Duck, Duck, Goose at Grand Opening

Grand Opening, that crazy little nook of a spot in the LES that’s been home to a drive-in movie theater, a rentable ping-pong room, and a lower east side auction house, is pleased to present Duck, Duck, Goose, with work by Jordan Broadworth, Kevin Fey, and Rich Watts. Their work spans across a diverse web of artistic mediums, as “Fey pours and drips, Broadworth adds and subtracts, and Watts designs and constructs.” All three live and work in Brooklyn, holla.
So, g’head and stop by Grand Opening on your way out of the city tonight, b/t 6 and 8pm. It’s at 139 Norfolk Street in the LES, and will be Duck, Duck, Goosing today through October 25th. Coolest of all, the gallery is live streaming through Justin.TV as we type, so click play below to watch them set up the show! Then, click through the jump for some more samples of their work.
Watch live video from Grand Opening’s Channel on

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Youth Fight Scares Off Cops

img not a bit related to the story, but via flickr
There was a massive youth street battle yesterday right by the Williamsburg Bridge street entrance, that ended with some bloodied faces and frightened cops. A reader wrote in and said that while sitting at a traffic light just outside Ortis funeral home, they saw a bunch of kids (12-15) acting rowdy and yelling, while a funeral was going on! After expressing some disbelief between him and his girlfriend, things turned ugly.

The light turned green and we started to roll, when we heard yells and screams and kids starting running across the street into moving traffic while other kids where chasing them. Bottles were being thrown, innocent bystanders running away, we almost hit a kid with the car and almost got hit by a bottle. We got on the bridge and were home free, it was crazy, like being in the movie children of men. So I thought that was the last of it, but there is more to the story.

His brother, who was at St. Vincent’s ER for a broken finger, actually ended up talking with one of the kids involved in the fight. He came in with a bloodied face from a “bottle getting broken over his head”, and told his side of the story:

He said that he was an innocent bystander and was mistaken for one of the kids in the gang. He said that about 30 kids fought for like 10 minuets on the street, broken bottles flying everywhere. He said two cops showed up and all the kids starting throwing bottles at them and the cop RAN AWAY. He kept commenting on that, saying that it was crazy and he doesn’t understand that the cops ran away, and that it makes him scared. This blew my mind, what a horrible example the cops are setting, now these kids know that they can bully the shit out of them. I searched all morning for more info on the fight and couldn’t find anything, so I figured I should tell someone.

Great, NYPD, way to stick up for yourselves. You can tase a naked crazy person to death, but you can’t disperse a bunch of rowdy kids with bottles? It’s not like they were brandishing machetes or anything…

Williamsburg Artist R. Nicholas Kuszyk Gets His 5 Minutes (More Banksy)

img via gawker
When Gawker posted some paparazzi-style photos of a hooded man wearing glasses yesterday, they thought that maybe, just maybe, they finally nailed Banksy. In the post, they say, “David Steele Overholt took these pics of a hooded figure who seemed to be supervising a new rat mural on Houston St. yesterday. The guy denied being Banksy, but then walked away suspiciously. Possibly him?”. However, Banksy’s overseas, so the dude on film is just R. Nicholas Kuszyk, a Williamsburg artist! He wrote in to Gawker to clear things up.

the photo of the hooded person is not banksy. it’s me, r nicholas kuszyk, a williamsburg brooklyn based artist informally affiliated w banksy and colossal media. i was consulting the paint crew on behalf of banksy who was too busy to oversee the entire process. this might sound like shameless self promoton (the name of the game) but at least i had the foresight, well banksy and i had the foresight, to plan on wearing something that covered my face yesterday in the case of people like david noseypants photog acting all paparazzi.

Self-promotion deserved. Check out his website, RROBOTS, and below the jump enjoy a few pictures of his non-Banksy art (hint: its still awesome).

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Banksy's The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill

Image c/o Wooster Collective
If you find yourself meandering through Greenwich Village (89 Seventh Avenue South to be exact) and stop to look at a pet store filled with very animated animatronic pets and chicken nugget creatures, you’re looking at the latest Banksy piece to hit the streets…you should see it before it closes on October 31st.
Hat Tip: NYT
UPDATE: We got a “Hot Dog Mallow” candy treat, compliments of the Banksy crew. Expiration date: 4/15/08. Picture, after the jump.

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Prince is Coming!

Holy crap you have 20 minutes to enter to win tickets to “a very small capacity show. We’re talking INTIMATE. Like, 250 – 300 people intimate” featuring mother-f*cking PRINCE! Go go go go go and bring me as your +1 if you win!

When? Friday, October 10th.
Location: Wish I could tell you, but as of yet I have no clue.

Link: Prince
via: BV

The Wild Frontier of Sports: Dodgeball

Good Magazine‘s new video series, The Wild Frontier of Sports, spotlights the McCarren Park Kickball games. Michael Phelps even makes a cameo! Check it out
I’d embed it, but its just too big for our narrow blog aisles. (Good, give me customization options, damnit!)
UPDATE: Good is great! Here’s the video, customized to fit FREEwilliamsburg (w/ description):

Anyone who remembers childhood as a time of innocence and joy was never on the wrong side of a dodgeball. If you ever packed a few extra pounds in grade school, chances are the specters of those stinging rubber balls haunt you to this day. But for the past three summers, young Brooklynites have been turning up at McCarren Park Pool to re-brand dodgeball as a sport where ex-bullies and fat kids can come together over a beer or six and have some good clean fun. We take you into the fray in our new video series: The Wild Frontier of Sports.

Ask Dr. Jay: Sex Headaches

img via jane
Hey Dr. Jay,
This is kind of an awkward question. Here’s some backstory. I was with a girl at a party and she was giving me a handjob, and about halfway through I got this really bad headache in the back of my head. I let her finish because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but it got worse as she continued. I took some Tylenol and let it go away. A couple days later, I was jerking off and the same thing happened. I haven’t done it since and I’m wondering if this is a big deal and i need to go to a doctor. I don’t live with my dad and obviously telling my mom about such events would be really awkward…and since id need her to go to the doctor(insurance), I’d rather not bring it up unless it could seriously be a problem. Hope you can answer this and not think its a joke or anything. Thanks!

I can definitely understand your concern. Only a small minority of people really enjoy severe pain and orgasms together as one. Most of us, however, like things to be all pleasant when stuff like orgasms happen. Horrible headaches when she’s one-armed skiing on ya would definitely cause some concern. And thank you for asking me this kind of question. It’s tough being out there all alone without easy access to someone who can help.
So…it sounds like you had the infamous sex headache. Contrary to what you may think, you’re not alone – about 1% of all people experience a sex headache at some point in their life. It could have also been a simple neck muscle spasm that feels like a bad headache in the back of your head. Things tend to get tense in these situations and it’s easy to pull some muscles. You should definitely see a doctor, especially since it sounds like it’s affecting your sex life and it was your first time having such a headache. You could simply tell your mom that you’ve just been having a lot of headaches lately. You don’t have to go into all the steamy details. If she needs to go with you, just ask her to step out of the room for a bit while you talk to your doctor privately. You’re plenty old enough to ask your mom for a little privacy. If you’d like, come see us at Hello Health on Berry between N 7th and 8th. We’re in the neighborhood and we’d be happy to help you sort this out.
To write your own question to Dr. Jay, send an email to [email protected]!

Maverick Myths

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