Did You Get Your Tickets Yet?!?!

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We’ll be dancing Friday night away at (where else!) The American Museum of Natural History. Why? Because it’s another night of One Step Beyond, the dance party in the Rose Center for Earth and Space that has hosted past DJ sets and performances from people like Simian Mobile Disco, Talib Kweli, Switch, and Kanye West.
Per the AMNH peeps:
‚”One Step Beyond returns on October 10 featuring Mattie Safer of The Rapture and DJ Mehdi, the French hip-hop and electro producer known for bridging the gap between dance music genres.”
Starts at 9 pm Friday, see you there!

Does CBS Stalk our Tipsters?

img c/o nymag
It seems the reader who wrote in yesterday about that vicious knife attack who really, really wanted to remain anonymous, is having a bit of trouble from CBS reporters. After she declined to be interviewed on camera, they went ahead and sent a news crew to her parents house anyways.
From her comment on our earlier post:

It’s probably just the painkillers making my thoughts a little jumbled but I really just wrote to the blog so that people in the neighborhood would be more aware than I was last Thursday night. I didn’t think ahead and realize that my statements would become fodder for the commenters. If I could do it again I wouldn’t have bothered writing to Brian.
Lee Kushnir from CBS is a monster and sent a news truck and reporter to my mother’s home on long island (I don’t know how she got the address) in an attempt to get some sort of statement. She is disgusting.

Hey, CBS, that’s so not cool. She wrote in to warn her fellow residents after a nasty mugging to be smart, which is great, but now she’s wishing that never happened. I can’t say I blame her.

McCain Be Old

Just in case you didn’t know how old he is…let a jelly donut explain the state of things.

The line, “Obama be Facebook, McCain be Friendster” is freaking beautiful. I tried to find my old Friendster page (I had one!), but it’s lost in the interwebs. Shame.

Department of Eagles

Department of Eagles‘ new album comes out today, and they played last night at The Bell House, so we figure it’s a great time to post a video of them and share their goodness. Some of you may be familiar already, especially because singer Daniel Rossen also happens to be in a lil’ band called Grizzly Bear. Listen, watch, enjoy:

video c/o 4AD Records

Burger, BBQ, We've Got the Best in New York!

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A quick congrats to Fette Sau (best BBQ) and Dumont Burger (best burger) for bringing some Zagat medals home. From NYDailyNews:

Fette Sau in Williamsburg, which earned 24 out of 30, offers the city’s best place “for pigging out” on barbecue, according to Zagat. “That’s nice, very cool,” said owner Joe Carroll, who opened the restaurant a year and half ago. The barbecue is so good, Carroll tells customers not to use a lot of sauce on his tasty meat – including such unusual offerings as pork belly, pig’s tail, lamb shank and tongue. The city’s best burger – served on a brioche bun with house-made pickles – was found nearby at DuMont, which also earned a 24 rating. “[That’s] nice but not surprising,” said James Garvey, manager of DuMont, which opened in Williamsburg seven years ago. “We’ve worked really hard.”

We’re proud of you 🙂

"The Most Awesome Story of the Day"….

…. even though we don’t condone violence either. Okay, in this case maybe we do.

Gowanus Lounge is Back

Beloved Brooklyn blog, Gowanus Lounge, is back after a brief hiatus. Yay!

Palin Knocked to the Edge

photo c/o brooklyn paper
Williamsburg’s Edge dipped its toes into the Palin pool last week, putting up a sign for Sarah Palin (and yuppies).

‚”Sarah Palin/Live here/See Wall Street,” read the sign, which was posted just before the vice presidential debate last week on the side of the Edge, a high-rise project going up on the waterfront at North Fifth Street.

via Brooklyn Paper