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P.S.1’s Autumn Harvest, September 30th 2008

Public Farm 1 c/o P.S.1
Anyone who had a chance to make it out to P.S.1 this summer had to stop and be amazed at the monolithic future of urban farming aka Public Farm 1. Equal parts art/architecture installation and urban garden, Public Farm 1 was created by WORK Architecture Company as part of MoMA and P.S.1’s Young Architects Program. The project was unveiled in June and the unique structure was used to grow numerous plants, vegetables, and herbs.
Since autumn is now officially here, P.S.1 will celebrate the fruits of P.F.1’s labor with an Autumn Harvest on Sept. 30th. It’s open to the public with a limited number of tickets. Of course, there will be hors d’oeuvres served but even better will be the musical stylings of David Bruno. And if you can’t make it out, they’re streaming the show on their Art Radio broadcast here.

New Releases We Lurve

1. Passion Pit – Chunk of Change
Picture 3.png
Chances are you’ve heard the hoopla surrounding this Massachusetts outfit, but we can’t say enough how ridiculously catchy this EP is, with its art school pop/synth/psych/ amalgamated sound. Everyone should be pumped that Frenchkiss Records has finally released it (a.k.a. you can find it on iTunes, yayyy for us lazy peeps!). Also, go see them tomorrow night at Bowery.
2. Death Vessel – Nothing is Precious Enough for Us
Picture 5.png
Death Vessel picks up where Will Oldham or early-Bright Eyes leaves off, with an unelaborate country twang and an eclectic rotation of band members. But if you think Conor Oberst is a bit femme, just wait until you hear DV’s lead singer Joel Thibodeau ‚Äì he sounds like a damn purdy lady. Regardless, shimmering songs like ‚”Circa” and ‚”Jitterakadie” will especially win you over.
3. Calexico – Carried to Dust
Picture 4.png
You know when an album kicks off with a song about Chilean revolutionary musician Victor Jara, it’s going to be deep. Especially when it’s an album by Calexico, who time and time again weave together indie rock with Latin American instrumentation and lyrical sensibilities. Carried To Dust continues the group’s interdisciplinary approach, and is equally haunting, experiential, and exciting.

Mugison at Union Pool

Mugison, c/o Mark Iantosca
Allow me to operate on a clich√© for a moment, and tell you that Mugison is the next big thing to come out of Iceland, a country with a reputation for extremes and unique musical acts. In accord, Mugison’s MO incorporates booming instrumentation and howling vocals contrasted with an equal proportion of minimalist and humble ballads ‚Äì and seeing him pull it off live is fantastic.
The evening kicked off with openers Bellman Barker, a DC-based 5-piece who played a universally familiar indie rock/pop set. Meanwhile, Trophy Scars transitioned into a more dominant, esoteric realm. Your average Union Pool-goer’s palette is likely less accustomed to their sound, and the audience’s eardrums were left ringing after an intense and dynamic set of tracks off their new record Bad Luck.
He’s often referred to as a one-man band routine, but last night Mugison had help from his sidekick David √û√≥r on the keyboard, and it was an inebriated ole’ time for all. The duo swilled Presidente bottles and smilingly encouraged audience members to clap and stomp their feet to the more raucous numbers, including ‚”Jesus is a Good Name to Moan” and ‚”Sweetest Melody.” And yes, while he is indeed a rowdy motherfucker, Mugison has a soft side too. It was shining through when he played ‚”Deep Breathing,” with its electronic symphony and bells (even if he did ‚”forget the words” halfway through the track).
The set remained relatively short, regardless of how lively and entertaining it was. The elated audience in the small venue (which even included Mugi’s father-in-law) begged for a second encore, but alas, the requests weren’t fulfilled. This was rationalized succinctly by √û√≥r, who announced (as he rambunctiously removed his shirt upon exiting the stage) that it would be “more fun to drink” than to play an additional song. Drunken Scandinavians: 2 points, Drunken Hipsters: 1.
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Is Sarah Palin Qualified?

PBS wants to know… let them know what you think.
Current results: 51% think she’s qualified. WTF?! Welcome to idiocracy.

Rogue Taxidermist To Unveil E.V.E. on Halloween

In news from Animal, rogue taxidermist and creator of smelly, roadkill art Nate Hill has announced plans to unveil his entire E.V.E. creation on Halloween at The Silent Barn. E.V.E. is the female monster, pictured above, made entirely of dead animal parts sewn together. It’s the Ying to his already created Yang…. A.D.A.M (A Dead Animal Man — image after the jump).
I sat down with Nate Hill’s FAQ portion of his website and let him dictate a few questions and answers that I may or may not have had. From’s FAQ:

Why are you making E.V.E.?
I wish that I had artistic power that made people wet themselves. But right now, I think I’m just making you puke. But since I want these grand powers, I decided to idolize God because He made all this. Next logical step was to start making human beings.
Do you consider yourself a taxidermist?
Not really because I don’t use any of their tradtional techniques. What I do it quite crude. I use different unpreserved raw animal parts and sew them together. Then the finished product with something as big as E.V.E., is displayed in the open air, so it is not preserved in any way, though when stored in a 30 gallon tank of rubbing alcohol. In other words, my work smells.
What is it made out of?
It’s a work in progress, but since this weekend E.V.E. contains parts from buffalo, cat, coyote, dog, fish, guinea hen, lobster, octopus, ox, pig, rabbit, and squirrel. I know you’re saying, “Buffalo???” I got some buffalo ribs off ebay.
How is it made?
It is sewn together with needle and thread. I use leather needles and strong button grade thread and sometimes fishing line.
How long did it take?
About 6 months.
Will E.V.E. be shown again?
Since my shows involve raw dead animal parts sewn together on the ground, my shows are very rare for obvious reasons.

For more, visit Nate Hill’s website at, and head over to the Silent Barn this Halloween to see some stinky animal art. Click below the jump to view the not-for-long bachelor, A.D.A.M.
via Animal New York, more on

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The Brooklyn Kick Ball Promish Dance Party Thing

image via flickr
I got all dolled up last Friday and went to the Brooklyn Kick Ball at the Warsaw over in Greenpoint. It was a beautiful, starry-eyed night under the glowing Brooklyn moon where young kickballers dressed to the nines went to become men and women, first kisses were had, and pictures were taken to last a life time.
Except not really, the whole thing was an ironic Colt-45 free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup-laced glory fest set to music by the Beatards and all sorts of crazy people. It was a kickass kickball celebration to end the season. It was also like an 8th-grade dance with a heck of a lot more booze than my middle school allowed. Gawker and the NY Press were also there, and they have their reports home up today as well.
The NY Press described the dance more or less as a bunch of sloppy kisses, while Sheila @ Gawker just got blitzed in high heels along with the rest of us. Oh, and hats off to the NY Press, who chose some kind of old Microsoft Art graphic of someone kicking a ball for their story (called of course kickball.jpg). I guess the recession is hitting the newspaper industry more than we previously thought. That graphic is below the jump, because it’s just oh-so crappy I didn’t want to ruin my high-class story with it.

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Who's The Elitist?

[hat tip Buzzfeed and CommentCulture]