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CMJ: Crystal is the new "Wolf"

This is so spot on, right? From Arts Beat:

‚”Who’s playing? Crystal something?”
‚”Crystal Antlers?”
‚”No. Crystal Castles?”
‚”No. I think it’s Crystal Stilts.”
‚”Yeah, Crystal Stilts. ‘Crystal’ is the new ‘wolf.'”

Check ’em.

Gothamist House in Dumbo

via gothamist: foliage in Prospect Park via hbomb1947’s flickr; Gothamist House flyer; The Bell House lounge by Sam Horine.
Gothamist would like to remind you that they’re pouring Bloody Mary juice all over their pickles today, or something like that, down at their CMJ Gothamist House, aka The Bell House, in Dumbo. Tomorrow…free beer! Open till 8 every day at 149 7th Street. In their own words:

It’s your daily reminder: Come on over to Gothamist House! We’re open and we’ve got delicious Bloody Mary’s (2 for 1!) being poured with McClure’s Pickles. Coming up next are sets by Reggie Watts, Fatula, Marnie Stern, Bad Veins and Twit the Humble Feather. There are still gift bags left as well, so come and get ’em! Tip for tomorrow: we’ll have free PBR all day long.

The only thing better than free beer is free music, and they’ve got that too! For More

Hoodies, Wheelies and Movies in Greenpoint

Billy Hot Chocolate is running a fantastic weekly movies series which has a hilarious premise, of which I wholly and unconditionally support. For the next three Fridays, including tomorrow, swing over to Cafe Grumpy (193 Meserole) in Greenpoint to catch Hoodies, Wheelies and Movies. There, you’ll be treated to movies where characters wear hoodies and ride bikes, straight up!
Last week we missed ET (f**k!), but tomorrow it’s The Goonies! Then, on Friday the 31st its Donnie Darko followed by Nov. 7th with Rad. For more info hit up Billy Hot Chocolate at [email protected], or simply visit the event’s facebook page.

Impressions from CMJ Day Two

Chairlift @ Fader Fort
Starfucker @ Crash Mansion
Yesterday marked Day Two of CMJ, and we did a lot of skipping around to different venues and showcases, starting off with Starfucker at Crash Mansion. The Oregon-based trio played for a small crowd at about 4 pm with infectious synth-pop that’s bound to catch on in the next year, so keep your ears peeled. We also got to check out Look Mexico who shined a bit less brightly than our new obsession, Starfucker.
Next on the list was the Fader party, set up in a gallery space off The Bowery. Chairlift played a brief and mellow set, building up to the other bands on hand (The Muslims, Crystal Stilts.) All I have to say about that whole affair is Blagh. We were instructed to leave our waterpark/hospital patient-esque Fader/Levi’s wristbands on for the next 3 days to (A) ensure re-entry to each day’s sets, which DO have amazing lineups, but will still be annoyingly crowded and with shitty sound (B) advertise for Fader/Levi’s. So we took the wristbands off afterwards. No ‘effin way.
After that, it was time to hit The Annex for the Bring on The Brits showcase, where people were clearly wasted (even at 8 pm the scent of Soco-breath lingered in the air.) Virgin Passages started off with a tepid reception to their male/female fronted indie-shoegaze amalgamated sound. Nothing new to report there….. and nothing new to report on Radio Luxembourg, who played cutesy yet ultra-rudimentary Britpop. As for Dirty Fuzz (‚”Rock’n’Roll’s not deeeadddd!!! Woooooooh!!!”) RIYL Duffy, Macy Gray, or other mom-rock/soul.
Everyone knew the main draw of the evening was Friendly Fires, who pulled through and managed to put on a great performance. Considering the teenie stage at The Annex results in severe space constraints for an active, dancing, thrashing band like Friendly Fires, the group still spazzed around and suited the soused and packed crowd quite well.
Phew, see you at Day Three –
À demain, mes chéries!
Look Mexico @ Crash Mansion
Radio Luxembourg @ The Annex
Friendly Fires @ The Annex
Free SoCo = Madness
Dirty Fuzz @ The Annex
Photos c/o Mark Iantosca and Clarissa Roudabush

Dead Herring Craft Fair on Sunday

Craft fairs were my mother’s favorites and now they’re definitely becoming mine. This Sunday marks the first ever Dead Herring craft fair. So, if you are in the market for something handmade, this might be your best bet.
If you want to RSVP, check it out here.

Myopenbar Presents: The Muslims, Women, Vivian Girls, LiveFastDie

Tonight at Don Pedro’s there will be free SoCo and a slew of awesome bands! RSVP HERE.
According to the Myopenbar people:
“Ceci n’est pas une CMJ party. That means you don’t need a badge, Frenchie. In fact, please don’t come if you’re wearing that hokey shit around your neck, because this party’s basically in the projects, and wearing that thing is like wearing a sign that says, “I’m a douchebag ‚Äì mug me!”….
Consider yourselves warned!
The fun starts at 9 pm, $5 cover, Don Pedro’s is located at 90 Manhattan Ave (near the Lorimer J stop/Montrose L stop)

Zach Galifianiakis & Jason Schwartzman in Park Slope

FREEwilliamsburg not-contributor and not-real-life-friend-but-we-wish-he-was comedian Zach Galifianiakis and Jason Schwartzman were seen filming in Fort Greene today for a new HBO show, Bored to Death. From Filming in Brooklyn:

Mr. Schwartzman arrived on the set, and hung out while the final preparations were being made to start filming (in the first picture, he’s chatting with director Alan Taylor). In the picture, to Jason Schwartzman’s left is Zach Galifianakis, who has a long conversation with Jason in the scene about to be shot