CMJ Bingo Cards: A Great Idea!

Clever Idolator came up with a rad little Bingo Card for CMJ, with boxes to mark like “Trip to Brooklyn”, “Meeting A Blogger” and “iPhone Blocking View”. If you actually do it, send it back to ’em for a can of Sparks! Yea! The rulez:

Print it out and bring it with you! The first person to send a Bingo to tipsATidolatorDOTcom wins a free can of Sparks. (It may or may not be empty.)

You’re looking at it below, but head over to Idolator for the full-sized version.

DC Hardcore Records Showcase

G’day folks!
Last night Crash Mansion hosted the DC Hardcore Records Showcase for CMJ, and the main draw was undeniably HR (he’s in a lil’ band called Bad Brains, for those of you who don’t know his solo stuff.) The ever-smiley musician came out on stage clad in a golden helmet and played songs from his new album. We also got to check out The Arms, Goes Cube, and Team Robespierre before mister HR hit the stage, and before we scampered into the night…… here are some pictures:

Team Robespierre

Goes Cube

The Arms

Photos c/o Mark Iantosca

Last Night's Brooklyn Vegan Showcase

We checked out the sold-out Brooklyn Vegan showcase at the Music Hall of Williamsburg last night, and it was a fantastic way to kick things off. I was a little late coming in, catching the last notes of Ponytail’s set. Kate from Idolator has a whole review up of everything up to that point, when she left because “i was exhausted (it’s midterms, people!), my lower back hurt, and the club was starting to get unbearably stuffy”.
Kate, you freaking missed Passion Pit! I love ’em, they’re a fun group with some hot beats and an awesome frontman in Michael Angelakos, who sings kinda like Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale, in a weird happy hipster kinda way. They’re based out Boston, with three keyboardists, one of whom doubles up with a guitar, then backed by a bassist and drummer.
I recommend you check them out this week if you get the chance, though go for a later show unless you expect dancing crowds at afternoon shows. Quiet Color lists their remaining shows at CMJ, and also notes “They’re pretty impressive so the show onslaught was inevitable. But this has all the makings of a Brooklyn blow up due to over hype. It’s still crazy that their music originally materialized as a musical Valentine’s day gift from Michael Angelakos to his girlfriend.” I did not know that. How passionate! Also, the singing DJ was pretty cool, although the crowd wasn’t really jamming out quite yet when I bailed outta there and retreated home. Maybe they warmed up? Check out these images of Passion Pit, and one of Ponytail by photographer georgia.kral on Flickr.

Hey dude can I use your bathroom…

2008_10_Bedford Catch.jpg
Are you looking for an apartment in the heart of Williamsburg for New Jersey prices? Then look no further, because for $550 you can live one block from North 6th and Bedford! Just don’t raise a fuss about living in someone’s windowless kitchenless basement bathroom. But hey, look at the upside, utilities are included! Curbed notes, “It is a short trip to the toilet if you need to hurl after a long night at Supreme Trading, and if it’s projectile and your aim is good, you might not even have to get out of bed.” Looks like the original Craiglist post was removed.

Are Those Donkeys?!

Either Sarah is as dumb as a pile of hockey pucks or she’s sending us a message to vote for Obama. We’re guessing the former. (Image c/o Stumper)

Wednesday Night – Chief Records Party w/Open Bar

If you’re planning on staying up late tonight, it would be a great idea to check out the show at Pianos starting after the stroke of midnight. We’ll be there dancing and drinking with superb DJs like Mudertronics and DJ Dirty Finger. Yea, yea, we know there’s a Vice Party tonight, but puh-lease this will be better! Seri.
158 Ludlow
12 am-4 am

Todd P Announces CMJ-Week Plans

img via flickr
Todd P & Dan O are hosting their very own mini-fest during CMJ-week, and it’s arguably the best line-up in all the city. And guess what makes it better? It’s all free! Totally free of everything CMJ has come to stand for, like corporate sponsorships, VIP lists, and all those shenanigans. The shows begin everyday at 4 (starting tomorrow) at the Continental Army Plaza, right here in Williamsburg at S. 4th and Roebling. The announcement via Todd P:

so, for a variety of reasons I have been mum so far about my CMJ-week plans… well here goes:
ALL THIS WEEK! Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday afternoons in CONTINENTAL ARMY PLAZA – a 100% FREE & all ages miniature festival of great bands playing outside in the park, w/ no corporate sponsorships & no “vip” lists & no bullshit – just for the love of music!
The entire mini-fest was booked by Todd P & Dan O [ ] w/ muchas gracias to the NYC Parks Department!

Wednesday bands include (and these are just a few handpicked examples) Crystal Antlers, Ninjasonik, and Team Robespierre; Thursday hosts The Pharmacy, Die! Die! Die! and Aa; Friday he brings us That Ghost, The Muslims, Woods and other shows at Danbro and Market Hotel; Saturday during the day we’re back at the Continental Army Plaza with Vivian Girls, Ponytail, Fiasco, Awesome Color, and Knyfe Hyts; then Saturday night is the official PANACHE / TODD P NOT-CMJ PARTY.
Go to TODDPNYC.COM for the entire line-up. It’s incredible.

Tonight @ Crash Mansion, Tonight @ Rehab

These shows shall be epic —

<3 Elizabeth