percussion section was especially intriguing, since it incorporated a trashcan, bucket, and maracas.

This isn’t the first time Wolf Parade has hit the NYC-area since the release of At Mount Zoomer in June. They’ve been touring consistently in 2008, and with members’ side projects (like Sunset Rubdown and Handsome Furs) factoring in extra live dates and obligations, it makes for a hefty schedule. But Friday’s was a stellar set regardless of any fatigue the band might have been experiencing. Even when some detritus from the ceiling fell directly onto keyboardist/singer Spencer Krug, the band took it in stride and burst right into ‚”Grounds For Divorce.” They were gracious to be playing in NJ for the first time, and for fans it was a welcomed change from their summer sets at a jam-packed Terminal 5.
Time will tell if The Bowery Presents’ new venture will be able to extend more music junkies away from the urban hipster vortex, but Friday night was awesome and we’re glad we checked it out.

Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade

Listening Party

These kids are fuckin’ rad!

Photos c/o Clarissa Roudabush

Prop 8 Protest Today, Meet at Houndstooth

There’s a Prop 8 protest today at 1:30 at city hall, and if you’re around Bedford the owner of Houndstooth is opening her doors as a meeting place before hand – like, now. It’s located at 485 Driggs Ave. between N.9th and N.10th streets just 3 blocks from the Bedford stop on the L.
The protest is by Marriage Equality NY, and is for Join the Impact, part of a 300-city, 1 million person strong protest..

Cops Ticketing Cyclists?

image c/o drunkandincharge
From a tipster

I was riding my bike over the Williamsburg bridge today and I cut across the sidewalk behind continental army plaza to get to the street. I was on the sidewalk for a stretch of about 10 feet and there were no pedestrians in sight. Suddenly, a cop across the street yelled at me to get off my bike and produce identification. He then proceeded to write me not just a ticket, but an actual court summons for riding my bike on the sidewalk. While he was getting my information, two other cops emerged and stopped more cyclists. With the gang activity we often hear about near the bridge, I was confused as to why cops were prioritizing bike infractions at an area that wasn’t particularly crowded, and I asked the officer about it. He actually apologized to me for writing the ticket (I didn’t even know this was a law), telling me he was just doing his job and that the officers were specifically instructed to target cyclists for several hours. “Everyone in this neighborhood has a bicycle, so we are starting to spend more energy on bicycle infractions. Expect to see more of this in the future and stay off the sidewalks.” Whatever. I guess the city is broke, after all. So much for being green, and it seems awfully silly to target cyclists for riding on the sidewalk when they won’t even build us bike lanes

Assemblyman Joe Fights Back for ERSP

img via animalvegetable
A big THANK YOU to Assemblyman Joe Lentol (D‚ÄìWilliamsburg) who is “outraged” about the recent news that Paterson is closing East River State Park. He told the Brooklyn Paper recently that he “promised to fight to keep the tiny green space open ‚Äî especially considering that other parks upstate are facing less severe service reductions, like the cancellation of snow plowing.”
Everyone go email Joe and tell him thanks and good luck: lentolj@ assembly.state.ny.us, and to please work to make that happen. We have very little green space in Williamsburg, so every little bit counts.

Restaurant Opening: Santorini Grill

image c/o Gowanus Lounge, Bob Guskind
There’s a new Greek joint on Grand. More information and a menu in our restaurant section. Has anybody been? If so, let us know what you think in comments. For now, it’s cash only with no booze until December. As always, let us know if we’ve missed any recent bar or restaurant openings.