Baracky II

[hat tip Rumproast and iceberg wedge]. The first one was pretty damn funny too.

This Weekend: Kill Shop Kill Opening Party, Aesop Rock, and More


  • Kill Shop Kill Opening Party
    DJ’s: Michael T (Motherfucker), Rok One (Fun), Jake Destruction (One Night Stand)
    Complimentary cocktails provided until 9:30
    Store Launch: 8:30-9:30, Launch Party: 9:30-4:00am
    216 Bedford (@N5th), Williamsburg, BK
    more information at
  • Dirty Projectors at the Seaport
    Time: 5:00pm, Cost: Free
    Location: South Street Seaport
    more information at
  • Rooftop Films: Free Screening and Performance
    Join Rooftop Films, IFC, and Sound Fix for a FREE Screening of Heavy Load with a live performance by J.A.C.K! Free beer after the show, courtesy of Radeberger Beer.
    Heavy Load Synopsis: Heavy Load are Lewes’ answer to the Ramones, a punk outfit subject to the combustible flux of ego, ambition, fantasy, expectation and desire that fuels any emerging band. But they’re also, uniquely, made up of musicians with and without learning disabilities, which makes the bands’ survival a precarious negotiation between two different worlds: on the one hand the institutional timetable of day centres, work placements and social workers; on the other the chaotic slacker life of rehearsal rooms, studios and gigs. Home life and band-life; from invisibility to stardom of a sort and back again.

    Venue: The Lawn at Automotive High School, 50 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    8:00: Sound Fix presents live music by J.A.C.K.
    9:00PM: Films
    more information at

  • ——————–
    Kelley Polar

  • PS1 Warm-Up Featuring Kelley Polar Quartet, Tony Conrad and Metro Area From Flavorpill:
    If you’re a two-finger pro (or just into moves made famous by Travolta), this weekend’s Warm Up, hosted by nu-disco imprint Environ, is for you. Viola whiz Kelley Polar shows up with an eponymous quartet in tow, masterfully interpreting his classical-meets-electronica compositions. Meanwhile, Environ head honcho Morgan Geist and co-producer Darshan Jesrani (aka Metro Area) get behind the decks for a bit of synth-infected funk. Rounding out the sweaty afternoon is Tony Conrad, whose new-music antics have made him an enfant terrible of the minimalist scene since the ’60s.

    more information at the PS1 website.

  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona
    Not much going on Saturday night, we’ll be checking out the new Woody Allen movie, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which is supposed to be great. Here’s the trailer.
  • ——————–
    Aesop Rock

  • Aesop Rock w/ Panther at McCarren Park Pool
    From FREENYC
    It’s the second to last pool party and this one’s no joke. Warming things up are noise-rocker’s Panther and FreeNYC favorites Chin Chin, followed by Def Juxian, Aesop Rock kicking some conscious , abstract lyrics over freaked out beats. My favorite show of the series and, for real, make sure you catch Chin Chin… they kill it every time. And be sure to check out Chin Chin, again, along with El-P on the tables at the after party.

    Cost: Free, Time: 2-8pm
    more information at

  • and if you don’t mind the crowds… Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings are playing SummerStage
    more information at
  • The President's a Vampire

    Here’s something you can sink your teeth into…
    Seen in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn via Wooster Collective (who thanks Jeff, which we second).

    From a Williamsburg rooftop to Burning Man

    image c/o nytimes
    The fire dancing troupe NYC Sparkworks has been practicing on a Williamsburg rooftop overlooking the BQE all summer long as they prepare for the late-august Burning Man festival.

    There’s the art, there’s the planning, and then there’s the performance. Several members of Kostume Kult are also part of a fire dancing troupe, NYC Sparkworks, that will perform at the climax of the event. Throughout the summer, they have rehearsed on a rooftop in Williamsburg.

    nytimes via animal; photo by michael nagle

    Sugar Crush at Wilco

    Was your blood sugar a little low last night at McCarren Pool, but a fine lady saved the day with a sugary Halls cough drop? Well, she likes you. From Craigslist’s “Missed Connections”:

    “your blood sugar was a little low and i offered you a halls while your friend left to get you some juice. anyway, i hope you still managed to enjoy the show, hope you’re feeling better now, and hope you’re, well, single.”

    Go get her!

    Hipsters Don't Clap

    image c/o BrooklynVegan
    By all accounts, the Wilco show last night at McCarren Park Pool was mesmerizing. BrooklynVegan has a good rundown and a setlist. You’d think Jeff Tweedy would know by now that hipsters don’t clap, dance, or show enthusiasm. From BrooklynVegan

    And last but not least there was the comment that definitely had only one meaning. That was the one when Jeff straight up dissed Brooklyn for not clapping in unison. He said something like, “Are you all too cool to clap?! Would it be better if we add the “Love Will Tear Us Apart” drum beat to it?!””

    Japanese Motors at Glasslands (free show with free forties)

    Vice Record’s newest signee, the Japanese Motors, will be playing a free show at Glasslands (289 Kent) tomorrow at 8:30pm. And speaking of Colt 45, they’re giving them out for free from 10-11pm, so there’s no need to steal them from your local bodegas and run around hosting beauty pageants or anything. RSVP at, and if possible, sport a make-believe Williamsburg trend (like old Christmas sweaters) because they’ll be filming for
    Japanese Motors – Single Fins & Safetyp Pins MP3
    Info from Vice; image by Dan Monick.

    College Humor's "Awkward Rap" shot in the neighborhood

    College Humor’s latest hilarious video “Awkward Rap” features a trio not unlike the Beastie Boys rappin’ about all things awkward – from saying “you too” when a waiter says “enjoy your food” to speaking too loud when the music cuts out – and it was all shot on our very streets! You’ll probably notice the club in the video is Coco66, the Greenpoint bar between Franklin and West St., but can anybody else identify some of these spots?

    via College Humor

    : You can download the MP3 and then convert it to a cassette tape somehow for use on your Walkman, here.