Craig Murphey Fundraiser Tonight at Hugs

From his friends and family:

A year ago we lost a true hero and friend, Craig Murphey. Some called him a son, many called him a friend and still others called him “that dude who’s been staying on my couch, you know they guy with the biggest smile and the smelliest feet?”
This Friday, October 11th, we celebrate his life and achievements as we hold a raffle and take donations for the NYC Coalition Against Hunger ( ‚Äì the Craig Murphey fellowship. Criag’s fellowship helps fight hunger in west Harlem and other neighborhoods by providing access to nutritious foods to underprivileged families.
Please come out and support our love for our dear friend. Let’s all raise a glass of vodka and Coke Zero and dance like its going out of style!

The fundraiser is at Hugs (106 North 6th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn) and starts at 9pm. Live music by Finger On The Pulse, Lauren Flax, Matty Royal, Eliz and DJ Wait Seriously. There’s no “cover”, per say, but if you have a heart bring some $ to donate to a great cause. Plus, you can win all kinds of awesome donated gifts from the community. That list is after the jump.

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Drunk Pumpkins are Funny

Check ’em out, add your own!

Obama's 90 Percent Ad

Obama’s campaign responded today to McCain’s assertion that he’s not President Bush. They had this one signed, sealed, and nearly delivered for a long time. Oh, and this “Joe the Plumber” you’re hearing about? He’s not even a plumber! He doesn’t even have a license to practice plumbing. Now the poor guy’s been dragged out onto the national stage by Gramps McCain and will have to deal with all this shit reporting on his private life, like what I’m doing right now by typing this.

New HBO Show Reignites My Awkward High School Feelings

HBO’s been executing a bum rush back into our hearts this fall, first with The Life and Times of Tim, and now, we’ve got wind of a new show coming November 9th called Summer Heights High. It’s shot like a mockumentary, as it follows three different high school personalities navigating the trials and tribulations of social cliques, bullying, stereotyping, profanity, racism, and homophobia in modern day high school. Based on what I’ve seen, it’s a really endearing and humorous account of life in high school in America (although it’s based in Australia…so?).
There’s Ja’mie King, a junior exchange student with a massive ego and sense of entitlement; Mr. G, a 30-something senior drama teacher with delusions of grandeur; and Jonah Takalua, a middle-school delinquent on the fast track to nowhere. And guess what! They’re all played by the same person, writer/creator Chris Lilley. I’ve embedded a clip for each character below the jump, but first, watch Jonah describe his bathroom grafitti, Dicktation. I’m gonna guess you’ll be seeing these in the bathrooms around town come December. Summer Heights High debuts Sunday, Nov. 9th at 10:30pm…meaning HBO’s thrown this in their coveted Sunday night slot, so, expect big things.

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Dillinger 4, the Ergs, the Measure Opened Danbro Studios – Pictures

Here are some pictures from last night’s show at the absolutely awesome Danbro Studios Warehouse, out in East Williamsburg Industrial Park (EWIP for short, from now on, cause that sucks to write). This venue is by far the coolest spot in Brooklyn to catch a show. It’s got vaulted ceilings, grimy floors, a huge outdoor spot to chill, and surprisingly in-place infrastructure (bathrooms, a bar, etc.)
Also, my shoes came back muddy but I could’ve sworn the place had a floor.
Pictures by
me and angela cranford

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Exclusive: Leaked Debate Footage From Tonight!

I managed to get my grubby hands on some leaked footage from tonight’s debate, and surprisingly, it all goes down in a rather organized manner. Consider this your FREEwilliamsburg debate preview. Check it out:

via BF

CMJ Preview, Part II

cmj confusee.png
As promised on Sunday, here is Part II of our CMJ preview. If you missed our picks for Tues, Weds, and Thurs of next week, you can click right here to see ’em. Friday and Saturday are going to be hot mess factories, so take a look-sie at what we think will be the best shows for the final two days of the music marathon.
Godspeed my children!
1. Panache Showcase @ The Knitting Factory, 8 pm — Monotonix, The Mae Shi, AIDS Wolf, DMBQ, The Apes, Akimbo, The Homosexuals, Shellshag, Catcall, Yip Yip, Sole, Aa, Fiasco, Screens
2. Sub Pop/Suicide Squeeze Showcase @ Pianos, 8:30 pm — Wolff, Pretty Good Dance Moves, Nickel Eye, The Ruby Suns, Oxford Collapse, sBACH, The Duchess & The Duke, Death Vessel, Cotton Jones
3. 7 pm @ Mercury Lounge — The Virgins, Eagle Seagull, Delta Spirit, Ambulance Ltd., Wild Light, Mother Mother, Other Lives
4. Social Registry Showcase @ Santos Party House, 8 pm — Gang Gang Dance, Growing, Psychic Ills, Slan Alice Group
5. Chouette Showcase @ Cake Shop, 1 pm — Phosphorescent, City Center, Castanets, King Darves, Endless Boogie, Julianna Barwick, Viking Moses, Virgin Forest, Donovan Quinn, Doug Paisley

1. Merge Records Showcase @ Mercury Lounge, 8 pm — Oakley Hall, The Rosebuds, The Broken West, Portastatic, Wye Oak, The Music Tapes
2. IheartComix CMJ Party @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, 8 pm — The Toxic Avenger, NinjaSonik, Heartsrevolution, Team Robespierre, Totally Michael, Shout Out Out Out Out, Designer Drugs, Juiceboxxx, Franki Chan, Lauren Flax
3. Crashin’ In/K9/Polyvinyl Party @ Public Assembly, 4 pm — Sky Larkin, PRE, Radio 4, Holy Hail, The Muslims, Shock Cinema, The Mae Shi, Cut Off Your Hands, Johnny Foreigner, The Uglysuit, Drink Up Butter Cup, Jean on Jean, Anni Rossi, Cale Parks, Frances
4. Oh My Rockness/Oya Festival Show @ Cake Shop, 6:45 pm — The XYZ Affair, Lukestar, Royal Bangs, Casiokids, The Uglysuit, Ingrid Olava
5. R5 Party @ Glasslands, 9 pm — Jay Reatard, Crystal Antlers, Amazing Baby, Women

Tonight – Debate Viewing at Nita Nita!


Our darling friends at Nita Nita will be showing the debate tonight on their projector screen at 9 pm sharp, and we recommend stopping by. Get there early for their terrific ‚”Bailout Package” Happy Hour, and drown your concerns with cheap food and drinks. WARNING: ‚”Bailout Package” prices are in effect 7 days a week for happy hour, and may become habit-forming.
Nita Nita is located on the corner of North 8th and Wythe…..