Santogold: "Lights Out"

The second video off her amazing self-titled debut.

An Interview with "Mr and Miss Williamsburg" Pageant Creator

Misha Calvert (image c/o YourNabe)
A few months ago, 25-year old Williamsburg resident Misha Calvert was arrested for stealing two 40-ounce bottles of Colt 45 from a local bodega. After being sentenced to the standard amount of community service, she managed to pitch the idea of a “Mr and Miss Williamsburg” contest to the judge, who approved to make the contest part of her community service. Her hope is that such a contest will counter apathy and create a uniting force in the Williamsburg community, because after all, she figured “why not put together something about a subject a lot of us are most passionate about: ourselves”.
At first glance, this all seemed a bit fishy. Colt 45? Hipsters? A beauty pageant? Viral marketing…cased closed. But strangely, Misha denied any and all rumors of any sinister marketing ploy behind the show. After the jump, see the gchat interview complete with entry requirements, her denial of a viral marketing ploy, and how you can sleep your way into the title of Mr and Miss Williamsburg 2008.
The contest will be held September 5th at 10 p.m., at Supreme Trading (213 N. 8th Street). Visit the pageant’s page on Going or join the event page on Facebook for more information. Want to enter? Email [email protected]!

"Pray For Rain"

How about we pray McCain poops his pants during his speech at the GOP convention instead. Would that be wrong? [hat tip Radar]

That’s Focus on the Family’s Stuart Shepard, explaining his call to prayer for a massive downpour during Barack Obama’s outdoor convention speech. Hoping “God decides that rain of biblical proportions would be a good idea,” Shepard beseeches like-minded individuals to ask their Savior to soak the Democratic nominee and his supporters.

Stuff Hipsters Don't Like

Taking inspiration from the blog-to-book deal wunderkind Stuff White People Like (which just listed Facebook 12 days ago), Williamsburg’s own Stuff Hipsters Don’t Like is an ongoing archive listing things that hipsters just don’t get along with. It’s young, having only started about two weeks ago, but its charm is not yet it’s “stuff”, rather, the ever-familiar conflict that so many Williamsburg residents themselves face. I’ll let the author, Lola Wakefield, explain her “hipster dilemma”:

I began frequenting the local internet cafe and going to Tuesday night movie showings at McCarren, anxious to observe them in their natural setting. ‚”Oh the ridiculous hipsters,” I would think to myself, smiling on the inside. But then something unexpected happened – I began to encounter people who described me – ME!- as a hipster. ‚”Nonsense,” I thought. But I began to worry that what they said was true.

So far, her journey deep into identifying, or denying, her inner hipster do-not-wants include smiling, being spontaneously photographed, and the hipsters themselves. I’m looking forward to seeing extensive listings including bananas, switching guitar hero guitars with rock band’s and vice versa, and Pabst Blue Ribbon bottles, but we’ll just have to wait. Lola, keep us updated. Oh, and if YOU have photographs of hipsters not liking things send them over to El Dubs at [email protected], and tell ’em FREEwilliamsburg sent ya.
follow closely at Stuff Hipsters Don’t Like

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

As Eliot Glazer at Buzzfeed points out, if you hate hipsters avoid this at all costs:

Top Cheflebrity Spotting

As reported here, the Top Chef contestants have taken up temporary residency just north of McCarren Park. Restless has the first pictures. Now we know who to look for when running at the track.

Pool Party Goes On, Attendees Free Of Deer Ticks

no deertick.jpg
Deer Tick was notably absent from last night’s rainy McCarren Park Pool Party, which went on regardless with The Felice Brothers, Langhorne Slim, Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves, & DJ Kool Kear. Suburban Cowboy’s got a pretty decent flickr set of the show, including a million and a half shots of Langhorne Slim to strike your fancy. I’m listening to Langhorne as I write this, and have to admit it’s some great rainy day music. Crashin’ In has a nice little review of his set from yesterday’s show as well. Here’s a samplin’:

Langhorne Slim played a tremendous live set this Sunday(August 10, 2008) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY at the McCarren Pool party. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy all day long. But that didn’t stop Langhorne and his band from bringing out the sunshine and getting the crowd excited. He truly is an amazing live performer and knows how to win over any crowd.

I sent an email in to Deer Tick’s management to see that all’s well…maybe he just missed the train to nowhere. I’ll update if we get any word back.
UPDATE from Deer Tick management: “his connecting flight from atlanta was canceled due to weather.” So he’s in the same boat as everyone else who got stuck at their grandparent’s house last weekend.

Obama Launches His Own Celebrity Ad

We like that Obama is beginning to fight hard, but why not bring attention to the most damning and disgusting things about McCain? (No, not his psoriasis.) We want to see an ad that mentions his refusal to ban torture and his unscrupulous opposition to the GI Bill. We do like how the rat pack era music in this ad reminds America that John McCain is older than Mount Rushmore.