Palin Hates Polar Bears and Rainbows… Scared Of Cats

From The Raw Story

ABC News sent Lisa Fletcher to Wasilla, Alaska to speak to “the women who know her best.” Fletcher interviewed four of Palin’s closest friends, members of a group who jokingly call themselves “the Elite Six.” …
When asked to reveal something about Palin that no one knows, one woman offered, “She doesn’t care for cats very much,” and another chimed in, “Oh, yes, she’s afraid of my cat.” A third added, “She lives off of caffeine and chocolate.”
Although the women told Fletcher that they didn’t discuss politics much among themselves, one did venture that there were certain things Palin had done as governor that she didn’t agree with, including “the polar bear issue.” Palin has sued the federal government to stop the listing of polar bears as an endangered species

That’s right, she sued the government for the right to kill polar bears. WTF? Palin may claim to be all Christiany, but shes sounds more evil than the child catcher in Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang to us. And she’s afraid of cats. Who does that remind us of? Obviously, if we elect a VP who’s afraid of cats, then the terrorists win. Plus her own inner circle, the so-called “Elite Six” (arugula-eating elitists!) won’t even commit to voting for this bible-thumping, book-banning, Creationism-touting, flip-flopping, rapture ready moose killer. Video after the jump.

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Where Is Michel Gondry?

Michel Gondry is missing!!! At least that’s what someone wants you to believe, after they’ve taken to the streets to post messages of a lost Gondry (who recently moved into a house on Orient Ave. in East Williamsburg) all over town. Gothamist found a whole bunch of photos, Rex at Fimoculous saw one outside of Freemans in the LES, and the reports keep coming in. I saw the above message scrawled in red tape on North 6th by Bedford this weekend, on the plywood of the construction site across from Surf Bar. What’s going on?!
From Gothamist:

Unless Michel Gondry somehow went missing without it making the news, then this is either a marketing campaign, or some crazy fan trying to make contact with the director. Signs that have popped up in Manhattan (Gondry now lives in Brooklyn) state, “Have you seen French film maker Michel Gondry? Any infos please be kind and send email” (our email to the address has yet to get a response).

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New Anti-Obama 527 Plans Attack On "Hope" Theme

From HuffPost

Republican political strategists in California are setting up a new political organization which hopes to run television commercials undermining the central themes of Senator Obama’s presidential campaign while underscoring the strengths of his Republican opponent, Senator McCain of Arizona….
The organization’s slick Web site includes a 30-second video (click on “MEDIA”) that shows images of war and misery around the world as an announcer gravely warns of the dangers of putting America in untested hands.

Meanwhile, the Democrats sit back and do nothing as McCain/Palin continue to rise in the polls. Where are Obama’s tough ads about Palin’s lack of experience, her desire to ban books and teach Creationism in public schools, the Troopergate scandal, and her opposition to abortion even when a woman has been raped? Her views are way to the right of most Americans and she is inarguably a lightweight when it comes to foreign policy. Other than Canada, Palin has only been out of the country once in her entire life, for Chrissake.
And where are the ads showing McCain’s rejection of the GI Bill and his endorsement of torture? And let’s not forget the “pork-cutting maverick’s” role as a member of the Keating Five. He supported the invasion of Iraq before we’d even completed the job in Afghanistan, a country that is much more of a threat to our national security than Saddam Hussein ever was.
And why haven’t we seen an ad about how Palin’s lack of experience puts the country at risk? Do they even have phones in her bumfuck little town, should she get a 3am call? McCain 1.0 wouldn’t have nominated Palin as his running mate. He would have labeled her (along with the nutjobs like James Dobson he’s been courting) as an agent of intolerance.
The GOP swift-boated John Kerry and he did nothing. It would be nice if the Democrats would finally grow a pair and come out fighting before Obama’s campaign of hope becomes hopeless.

Brookyn Kickball Playoffs Underway

Brooklyn Kickball teams met throughout the afternoon Sunday as the league entered playoff season. Early games saw a bit of a delay while the fields were raked around after Saturday’s torrential rains, but things got up and running in no time indeed. Players will be back next week with a few rivalry’s shaping up, so head over to McCarren Park around 2 to catch the action. Above’s a shot of Never Scared scoring their winning run over a mercy ruled Storm of Lazers. Below the jump is a shot of the Storm’s pitcher in action, with league MVP Tiger Matt umping the festivities.

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Monotonix & Silver Jews at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Silver Jews, c/o Synthesis Blog
The bands on the last night’s bill at MHOW don’t initially seem like a natural fit: Israeli punk/metal band Monotonix and Tennessee’s Silver Jews, known for their distinctive country twang and mellow stage presence.
Monotonix have built a reputation on their wild live performances, and energy brewed as the band set up their drum kit on the floor amongst the audience. Immediately as the percussion pounded and the guitar kicked in, lead singer Ami was grabbing beers from audience members and tossing them in every direction. Throughout the set he proceeded to run the gamut of outrageousness – dumping a trashcan onto his drummer, climbing into different sections of the venue like an insane Rasputin-meets-Ted Nugent persona, as well as faux-choking fans with his mic cord.
Meanwhile, his two bandmates continually moved equipment throughout the audience, and screamed about with rowdy, sweaty fans. The level of energy and interaction was amazing. Even though their sound fits much more into the garage-metal then the punk rubric, it was basically the most punk rock thing I’ve ever fucking seen. Monotonix left the floor covered in garbage and various fluids, with the venue staff none too happy.
Although it must have been difficult to transition after the decimation provided by their openers, Silver Jews entered to a sold-out crowd who maintained an electric enthusiasm. Lead singer David Berman strutted around stage like an awkward English teacher and conversed with the audience and bandmates alike with a hilarious dry humor. Plenty of new material from their just-released Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea was played, as well as favorites from Tanglewood Numbers and even older numbers like ‚”Trains Across the Sea.”
The oddly matched bands ended up putting on quite a show last night, so anyone who has tickets for tonight at Bowery, then get super-mega excited. I’m excited for you! Silver Jews will then play Maxwell’s in Hoboken tomorrow, and Monotix will play here in Brooklyn at Death By Audio tomorrow as well.
c/o Monotonix

East Village Radio Music Festival Rescheduled

It’s today! More information at

John McCain Gets BarackRoll'd

Delta Spirit at Mercury Lounge

Delta Spirit, c/o Clarissa Roudabush
Harmonicas abounded last night at the Mercury Lounge, where Delta Spirit (supported by a terrific opening line-up of tri-state area bands) took the stage and generated a soulful Americana and bluesy-rock atmosphere. The San Diego-based five-some have been gaining momentum in 2008, and just appeared on the Conan O’Brien show Wednesday night. The attention is well deserved. Their LP Ode to Sunshine was just released on August 26th, and the set was reflective of that material. Songs like ‚”Streetwalker” or ‚”Strange Vine” would make predecessors like The Walkmen or Dr. Dog proud, whereas the more melancholy performance of ‚”House Built for Two” illustrated a perfect example of why this group will only continue to build a following and become a big ol’ deal in the months to come.
The openers each held their own and augmented the evening. Solo-acoustic singer Peasant opened to a quiet and small audience with his heart-aching songs. Brooklyn’s own Action Painters transitioned nicely with their unique blend of jovial synth-pop melded with southern sensibilities, playing tracks from their debut Chubby Dancer. Finally, Salt & Samovar (another NYC-based band) provided plenty of sound checks, as well as an amazing high energy and interaction with the audience throughout their country rock flavor.
The four bands complimented each other perfectly and composed a worthwhile evening for all who attended. Keep an eye on all of these groups…

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