Matt & Kim are Grand!

photo via flickr user oracle monkey
Our favorite musical couple of awesomeness, Matt & Kim, have been touring so much lately (2 years!) that they have adopted the ability to be seen in two places at the same time. That’s how I caught them this summer, first at McCarren Park Pool and then later that night at the F*ck Yea Fest. Anyways, they’ve got a new album out on RCRD LBL called Grand, and released the single “Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare” for your enjoyment.
Download: Matt & Kim – Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare
info via stereogum

Actor Turned Rocker Of The Week

In the rare scenario that you’ve not been exposed to the assault of Gossip Girl promos and build-up for the upcoming season throughout our fine city (see: ‚”Every parent’s worst nightmare“), then we’re here to help.
With just one week left until their September 1st Season Two premiere, a bit of an homage to the ultra-cunt of the cast ‚Äì Ed Westwick (a.k.a. ‚”Chuck Bass”) is in order. Did you know that he has a band??? A mildy uncreative, brashly British, glam-boy actor’s wet dream of a band?
They are called The Filthy Youth, and they sound absurdly similar to The Libertines and have songs with titles like ‚”Le Soliel” and ‚”Boy Don’t Smoke.” Check out all the hits here: Who would have guessed that Chuck Bass has such a ruff ‘n tuff (albeit unoriginal) rocker alter-ego? I expect all of the self-professed GG addicts to be playing his tunes on loop all week, and if by next Monday you can still embrace Westwick (sans accent), then you are a true fan.
Freewilliamsburg Girl.

Ride The City

RideTheCity is a really great tool for getting bike directions in New York City. And, it was created by three bikers!
TechCrunch reports:

RideTheCity is a cool mash-up application that allows you to plan bike routes based on safety and speed. By typing – or selecting – a start and end location in New York City, the application will find the safest and quickest routes by factoring in bike routes for ‚”safest” trips and the shortest travel distance for the quickest trips

RideTheCity via TechCrunch

Renegade Party on the Williamsburg Bridge

photo via vice
Vice mag reports of an impromptu, renegade-style party that went down this weekend on the Williamsburg Bridge. This was no Pandamonium…indie loves Japanther and Ninjasonik played for the 100+ crowd for about 2 hours, before cops eventually came and stamped the fire out.
From Vice:

…for some reason it took the cops forever to catch on to the fact that there were an easy 100-odd kids listening to amplified music in the middle of the bridge in the middle of the night. The original estimate was 20 minutes from start to getting broken up. At around two (the thing started at 12) we decided it wasn’t going to happen and headed off to a bar. Right as our car was pulling away from the bridge we just barely caught sight of a couple patrol cars whipping up the bike path in the rearview and were like, “Dang.”

PSFK thinks it’s a trend, and between Pandamonium, The Danger, and the recent Silent Raves in Union Square, they’re right.

…It’s also impressive that this party happened at all. In our hyper-connected age, within hours of being announced, potentially anyone could have found out about this secret party – including the police. Keep an eye out for more illicit gatherings in the future.

Read more on the event at Vice, and for more on the comeback of illegal raves, PSFK has your fix.

Update: GRL Founder and 5 others freed in Beijing

In an update to this story, Brooklyn’s own Graffiti Research Lab founder James Powderly, and five other American citizens/artists [bios], were released yesterday after spending ten days in beautiful Beijing, China. They were detained after lighting up a “Free Tibet” LED banner outside the main Olympic’s stadium. Here’s that video, from Vimeo:

Beijing: Activists detained after lighting up “Free Tibet” LED Throwies banner near Olympics site from Students for a Free Tibet on Vimeo.
And here’s a photo of James Powderly’s homecoming, titled The Eagle Has Landed via GRL:
more info at Students for a Free Tibet

Final McCarren Show Becomes A Fundraiser


On August 24th, Brooklyn for Barack is partnering with JellyNYC to co-host the Last Pool Party (ever) at McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Held one day before the start of the Democratic National Convention, the event hopes to not only raise money for Barack’s campaign but to celebrate the increased participation of youth in this election. The Pool Party is an all day concert, featuring Yo La Tengo, Titus Andronicus, Ebony Bones, and other special guests. Although the Pool Party is free to enter, there is a suggested donation of $20 that will go directly to Obama for America. There will be a free concert poster- designed by Jessica Hische- for the first 1000 people who donate $20 or more. Please donate by clicking [here]!
Note: donating here does not guarantee your entrance to the concert! Please arrive early! When the event reaches capacity, they will turn people away.

And oh yeah, David Cross and Syd B (Les Savy Fav) will now be DJing as well. (Even though we’d rather see some stand-up from the former). Other surprises are rumored. More information at

Greenpoint Glam Favs, Semi Precious Weapons, Getting Evicted

Semi Precious Weapons
image c/o The Brooklyn Paper / Allison Bosworth
From The Brooklyn Paper:

Justin Tranter, lead singer of the quartet, Semi Precious Weapons, rents an illegal 1,800-square-foot loft in the shadow of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant for six years — but he and his bandmates received a 30-day eviction notice earlier this month…
‚”Things are going well for us, but we aren’t a famous band yet, so we don’t have any money,” the oft-stilettoed singer said. ‚”This city just isn’t about artists being able to live fabulously anymore.”
That may sound sad coming from Tranter, whose band was named ‚”best local rockers” by the Village Voice and have made more appearances on the blog than, well, Paris Hilton. But, unfair as this may sound, there just aren’t mega-millions to be made in recreating the sound that made David Bowie so fabulous in the 1970s.
The band can barely scrape up the $1,400 monthly rent, which is less than half the market rate for Greenpoint lofts….
‚”Everyone knows that Greenpoint is changing,” said the spandex-clad Tranter, whose band is considering moving to (gasp) New Jersey. ‚”It’s no longer for artists here. You used to be able to move here and figure it out, but it costs too much now. Now you have to have a plan, you have to have a job, and you have to have rich parents. We don’t have any of those, so we don’t know what to do.”

You Tube eviction announcement after the jump.

[Read more…]

Fleshmap: Studies in Desire

A new cultural project is afloat at, where its creators are hosting “an inquiry into human desire, its collective shape and individual expressions.” Throughout a series of studies, they aim to “explore the relationship between the body and its visual and verbal representation.”
It’s all rather quite fun, interesting, and at times, NSFW. Regardless, go check out the musical genres Fleshmap and explore which body parts are popular per different music genre (Hip Hop is big on butts, while Gospel is all about the hands).
Oh, and you might notice some white circles blanking something out in the image above. I’m not a proponent of censorship, but I felt it’d be curteous of me to blank out the penises and vagina just in case you’re not out of the office yet. Click on through to Fleshmap for the full monty.