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This people are so creepy, it’s hard to watch. [Thanks Rumproast]

iPhone Users Get Free WiFi

If you’ve got an iPhone, Apple just announced that you can now get free WiFi in like, every Starbucks and McDonald’s in the city. What they forgot to mention, is the majority of our coffee houses offer free WiFi anyways, so, suck it AT&T!
More info at MacRumors

EVE meets ADAM on Halloween

I told you about this back in September: Rogue Taxidermist To Unveil E.V.E. on Halloween. Friday, Halloween night, 7pm sharp. It’s free, and there will be beers littered throughout the animal parts!

Guggenheim is Shiny and Clean

The Guggenheim is finally free of all the crappy scaffolding and now you can see the Frank Lloyd Wright building in all its glory. Better yet, admission is free tomorrow. 🙂 So if you are in the mood to get your art on, head on up to Museum Mile. Current shows include theanyspacewhatever, Catherine Opie, Rauschenberg Memorial, and Jenny Holzer’s light projections on the building–I think it’s only viewable at night.
Image c/o BlurA14
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Good Porning, New York

To the woman playing hard-core iPod porn on the L train this morning, thank you for such an entertaining journey under the East River. Seriously folks, from approximately Lorimer St. to 3rd Avenue, this woman was playing some serious, butt-humping porn and yelling at her iPod, giving some twisted commentary that could be heard from both sides of the train. “Oh, here we go, here we go, THERE YOU GO, GET IT, GET IT, OHhhhhhh Damn, let’s get a close-up, zoom in, wake up New York check this shit out, close-up New York City!!!”.
Passenger reactions varied. The woman closest to this iPod looked like she was about to throw up. Next to her, a 17-year old kid pretended to read his book, but he was really just staring over the pages, watching some 9-incher pound its way through the L-train walls. Behind me, some dude egged the whole thing on, and it made it all the more hilarious. “Thank you for playing that right now”, he said with a laugh. She loved the encouragement, and at one point offered to act it out, even starting to straddle the dude next to her. And then, just like that, the scene ended. We hit 3rd avenue, and our friend announced, “That’s it! Show’s over New York!”, packed her iPod away, and things returned to their normal, sleepy bubble a few yards under Manhattan.
I wish I had taken a picture to share with y’all. But then again, I’m glad I didn’t. That poor, mid-level executive standing behind that glistening bare-ass would’ve seen herself later today in an e-mail from co-workers, and she would’ve cried. And now, now I can go get my coffee.

Weekend At McCainy's

David Ogilvy Is Rolling Over In His Grave

We haven’t seen anything this terrible/hilarious since the One Bank ballad hit the internets. A tribute to David Ogilvy:

MTV Music Launches

At MTVMusic, you can watch like, literally every music video ever. Great job, MTV networks! I’m actually really proud of you for not holding on to this treasure trove of music history. At the site, you can watch and embed all the clips in really high quality, thereby guaranteeing an afternoon of wasted walks down memory lane. Check it:

Update: Lisa thinks i’m a sell-out. Thoughts?